Romantic Recap: 39 Celebrity Couples Who Called It Quits So Far In 2018 (+ 1 Who Got Back Together)

Dating is hard.

Wait, let's rephrase that. Being in a relationship is hard.

Now, if it is difficult for us laypeople, think about how hard it is for celebrities.

Celebrities are always in the public eye, which makes staying together a lot of work. Their business is always out there for everyone to see, either because they post it, or because they get caught by paparazzi.

Then there is the traveling component; they are constantly on the road for their work, which can make staying connected nearly impossible. Let’s not forget about trust. When you're famous its hard to trust anyone. Do they really like me? Or are they with me for the money or fame?

It is no wonder so many relationships don’t last in Hollywood. Keep scrolling to see what celebrity couples called it quits in 2018.

40 Elon Musk And Amber Heard

E! Online

According to usmagazine.com, Elon Musk and Amber Heard first broke up in August 2017 after just one year of dating due to their increasingly busy schedules and little time to see each other.

Musk was heartbroken after the breakup and admitted in an interview with Rolling Stones that he was truly in love with Amber.

Five months later in January 2018, it was reported that the two were trying to rekindle their relationship, but it later emerged that they had broken up again.

39 Lena Dunham And Jack Antonoff


Lena Dunham and Jack Antonoff first started dating in 2012. In December 2017 the couple broke up but reports of their breakup didn’t emerge until 2018.

According to an insider the split was mutual. “Jack and Lena were growing apart and it just made sense for them to end their relationship where it was. They want the best for each other no matter what. They are both moving on.”

38 Ruby Rose And Jessica Origliasso


Fans around the world thought Ruby Rose, the star of the hit Netflix show Orange Is the New Black, was just playing a sick April Fools’ joke back in the spring of 2018.

According to theinsider.com, on April 1, 2018, Ruby Rose took to her twitter to announce that her and Jessica Origliasso were no longer in a relationship together. To clarify to everyone who thought she was pranking them, she wrote this on her twitter:

“I understand it’s April 1, but I would never use something so personal as an April fool’s joke.”

The couple was together for two years before the split.

“Breakups are always incredibly hard on the people involved,” Rose added. “But I can only be grateful for the experiences we shared. It’s with a heavy heart to share that Jess and I parted ways a few months ago.”

37 Channing Tatum And Jenna Dewan Tatum

via enews

It was during the 2006 movie Step Up that Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Tatum first met. Three years later they were married, and fans were beyond happy.

According to theinsider.com, the world was stunned when they announced their separation in early 2018 after a decade of being together.

To make sure the news came straight from them and not outside sources where rumors could get started, the couple made a joint statement explaining their separation.

"We have lovingly chosen to separate as a couple," they said. "We fell deeply in love so many years ago and have had a magical journey together. Absolutely nothing has changed about how much we love one another, but love is a beautiful adventure that is taking us on different paths for now."

36 Jesse Williams And Minka Kelly


Jesse Williams and Minka Kelly first started dating back in 2017 shortly after Jesse filed for divorce from his wife Aryn Drake-Lee, whom he has two kids with.

While together, reports surfaced that Jesse cheated on his wife with Minka. Minka quickly shot down all the rumors that she was a home wrecker on Instagram by replying aggressive comments to her users.

Their split came after only a few months of dating back in January 2018. The reasoning behind it is unknown.

35 Nicki Minaj And Nas


In May 2017, during an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Nicki Minaj informed her fans and audiences that she wasn't dating Nas, but how she wouldn’t mind doing so.

According to theinsider.com, she had this to say during her interview:

“I’m just chillin’ right now,” she said. “I’m celibate. I wanted to go a year without dating any man. I hate men. I might make an exception to the rule for him ‘cause he’s so dope.’” 

The couple started dating a month later in June.

Unfortunately, they only lasted a few months before reports surfaced that they had split in early January of 2018.

34 Justin Theroux And Jennifer Aniston

via People

Jennifer Anniston first started a relationship with screenwriter Justin Theroux in May 2011.

On August 10, 2012, they became engaged and were married three years later. Unfortunately, the couple didn't last long and separated in late 2017 but didn’t announce their parting until February 2018.

According to People, the couple had previous problems that followed them into their marriage, mainly that they preferred different coasts of the country.

An Insider told People that Jennifer is sad her marriage didn’t work out because she never expected to be single again. She explained her disinterest for dating; that she finds it awkward and doesn't see herself jumping back in anytime soon.

33 Miranda Lambert And Anderson East


According to usweekly.com, Miranda Lambert and Anderson East started dating in 2015.

The pair were frequently seen attending red carpet events together, sharing photos of each other online, as well as exchanging sweet messages on social media.

Before their breakup became official, fans found it suspicious that they were no longer communicating online.

