Scott Disick: 9 Photos Showing Sofia Is His Girl (11 That Are #KourtneyForever)

In 2019, Keeping Up With The Kardashians fans got an interesting trailer for the show's new series. It showed Kourtney Kardashian revealing that she's only ever been in love once.

It isn't rocket science. Scott Disick comes as the "not-quite-Kardashian" member of the clan who's basically family. This guy is a father to Kourtney's three kids, the history goes back forever, and something about Scott has everyone saying: "Kourtney and Scott."

There's another lady, though. She comes by the name of Sofia Richie, and she's anything but a fling. Nobody really took Scott and Sofia seriously at first. KUWTK showed Kris Jenner grilling Scott on his new girlfriend (and straight-up asking: "Is she Kylie's age?").

Scott is 35. Kourtney is 39. Sofia is just 20. Weirdly, these three form the strangest love triangle ever. As of 2019, Kourtney seems okay with her baby daddy seeing this model and IG sensation. That wasn't always the case, though. Season 15 of KUWTK showed Kourtney furious that Sofia was infiltrating the kids' lives without the guidance of Kourtney and Scott's relationship therapist.

It's all changed. Kourtney has been on vacation with Scott and Sofia. She's also dated a few guys since Scott. Kourtney's relationship with Younes Bendjima came to an end in 2018. Kourtney then briefly dated Luka Sabbat. A part of this girl will always come with a #Scott, though. Then again, the self-proclaimed "Lord" has been going steady with Sofia for over a year.

The pictures always speak for themselves. Here are nine pics of Scott showing that Sofia is his girl, plus 11 that are literally #KourtneyForever.

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20 (Kourtney): The Only Man To 'Ever Understand Her'

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Long-term love comes with a #Mega. That's a mega ability to keep us with butterflies in our stomachs and the same love for the stuff that matters. It's called a guy who gets us. In 2019, The Inquisitr quoted a Life & Style source. It made for a pretty interesting read.

“The [steamy] hookups with other guys have only made her appreciate him more...Ultimately, Scott is the father of her children and the only guy who’s ever truly gotten her.”

Kourtney and Scott go back to the year 2006. They may never have gotten married, but this guy is a dad to Mason, Penelope, and Reign. Most of all, he understands her.

19 (Sofia): A Relationship We're Starting To Take Seriously

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Even Kris Jenner wasn't getting it at the start. Scott was pretty cagey about his new lady back in 2018. Possibly because he was so into her. As E Online reports, Kris grilled Scott to the core about Sofia Richie.

Kris Jenner: "Wait, so how old is she? Because I really don't know. Is she Kylie's age? 20?"

For anyone who watched this, the response was a rather sheepish "19" from Scott. Well, 15 years his junior Sofia may be, but something about this girl has changed Scott. The unreliable party animal has done a 180, and we're seeing a different side to him.

18 (Kourtney): Has Only Ever Been In Love With 'One Guy'

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If you've got your eye on everything #KourtneyKardashian, you'll likely know just how badly this girl managed to rock the internet in March 2017. She didn't even say anything.

When the KUWTK Season 16 trailer was posted across Kardashian social media, we saw Kourtney asked how many times she's been in love. Yes, in her entire 39 years. All Kourt had to do was raise her fingers to show the number. Kourtney only raised one finger.

As The Daily Mail reports, Kourtney didn't reveal the identity of her one love, but it isn't rocket science. Luka Sabbat was hardly "la grande amour." Younes? Maybe. Scott? Totally.

17 (Sofia): A Natural With The Kids

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Introducing the 20-year-old girlfriend when you're a 35-year-old dad of three isn't exactly easy. Hollywood party girls like their late nights, their yacht days, and they generally aren't keen on family ice-cream trips and bedtimes. Not Sofia.

In December 2018, E Online reported Sofia joining Scott and the kids on vacation. It's the pictures that speak for themselves, though. Sofia now comes stuck like glue to Scott. She's with him around the kids, they seem relaxed, and she actually seems to have a bond with them.

Here is Sofia with Scott and his daughter, Penelope. Mommy was nowhere to be seen, but the girlfriend seemed to be doing an okay job.

16 (Kourtney): The Mother Of His Three Kids

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It's the bond that nothing can break. Whether they're together or apart, parents will forever be linked via their kids. E Online reports an interesting quote from Kim Kardashian about the whole situation.

"I think regardless of Scott and Kourtney being together, Scott will always be in our lives. I mean, he's the father of my nephews and my niece. We want him healthy and happy, so that he can be in their lives as much as possible."

