Sarah Michelle Gellar Lands In Hot Water Over Thanksgiving Instagram Post

Sarah Michelle Gellar landed herself in hot water with an Instagram post she uploaded a few days before Thanksgiving, and fans are not holding back on their criticism. Thanksgiving and Christmas are two joyous holidays that are blissfully surrounded with lots and lots of delicious food, and most people love to indulge in all the goodies. However, it is very common to get a little bit carried away with how much to put on the plate, which results in unbuttoned pants and the feeling of never being physically able to eat again.

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Now, Sarah Michelle Gellar is one of those people, and she wanted to share that by posting a sequence of sultry photos of herself in lingerie on Instagram with a caption saying that she was going to use the picture as a reminder not to overeat on Thanksgiving. Her followers were quick to slam her for body shaming and fat shaming, saying that it is harmful to project the idea of not eating in order to be skinny and that nobody should feel guilty for eating and enjoying themselves during the holidays.

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As reported by Allure, the Buffy The Vampire Slayer star eventually issued an apology in the comment section of her Instagram post saying that she did not mean to come across as body shaming or fat shaming, but that it was meant as a joking reminder. The actress went on explaining that she loves Thanksgiving but that she, unfortunately, tends to overeat to the point of feeling sick, and apologized for having offended anyone with her attempt to humor.

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Although the majority of the comments on Sarah Michelle's Instagram post are critical of her caption and urging people, celebrities, in particular, to be cautious of what message they put out about body image, there were also some who defended the forty-one-year-old. Some were saying that the post was only talking about keeping a healthy lifestyle over the holidays and avoid overeating and that people should not twist her words.

It is safe to say that no one thinks Sarah Michelle purposely wanted to make anyone feel bad or offended with her Instagram post. However, it is important to remember that eating disorders and having a negative body image is very common today and that jokes can get lost on the way.

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