Things got even more suspect when Miranda did a concert in March and spoke about channeling heartbreak into her music.

"I make it my mission every single time I step on the stage that no matter what, no matter where I am, I want to make you feel everything you could possibly feel," Knox News reported. "I want you to feel sad, mad, happy and nostalgic and really pissed sometimes. That's my favorite. And part of feeling is also heartbreak, unfortunately, but fortunately for me, I can use it for my art."

32 Ronnie Ortiz-Magro And Jen Harley

via Study Breaks Magazine

Jersey Shore star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and his girlfriend Jen Harley first started dating in early 2017. A year later in April 2018, the couple welcomed their daughter, Arianna Sky.

According to theinsider.com, the couple’s relationship turned messy shortly after. They insulted each other over social media and got into a physical altercation during a live stream broadcast.

Since then, Ronnie has made a statement to Us Weekly apologizing for his actions.

"I want to apologize to my family, friends, and fans," he said. "This is a private matter that should have never been made public. I remain focused on my daughter and she is my No. 1 priority."

31 Sarah Silverman And Michael Sheen


Michael Sheen and Sarah Silverman first started dating after they met on the set of Michael’s Showtime series.

They were together four years before Sarah tweeted on February 5, 2018, that the couple had broken up around Christmas.

The comedian jokingly tweeted:

“The great @michaelsheen & I consciously uncoupled over Christmas. I mean, not ‘over Christmas’ like that wasn’t the fight that ended it. We just live in different countries & it got hard. Felt we should just tell y’all so you stop asking, “How’s Michael/How’s Sarah?’”

30 Tricia Helfer And Jonathan Marshall

via ETCanada.com

Tricia Helfer and Jonathan Marshall got married back in October 2003 and after almost 15 years together, they decided to end it. They officially filed in May 2017 but reports of their split didn’t hit the media though until early 2018.

When asked why they decided to call it quits, Tricia Helfer, who is best known for her role as Charlotte Richards in the show Lucifer, responded that it was due to irreconcilable differences.

29 James Tupper And Anne Heche


James Tupper, known for his role on Big Little Lies, first met Anne Heche on the set of their 2006 TV show, Men in Trees.

At the time when they met, Anne was still married to Coleman Laffoon. When that couple split, Anne started to date James.

In 2009 the couple welcomed their first child together, all while continuing to appear on shows like The Brave and Aftermath together.

According to theinsider.com, reports surfaced in early January 2018 that the couple split after being together for over ten years.

28 Monica Potter And Daniel Christopher Allison

via Zimbio

Monica Potter defied celebrity convention and chose to date someone outside of the limelight.

In 2005, Monica married Daniel Christopher Allison, an orthopedic surgeon. That same year, she gave birth to their first child together, a daughter named Molly.

According to theinsider.com, the couple filed for divorce in early February 2018.

According to People, Monica is sad and heartbroken over their split but is trying to focus on co-parenting their daughter.

27 Brandi Glanville And Donald Friese

via Daily Mail

Brandi Glanville, star of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills started dating Donald Friese back in 2017.

According to theinsider.com, Brandi blamed social media over her ruined relationship.

“Social media is ruining romance! It ruined mine,” she wrote. She went on to add that she was officially single and then warned women to be nice to Donald because “he is lovely.”

The couple stayed together exactly one year before Brandi announced via Twitter that they had ended things.

26 Claire Foy And Stephen Campbell Moore


When Claire Foy and Stephen Campbell Moore first met, it was on the set of the 2011 film Season of the Witch.

According to theinsider.com, the couple was married in 2014 and a year later, welcomed a daughter together.

In late February 2018, they then announced after four years of marriage that they were separating and had already been apart for some time.

“We can confirm we have separated and have been for some time.” Foy and More said in a joint statement. “We do, however, continue as great friends with the utmost respect for one another.”

25 Alicia Silverstone And Christopher Jarecki


Alicia Silverstone and Christopher Jarecki were together eight years before tying the knot in June 2005.

Unfortunately, after 13 years of marriage, the couple announced in February 2018 that they were calling it quits. According to theinsider.com in a statement released to the press, a source announced:

“They still deeply love and respect each other and remain very close friends but mutually decided to separate after being together for 20 years. They have one son together, Bear Blue, who they will continue to co-parent.”

24 Usher Raymond And Grace Miguel


Usher Raymond and Grace Miguel dated for several years before they eloped and got married in 2015.

According to theinsider.com, the news of their split came in March 2018.

In a joint statement shared with US Weekly, the couple said:

“After much thought and consideration, we have mutually decided to separate as a couple. We remain deeply connected, loving friends who will continue supporting each other through the next phases of our lives. The enormous amount of love and respect that we have for each other will only increase as we move forward.”

Rumor is that all the accusations and lawsuits that have turned up since 2012 about Usher giving several women Herpes contributed to the couples split.

