Rooney Mara Just Pulled Off The Vegan Leather Harness

Actress Rooney Mara is not a celebrity with a so-called "typical" look. Between her porcelain skin and jet black hair, Mara is one that loves to be different whenever or wherever possible. It's not just her appearance, though; it also crosses over to her style and what she wears. If you need any more proof of that, then look no further than Mara's most recent fashion risk.

As reported by Vogue, Mara was on the red carpet in Beverly Hills, California to attend the Animal Equality's Inspiring Global Action Los Angeles Gala. She wore a white long-sleeved dress, black high-heeled sandals, and... a harness. Not just any old harness, though; a black harness crafted with 100 percent faux leather. The best part is that it comes from Mara's own clothing line, HIRAETH. Needless to say, Mara's bold look was a fashion risk that paid off- and helped her stand out among the rest.

via Vogue

The HIRAETH Harness LL2 is said to be a belt shaped into a harness. It's completely black, and has diamond detail at its centre. Its straps are adjustable, and also has a zip back closure to stay in place. The elastic bridge makes sit easier for anyone to wear, meaning that it's a one size fits all piece of clothing. According to their website, this harness is best suited to wear over a dress or T-shirt, but can also be worn underneath a jacket if you so choose.

HIRAETH was founded by Mara, as well as partners Chrys Wong and Sara Schloat. The idea behind this fashion brand is to create gorgeous, well-crafted pieces that were made ethically. This means utilizing no real fur or leather of any kind, meaning that all pieces are completely vegan. Everything is made in Los Angeles, California, and any outsourced materials come from the likes of France, Italy, Japan, and the United Kingdom. So not only is Mara's clothing brand vegan but also sweatshop-free. It's clear that ethically-made clothing is something that matters deeply to the actress.

If you want the same harness as Mara, you can only buy it online from HIRAETH for $375 USD.


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