Scott and Kourtney will always be linked via the three children they welcomed into the world. We do poke our noses in, though. Kylie told The Hollywood Reporter: "When you involve the whole world, everyone has an opinion."

15 (Sofia): 'Happy Valentine's, Babe'

Valentine's Day for celebrities has basically become the biggest opportunity for us to binge on their social media pics. We've had Valentine's Day love on IG from Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas. We've had it from JLO and A-Rod (congrats, you guys).

Sofia and Scott are no different. "Happy Valentine's Day, babe" was the caption from Sofia's IG, as E Online reports. The picture wasn't overly provocative. Nobody was straddling anyone in the pool (hi, Kylie and Travis).

Proving that a deep love is the most meaningful, this pic 100% proved that Sofia is Scott's girl. Yes, she's younger. But he's still her "babe."

14 (Sofia): 'Willing To Stay' Even If Things 'Aren't Great'

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Scott Disick doesn't come with a reputation as the easiest guy. Anyone watching KUWTK will know that this guy has a personality. When it comes to his love life, Scott does seem to have moved past his earlier (and somewhat wild) days.

“Sofia has shown over and over again that she is willing to stay with Scott even when things are not great — but Scott is doing well lately."

As Seventeen reports, a source told People that Sofia is in it for the long run. She'll be there for the good times (and the bad). So far, we've seen more good than bad, but their relationship hasn't been 100% steady. It is now, though.

13 (Kourtney): More Than Stayed When Things Weren't Great 

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It hasn't exactly been an easy ride for Kourtney. In 2017, The Hollywood Gossip was reporting that Kourtney had "kicked" Scott out the house. This wasn't the first time Scott had caused problems.

“Kourtney told Scott that she doesn’t want anything to do with him right now. She wouldn’t even let him in their house. It is just a total mess right now.”

An insider reported a less-than-ideal situation. Kourtney has stuck by Scott's side through drama with other women (and more). While she hasn't always been his girlfriend, this girl has more than stuck around for the tough times. Kudos to her.

12 (Kourtney): The "OG" Hands-On Mom

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When it comes to Kardashian-Jenner parenting in general, Kourtney is the "OG." Her new Poosh lifestyle brand is even named after her daughter, Penelope.

Kourtney had kids before Kim, Khloe, and Kylie. This girl has been papped during all three of her pregnancies. She's opened up her home to cameras (even when times weren't ideal). Yeah, this girl gets an #OG.

Scott may find that the kids appreciate Sofia as a presence in his life, but nothing will ever replace their actual mother. Fortunately, co-parenting seems to be going better than in the past for these two. Also, we'll never tire of pics of these two with their little ones.

11 (Sofia): The "OG" Model Girlfriend

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Viiiiiiibes. When you're dating a supermodel, you're allowed to do this. Edgy social media pics are something we've learned to love. We get them from Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin. We're more than used to them from Kim and Kanye (although Kylie and Travis are kind of taking over).

Scott and Sofia definitely look good on camera. In Hollywood, that counts for a lot. While Scott used to come with a reputation for a wandering eye, his eyes seem set on one girl.

We 100% dug this black-and-white shot that is now so popular, it finds itself on IG fan accounts for this couple. Yes, they exist.

10 (Sofia): 'Are You Going Steady?' 'I Guess That's What The Kids Are Calling It'

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Kris Jenner seems to be the one probing Scott the most about his relationship with Sofia. As Seventeen reports, Kris did just that as Scott and Sofia were starting to get serious.

Kris: "What’s going on? Are you dating?" Scott: "Sure." Kris: " Are you going steady?" Scott: "I guess that’s what the kids are calling it."

"Going steady" is easy for some couples. It happened just like that for David and Victoria Beckham. Less so for Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, but Sofia is no "Thank u, next." These two are now one of the most steady couples in Hollywood (and it's about time everyone realized it).

9 (Kourtney): The Good Old Days

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There will forever be something nostalgic about seeing old-school Kardashian pics. Kim wasn't quite as polished as she is today. The fashion choices were questionable (well, sometimes).

This pic was definitely busy. Kourtney was heavily pregnant. Mason looked excited. Kim and Kanye kind of fade into the background, but they're there.

This picture is the epitome of a couple's anticipation. The baby is on the way, but the future is unknown. It warmed our hearts seeing this and definitely reminded us that a part of Kourtney and Scott will always belong together. Rumors about them wanting a fourth child were eventually shut down in 2019.

8 (Sofia): In Case You Thought She Can't Pull Off Classy

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Hollywood is walking a very fine line with "classy" right now. Once upon a time, owning a Chanel bag made you classy. Enter the plethora of "IG models" who parade their Givenchy around (without much else in the way of clothing).