23 Zayn Malik And Gigi Hadid

via Page Six

When Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid first announced their relationship in late 2015, the world could tell right away how in love they were by the fact they were never apart.

According to theinsider.com, over the course of the last two years,  they attended some high-profile fashion events together, gushed over each other during interviews and shared some super cute photos of each other online.

Unfortunately, in March 2018, both Zayn and Gigi confirmed that they were no longer together.

"I'm forever grateful for the love, time, and life lessons that Z and I shared," Gigi said. "I want nothing but the best for him and will continue to support him as a friend that I have immense respect and love for."

"Gigi and I had an incredibly meaningful, loving, and fun relationship and I have a huge amount of respect and adoration for Gigi as a woman and a friend," Zayn added.

22 Anderson Cooper And Benjamin Maisani


Anderson Cooper and Benjamin Maisani have been together for almost ten years. They linked up back in 2009.

According to theinsider.com, the world was stunned when it was revealed that the couple was no longer together.

"Benjamin and I separated as boyfriends some time ago," Cooper told Daily Mail. "We are still family to each other and love each other very much. We remain the best of friends and will continue to share much of our lives together."

21 Chris Evans And Jenny Slate


When it comes to breakups, Chris Evans and Jenny Slate have more than one under their belts. According to theinsider.com, the pair first started dating back in 2016, but it was in early 2017 that their first breakup was announced.

In an interview with Vulture, Jenny talked about her recent ex-boyfriend.

“He has a beautiful, big, strong emotions, and he’s really sure of them,” she said. “It’s just wonderful to be around. His heart is probably golden-colored if you could paint it.”

Somewhere between their breakup and the holidays, they reconciled and got back together.

This was, however, short-lived;  based on an interview with the New York Times in 2018, it was announced that they had broken up again.

20 Kendra Wilkinson And Hank Baskett


Since getting married in 2009, Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett have spoken openly about their marital problems.

According to theinsider.com, the blow that hurt the most was when Hank cheated on Kendra while she was pregnant with their second child in 2014. It was on April 2, 2018, that reports were brought forward that the couple was planning on separating.

Kendra took to her Instagram to share her relationship with her followers.

“Ten years,” she said. “I did everything I could. It wasn’t good enough. I will always love him, and my heart will always remain open for him. I believed forever, I really did. Guess it’s just not meant to be. I’m so scared, but I have to get strong for my kids and I will.”

19 Eliza Coupe And Darin Olien


Eliza Couple and Darin Olien first got engaged back in 2014 on Thanksgiving. One month later the Mindy Project actress posted a picture of the pair on Instagram with the caption:

“Why not get married on Christmas Eve in New Zealand?” Fans were thrilled over the couple’s union.

According to people.com, it was through court documents obtained from TMZ that we learned it was Darin Olien who filed for divorce from his wife Eliza Coupe after four years of marriage.

18 Dominic Cooper And Ruth Negga


Dominic Cooper and Ruth Negga silently kept an eight-year relationship on the DL before news of their split made headlines.

According to people.com, the couple first started dating in 2009 after staring together in the play Phedre.

A source close to the couple said that the pair decided to end their relationship after they agreed that their relationship had run its course.

Even though they are not seeing each other, they remain to be close friends.

17 Brooke Burke And David Charvet

Brooke Burke and David Charvet first started seeing each other back in 2006 and five years later eloped in a secret wedding ceremony that left the world in awe.

According to theinsider.com, it was just four years ago that the couple spoke openly about their relationship and how they were more in love than ever.

"We believe in romance," Brooke said. "We hold hands. We cook together. We still make out. We're very fiery passionate people, so when we fight, it's like the 4th of July!"

In April 2018 news hit that the couple was calling it quits after seven years of marriage.

16 Jennie Garth And Dave Abrams

Star Magazine

According to theinsider.com, Jennie Garth and Dave Abrams first met in 2014 before tying the knot in July 2015. Their fairytale relationship had the wedding to match.

"Things just lined up and I was like, 'I don't need it, I don't want it,' and there it came," Jennie told People. "He completes me."

Reports of trouble in paradise started around late 2017 and by early April 2018 news spread that the couple had separated, and Dave was filing for divorce.

15 Jonathan Scott And Jacinta Kuznetsov


Jonathan Scott and Jacinta Kuznetsov were dating for three years before the couple announced in 2018 that they had decided to peacefully separate from one another.

According to theinsider.com, Jonathan took to his Instagram to write:

"Sometimes life takes you on unexpected paths and those paths aren't always in the same direction. There's no drama or negativity; no jealousy or hate. Not even sadness or sorrow. Our memories are filled with joy and we will continue to advocate for each other as friends wherever we go."

Jacinta then followed with a similar message:

"We have deep love and respect for one another but have gone separate ways," she wrote. "I lovingly reflect on everything we accomplished together and am so proud of who he is and the love we gave each other."

