Sarah Silverman Changes The Life Of Twitter Troll Who Targeted Her

Sarah Silverman is best known for the comedic skills and dark humor. However, thanks to a Twitter interaction with a man in need, she is now the woman that changed Jeremy Jamrozy’s life.

A vulgar and sexist remark by Jamrozy started a conversation between him and Silverman. Instead of attacking him for calling her the c-word, for no apparent reason, she took the time to read through his profile. What she discovered was a man full of anger, rage, hurt and despair, who desperately needed some kindness. The comedian took time to give him just that.


Silverman found the root of Jamrozy’s problems when she offered compassion and support. By letting him know she believed in him and expressing some of her own medical problems, she opened a whole new dialogue.

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He was resistant at first but throughout their interaction, he eventually opened up to her. Through a series of tweets, she and her followers learned that his deepest darkest secrets, and the loneliness that had taken over his life. As the two continued their conversation, with Silverman constantly reiterating her understanding and positive reinforcement, a new friendship emerged.

She let Jamrozy know she would help him get better and turn his life around. It took only one Tweet from Silverman asking the people of San Antonio to help her friend, for an out-pour of offers came in. This story is far from over as the comedian and fans await Jamrozy getting the help he needs but it looks like that will happen in a matter of time.

Their exchange on Twitter has caused an outcry of love and support for each one of them. The conversation between Silverman and Jamrozy has given hope to people all over social media. It is hard to read the interaction between these two people and not believe in human kindness, compassion, and love for others.

Truly an amazing story, hats off to both Silverman and Jamrozy for having a conversation instead of an enraged fight. This example proves that if people listen instead of react, a good conversation with positive results is possible.


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