Sasha Pieterse Dishes On The Perfectionists And Reveals That Other PLL Stars Will Be Part Of It

Sasha Pieterse reveals more PLL stars will be part of The Perfectionists

Actress Sasha Pieterse has shared some interesting intel on her new show Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists and one of her revelations include some of the original cast from Pretty Little Liars. The Perfectionists is a spinoff on PLL, and both series are based on novels written by Sara Shepard. The first season of The Perfectionists has just started on Freeform, and the mystery crime drama has been pretty intense since the beginning of the first episode when Sasha Pieterse's character Alison from Pretty Little Liars, is moving in to her new home at Beacon Heights University. Another familiar face for any PLL fan is Mona, played by Janel Parrish, and with the old frenemies catching up on old Rosewood related stuff, it is obvious that everyone is wondering if any of the other PLL stars will be appearing.

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Sasha revealed that Ashley Benson and Troian Bellisario, who played Hannah and Spencer in Pretty Little Liars, are interested in directing The Perfectionists in season two, given that the show gets renewed of course. Apparently, Troian wanted to direct the first season already, but since she had her first baby in October last year, she had to opt out for the time being. Sasha is really excited about the idea of having her old castmates back to direct the crime drama, and since Troian made her debut as a director on one of the episodes on season seven of PLL, she knows they will be in good hands.

Sasha Pieterse on which of the PLL cast might appear on The Perfectionists
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As reported by ET Online, Sasha also said that the cast of The Perfectionists is happy to welcome anyone from the original Pretty Little Liars cast to join the show. However, the main problem is matching everyone being busy with work, which the twenty-three-year-old actress points out is a blessing.

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Sasha also mentioned how happy she is with the way PLL fans have already embraced The Perfectionists, and that she hopes any new viewers will equally excited about the show. In Sasha's mind, it does not feel like a spinoff, and she explains that both her character Alison and Janel's Mona have evolved so much since PLL that they feel brand new.

Sasha Pieterse shares exciting info about Pretty Little Liars The Perfectionists
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It does sound like positive news for anyone hoping for a Rosewood reunion in Beacon Heights, and perhaps there will be more familiar faces popping up - at least behind the scenes.

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