Royal Car Accident Victim Shares Her Feelings About The Family

Prince Philip was recently involved in a scary car accident, and now one of the women who was riding in the other car is speaking out about how she feels about the royal family and how they have dealt with the aftermath. It was on Thursday last week that the Duke of Edinburgh left the Queen's Sandringham estate in a black Range Rover and ended up in a road accident with one other vehicle. The royal family spends the holidays at the estate, and the Queen and Prince Philip like to enjoy some extra time there after Christmas and New Years as well.

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Thankfully, Prince Philip was reportedly not injured in the car crash, although his Range Rover ended up laying on its side. When local police arrived at the scene, Prince Philip was shaken but with no concerning injuries but was still taken to a nearby hospital for a check-up. The two women riding in the other car, however, did suffer some injuries, the driver got some scratches on her knees, and Emma Fairweather who was riding in the passenger seat broke her wrist. The nine-month-old baby who was also in the car at the time of the crash was luckily completely unharmed.

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As reported by Cosmopolitan, Emma Fairweather is disappointed with the way the Royal family has handled the accident and is expressing how she is feeling ignored by the royal household. According to Emma, there has been no contact made from the Royal family's side, and she is still waiting for an apology.

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Now, a spokesperson from the Royal family has said that they have reached out to the other people involved in the car accident and that Prince Philip has extended his 'well wishes' via that spokesperson. While the woman driving the other car has not been identified nor spoken to the media about the accident, Emma Fairweather clearly does not feel like the Royal family has done enough.

Perhaps the message extended by the Royal family's spokesperson was not received by Emma, but hopefully, she gets the response she is waiting for and will recover soon. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that everyone involved is okay.

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