15 Crazy Rules MTV Made Their Stars Follow

One would think that appearing on a reality television show would be all about doing whatever came to mind. The whole concept of shows like The Real World and Jersey Shore is unpredictability. People do whatever they choose when the mood strikes them. This is what makes us stay glued to our television sets, waiting for the next human error or monstrous mishap to occur.

Little do viewers and reality television fans know, networks such as MTV have lists upon lists of rules that show participants must follow to earn their green. Suddenly these programs don't seem so fly by the seat of your pants, do they?

15 Leaking Details Will Cost You

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On the MTV reality television show The Challenge, revealing juicy tidbits can cost cast members a pretty penny. Per insider.com, serious discussions take place between producers and cast members to ensure that all parties are clear in regards to what information needs to remain classified entirely while filming. Letting the cat out of the bag costs squealers dearly.

14 Hitting The Bottle Is Also A Major No No

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Producers working on MTV's The Challenge are happy to see the crew let loose while not participating in the competitions. During the actual challenge, however, contestants better be as sober as a nun. Why? According to sources at insider.com, being under the influence while performing grueling and tedious tasks is a significant liability for the show.

13 The Cast Of Jersey Shore Had Phone Call Limits

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We saw the cast of Jersey Shore talking on the infamous duck phone in nearly every episode of the MTV reality show. While Snooki, J Wow, Pauly D and the gang spend plenty of time chatting with the outside world, they are forced by the production team to have all phone calls sans one filmed, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Talk about a lack of privacy!

12 Forever Followed By The Film Crew

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The cast of Jersey Shore likely got sick and tired of being followed by the film crew every single time they left their Jersey Shore pad. Snooki revealed to V Magazine that anytime she wanted to get away, she had to notify the film crew an hour before departure. This time frame gave the team plenty of time to could get ready to roll.

11 Teen Moms Have Limited Filming Hours

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This rule was insisted on by a Teen Mom dad's parent, per insider.com! Tyler Baltierra's mother would only allow her son to film between the hours of 4 pm and 8 pm. This was so Ty and his baby mama Cate would still have time to focus on their schooling. The production team had no beef with this rule.

10 No Say When It Comes To Editing

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Many of MTV's teen moms and dads didn't like how they got portrayed on television. They claimed that the editing department did their best to show them in their darkest light. According to theinsider.com, when it comes to what stays and what goes, the cast members have no stake.

9 MTV's Catfish Casts Liars First

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When constructing a storyline for MTV's Catfish, it is often the person doing the deceiving that is cast first, per Vulture.com. This casting ritual is not a hard line in the sand, but it's pretty typical as to how the show goes about casting people who have found themselves in relationship pickles.

8 And Waivers Are A Must

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One rule for MTV's Catfish participants that is non-negotiable is all show members must sign a waiver before participating in filming, according to sources at Vulture.com. While signed waivers might greenlight production, a waiver does not always guarantee the show's cast members follow through on participation.

7 Exes Included On Are You The One

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Want to keep your past in the past? If so, then appearing on MTV's Are You The One is probably not your cup of tea. Per insider.com, the intense and often personal show has no qualms about interviewing contestants, their family members, friends, and even their ex-partners!

6 The Wildest Rule Is No Rule

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Nothing seems out of bounds on Are You The One. Because the show hinges on a high drama factor, the reality series has far fewer rules and regulations compared to other MTV shows. An interview with ew.com stated that there are no rules for this wild-and-out group.

5 Teen Mom Crew Can Not Help The Moms

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Even if instinct says to step in and help a struggling teenage mother or father, crew members from the Teen Mom show are not allowed to intervene and lend a helping hand. One crew member told The Ashley that if the teen parents were not putting themselves or anyone else in danger, then they had to let it be.

4 For The Jersey Kids, Working At The Shore Store Is A Must

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Not all of the Jersey Shore cast members impressed the Shore Store manager. A couple of the kids worked hard, but others could have cared less about their place of employment. So why didn't they go work somewhere else? They weren't allowed. Working at The Shore Store was a rule for all show participants, per lifeandstylemag.com.

3 Free Time is Even Controlled When Hanging On The Shore

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If you ever wondered why the cast of Jersey Shore never did anything else but put them back and party? According to V Magazine, it is because there were not a ton of options for the cast members to engage in during downtime. MTV had strict rules about using televisions, computers, music devices, and even reading books! Like any of those kids were into reading books!

2 The Challenge Cast Members Also Have Regulated Downtime

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MTV also prevents the cast members on The Challenge from kicking back and relaxing by reading, using the internet, and watching television. According to insider.com, the contestants on this MTV show aren't even allowed to leave the property without permission. No wonder the cast's favorite pastime is drumming up some drama.

1 Promoting Prevention Is Demanded On Teen Mom

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Regardless of how particular 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom parents feel about the experience of being a mom or dad too soon, they are encouraged by production to push the topic of pregnancy prevention whenever they share their stories. While some sources claim the show glamorizes teen pregnancy, others, such as The Washington Post, attribute declining teen pregnancy rates to the show.

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