Get Rosé Vodka For Your Galentine’s Day Weekend Bash

There is a new vodka in town just in time for Galentine’s Day. Rosé Vodka is hitting a liquor store shelf near you any day now and it will make you think of vodka completely different from now on.

The latest viral Rosé trend is Hangar 1's Rosé Vodka. According to Reserve Bar, which is selling the product on its website right now, it is a unique blend of ultra-premium vodka and real California rosé wine. It is also described as silky and soft, with notes of berry and wood, and a crisp acidity. Hanger 1’s Rosé Vodka is premium vodka mixed with actual rosé. The website also claims the new vodka is best enjoyed on the rocks or in refreshing cocktails, such as a spritzer or sangria.

Now that the technical description is out of the way, the most important question is what does it taste like? Alyse Whitney of Bon Apétit and her staff called it “less sharp than a standard vodka," and "appealing roundness of flavor with a bit of crisp fruitiness and floral notes."

The new vodka sounds delicious and tasty! It would be the perfect addition to Galentine’s Day. Who doesn’t love a little Rosé to get the party started right? Well, it might not be quite as easy to get a bottle as one would hope. Unfortunately, the new vodka is not sold everywhere yet. However, Hanger 1 does have a map where people who are interested in the product can go to see if it is available in their area.


Although Rosé Vodka will no doubt be the most popular vodka soon, drinkers have to remember it is not like drinking Rosé wine. This vodka is 80 proof and will mess a person up if they are not careful. It may go down smooth but drinkers have to be cautious with this vodka, just like with any other alcoholic beverage, watch how much you drink.

Rosé lovers there is new drink in town that will fit in perfectly with your Galentine’s day plans. Hanger 1’s Rosé Vodka is about to become the latest Rosé craze and you are not going to want to miss out on it.

What do you think about the new vodka, will you try it? Share your thoughts with us in the below comments section.


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