10 Strict Rules Sephora Employees Need To Follow

Oh, Sephora. Every makeup-obsessed girl's dream. Walking into one of the many stores they have spread out across the world feels like entering a magic land, paved with fragrances, eye shadow palettes for miles and enough lipstick colors to last a lifetime.

It's easy and incredibly seamless to just spend hours on end smelling and trying on (sometimes even drool a little bit) their immense range of products. With all the wonder we experience once we step into a Sephora, we don't even stop to think about what's happening behind the scenes. Most of us have probably pondered working at one of these makeup paradises, but a closer peek at what it's really like being part of the Sephora staff means might just be enough to send us running back to the comfort of our homes.

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Truth is, working at Sephora might not be exactly what you think. Check out these ten rules employees must follow.

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10 Black Attire, Head To Toe

While it's no surprise some jobs require uniforms - we're looking at you, firefighters and policemen! - it might sound a bit strange that a makeup store would follow the same path. Sephora employees hardly will have to think about fighting crime or putting out fires.

And yet, they are forced to wear black head to toe. You've probably noticed on one of your one thousand trips to Sephora that everyone who works there looks a bit monochromatic. Well, there you have it! If you by any chance decide to give this job a go, know that matching your outfit to your mood really isn't an option. It's all black, and that's that.

9 Either Makeup Or Go Home

It probably will come as absolutely no surprise that Sephora employees must wear makeup, especially considering that the stores are best known for selling products designed to make us feel and look beautiful.

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The thing is, a tad bit of concealer and a touch of mascara just won't do it for Sephora. Anyone who works there needs to show up for work with a full face of makeup, including full-on coverage foundation, blush, and eye shadow designs worthy of a 20 minute long Youtube tutorial. Let's just hope they don't forget to moisturize on a daily since that's bound to take a toll on the skin.

8 Updos Are The Way Forward

Since there are already rules in place to dictate what they should wear, and what amount of makeup they put on their faces, it's only fair there's also some sort of regulation in regards to how they must style their hair.

Indeed, there is, but thankfully it doesn't go anything along the lines of "if-you-want-to-work-at-Sephora-you-must-shave-half-of-your-hair-and-dye-it-pink". There is, however, a little something the employees with long locks must do - wear their hair up, whether in a ponytail or a bun. This probably helps them look more elegant and put together, and surely comes in handy having something that keeps the hair away from their face while they give you those stunning makeovers.

7 Underage Isn't An Option

Highschoolers who aspire to begin their careers and make a little extra money by working in makeup paradise, prepare the tissues. Turns out, Sephora doesn't hire underage workers, which means anyone under 18 is automatically disqualified as a potential new hire.

Sephora shifts imply that employees will probably stay at the stores way past midnight, something that's prohibited by child labor laws. It's a perfectly fair rule, and if you feel like your dream has been destroyed, don't worry! Time will pass, and your time will come. Meanwhile, you can always pay another sneaky visit to the lipstick aisle.

6 There's Training Involved

Don't think working at Sephora will be as simple as walking through the door, black uniform, full face of makeup, updo, and immediately get to selling. The onboarding process for new hires can be quite extensive and includes mandatory training.

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No, we're not talking about earthquake drills. It's Sephora, after all! Depending on what your specific task will be - cashier, storage, makeup artist, and so on - the amount of time you'll need to endure obviously varies. However, for the more demanding and precise jobs, such as the ones that involve meddling with customer's faces, you'll probably have to undergo at least one month of solid training.

5 They Speak Their Own Language

One thing is certain for Sephora employees - they are never bored! Working at one of these stores is actually like living in your own little world. This concept is further exacerbated by the overall theatre theme they have going on.

It goes like this - you walk into a Sephora, but what you see is not necessarily what employees see, or at least, not what they call it. The floor is actually made to be the "stage", where all the action takes place. As such, the managers are the "directors" of the whole thing, giving directions to the "actors" and "cast members", who you will recognize as being the workers behind the counter, giving makeovers, and so on. Pretty neat, but a tad strange.

4 Careful With Public Displays Of Ornamentation

Just because black goes with everything, it doesn't mean Sephora employees get to go crazy when it comes to accessories. For instance, one rule that came to public regarding the way employees choose to accessorize involves enforcing the use of no more than two rings in each hand - yes, you read that right.

Additionally, depending on your manager and store location, visible piercings and tattoos may also be prohibited. Whether you choose to look at this as an attack on personal identity and self-expression, or simply a rule chosen to maintain a certain level of homogeneity, if you want to work at Sephora this is something you must keep in mind.

3 Even The Nails Are Sephora

If Sephora employees want to paint their nails, they are absolutely free to do so. In fact, if you work at a store that is well known for selling products whose main purpose is to promote beauty, having beautiful nails makes sense.

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However, while there's nothing that states the copious amounts of makeup they must wear to work need to be Sephora branded or bought, the same doesn't apply to nail polish. In a way, employees should almost be a walking commercial for the store, which is probably why the company enforces the rule that if you want to use nail polish, it must be one that Sephora sells.

2 No Commissions Here

You've probably considered working for Sephora because it's beautiful, it smells wonderful, and there's makeup everywhere. Plus, there's always the possibility of making a commission for what you sell!

Actually, the last part isn't exactly true. Sephora employees don't earn commissions, although they are still pressured by management to meet the hourly goals that have already been stipulated, even though meeting those goals doesn't mean anything in terms of what they earn at the end of the month. The problem here, which is more an annoyance than a problem, is going to work and feeling pressured to accomplish something in a draining environment when there's no compensation to look forward to.

1 Corporate Is Never Too Far Away

Some sense of individuality is definitely lost when you end up working in Sephora, and we're not just talking about the mandatory uniforms, the makeup, and the rules regarding overall physical appearance.

Employees are often told by their superiors what they should be telling the customers, including everything you hear about promotions when one of them approaches you at a store. The surveys and other products you so often hear about when visiting Sephora might be coming out of an employee's mouth, but it actually came all the way down from the corporate office. Comes with the package, but if you think it's worth it, maybe it's time to get your resume going!

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