Sofia Richie gets judged way too much. Sure, she's young. For a 20 year old though, this girl is ranking highly when it comes to the class. Designer brands don't define you. Yes, they can enhance the look, but class is something you just "have."

Admittedly, something about seeing these two dressed to the nines is more what we'd expect from the Beckhams. Still, this was one chic look.

7 (Kourtney): Something About This Just Feels Right

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When it feels right, it feels right. Take the gut reaction you had when A-Rod announced that he'd proposed to JLO and "she said yes" was the caption to that sunset-bathed engagement ring pic. Kourtney and Scott's selfies now come fewer and farther in-between, but they're still there.

"I don't even track their relationship as much as I track the family like he's my kid."

Interestingly, this is what Kris Jenner had to say about this couple, as E Online reports. Scott just feels part of the family. We're used to seeing him hanging out in Kourtney's kitchen or driving the kids around. This selfie is totally for anyone #TeamKourt.

6 (Kourtney): Even More, When You See This

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Let's just remember that the drama between Kourtney and Scott hasn't just seen the momma hurt. Scott may still have some feelings for Kourtney. He had to endure seeing her with Younes Bendjima for nearly two years.

"Scott and Kourtney get along very well. There was no drama at all at the party between them. At this point, the Kardashians are his family too."

When an insider spoke to E Online, they were speaking at the time that Kourtney was dating Younes. Scott and Kourt seemed, as the source states, to be doing okay. Still, a part of us just looked at this picture and felt that Scott should be the dude in the kiddie pics.

5 (Sofia): It's Kind Of Reached Engagement Thoughts By Now

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In 2019, Cosmopolitan actually wrote an entire article covering Kourtney's potential reaction to engagement news from Sofia and Scott. While these two haven't announced an engagement, rumors are rife. If you're interested, Kourtney does have an answer.

Andy Cohen: "There are rumors that you are terrified of Scott Disick proposing to Sofia Richie. What would be your reaction if they got engaged?" Kourtney: "Congratulations."

There doesn't seem to be any beef. Scott is definitely serious about this girl. With Sofia willing to stick it through the good and bad, it's the next logical step, right? At least, it's one we can kind of see happening.

4 (Kourtney): We Always Did Want An Engagement

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However much of a rollercoaster it's been with Scott and Kourtney, die-hard fans always did pray for a marriage. They never got it. Page Six's report of this former couple's various problems is likely the answer why.

“Kourtney tells him if he wants her back, he needs to show how much he’s changed. But instead, he’s out partying at Coachella and will complain to his guy friends about how many rules Kourtney imposes on him.”

When this quote pertains to almost doesn't matter. With arguments left, right, and center, marriage just wasn't going to happen. Still, the big love was there. Honestly, a wedding would've been awesome to see with these two.

3 (Kourtney): But We Still Get This Every Year

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Call Scott irresponsible (well, in the past), but this guy can't be labeled a bad father. 100% stepping up to the plate for all three of his kids, Scott has shown that he's committed to them beyond belief.

Scott and Kourt weren't a couple here in 2016 when they made an effort to be together for the kids on Halloween. This pic of them in superhero costumes got posted on Kourtney's IG.

Yes, we're crushing on the mini Flash. Still, with a family front and the strength to put their differences aside for the greater good of their kids, this is one former couple we will forever respect.

2 (Sofia): Kourtney 'Approves' Of Her, The Rest Speaks For Itself

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As People reports, Kourtney has officially given Sofia "the seal of approval." Bear in mind that trusting Scott around other girls has been an issue for Kourtney since, like, forever.

“It helps that Kourtney now trusts Sofia. The kids are allowed to spend time with her. Sofia likes having them and helps Scott. So far, the kids are giving Kourtney good reports about Sofia.”

The source speaking to People made it clear. The vibes are good. As Sofia continues to be papped either with the kids or enjoying some alone time with Scott, it's sinking in. They're for real (and Kourtney is okay with that).

1 (Kourtney): We Can Still Hope

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This one can go either way. If you were a fan of Scott and Kourtney as a couple back in the day, you may have made your peace. They're unlikely to ever be a proper couple again.

Then again, if you're a die-hard nostalgic who will forever cling onto old pics, this one is for you. Kourtney and Scott aren't 100% erased from the relationship potential map. Exes do get back together. These two have done it before.

At 39, Kourtney maintains her 20-something looks. She's also sharing how via her new Poosh lifestyle brand. This isn't about the lotions and potions, though. Well, unless there's a magic potion that will bring these two back together.

Sources: The Daily Mail, People, E Online, Page Six, The Hollywood Gossip

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