14 John Cena And Nikki Bella

via wwe.com

WWE stars John Cena and Nikki Bella first started dating in 2012 and got engaged in April 2017 on the biggest wrestling stage of them all: WrestleMania.

The world couldn't believe that just one year after their engagement, they decided to part ways.

"After much contemplation and six years of being together John and have decided to separate as a couple," Nicki shared on her Instagram account. "While this decision was a difficult one, we continue to have a great deal of love and respect for one another. We ask that you respect our privacy during this time in our lives."

John also had a similar message he posted on his Twitter about the split.

"Hardship, loss, and humility are extremely difficult waters to navigate, but perseverance thru them builds a strength to withstand anything life throws your way," he wrote.

13 Logic and Jessica Andrea


Logic and Jessica Andrea were married for three years before they announced that they were going to separate.

According to theinsider.com, Logic revealed that Jessica and he were much better as friends than as husband and wife.

"It's very simple: It just didn't work out," they said in a joint statement. "There is no anger involved. No fighting, no cheating, no nothing. We love each other and will continue to support each other for the rest of our lives."

12 Ric Ocasek And Paulina Porizkova

via Fox News

Musician Ric Ocasek and model Paulina Porizkova first got married back in 1989. They were married almost 30 years before peacefully deciding to part ways earlier in 2018.

According to theinsider.com, Paulina took to social media to reveal to the world that they had been apart for a while, but their family remains strong.

"The love we have for one another is so wide and deep it's practically tangible, and that sort of love can never disappear," she said.

11 Steven R. McQueen And Allie Silva


In January, Steven R. McQueen announced his engagement to model Allie Silva on his Instagram with a photo of the two kissing and holding hands over a romantic dinner.

Shortly after, during the Voices In Displacement Gala hosted by The Syrian American Medical Society, Steven revealed that the wedding was now off.

According to eonline.com, when asked how the wedding plan was going, he responded to Us Weekly, “You know what? Actually, we called it off.”

Since the breakup, the actor has been enjoying some alone time and is not looking to jump back into the dating scene.

10 Kimberly Perry And J.P. Arencibia


Kimberly Perry and J.P. Arencibia first met in 2012 and were engaged the following year. In 2014, the pair got married and were together four years before announcing their separation in March 2018.

"Yes, it's true, my marriage has come to an end," Kimberly wrote in a post on her Instagram, which has since been taken down, according to theinsider.com. "I know that beauty will come from these ashes and, as always, I want to thank you all for your love and support."

9 Common and Angela Rye


Common and Angela Rye first started dating back in the summer of 2017.

It was during a statement to Page Six that Angela announced to her fans that they were no longer dating.

According to theinsider.com, even though they're not together, Angela still had kind words to say about her ex.

"We have and will always be friends," she said. "He is an amazing human being, and I'm a much better person because he's a part of my life. May we all keep loving and living."

8 Olivia Culpo And Danny Amendola

via People

In March 2018, former beauty queen and model Olivia Culpo broke the news that she had separated from her boyfriend, wide receiver for the New England Patriot’s football team, Danny Amendola.

According to foxnews.com, Olivia sat down with Access Hollywood Live to clarify any rumors about the two.

"We are broken up and it's just so fresh for me. I don't feel comfortable talking about it," she told Access.

It was after fans noticed that Danny had unfollowed Olivia on Instagram that rumors had started to fly about the couple.

"Everyone goes through breakups in life. Everybody has their own way of handling it and it's something that I am definitely not going to get into at this moment," Olivia said when asked if she had been in touch with her ex since the split. "But I am sure everyone can relate to heartbreak."

Since their heartbreaking split earlier this year the couple have rekindled their relationship. The question now is will it last?

7 Chrissy Metz And Josh Stancil


Chrissy Metz and Josh Stancil first met while filming the NBC hit show, This Is Us.

In March 2018, Chrissy opened up in an interview with Wendy Williams that the couple was no longer together.

"I'm dating myself currently," she said. She added that prior to their breakup, Stancil switched to work on another series — but that there are no hard feelings.

"We're still friends," Chrissy explained. "We're still friendly. I'm always friends with people who I was previously with, which is important to me, you know? Because you care about the person. You don't just dump them off."

6 Dan Reynolds and Aja Volkman


Dan Reynolds and Aja Volkman announced their split in late April 2018 after being married for seven years.

According to theinsider.com, it was on Twitter that Dan announced to his followers about the couple’s separation.

"After seven beautiful years together, Aja and I's marriage has come to an end. Our children continue to be the most important thing in our lives, and we will continue to co-parent them with all our love. I ask that you please respect our privacy at this time as we work through this as a family."

Aja posted a similar message explaining to her fans what had happened:

"All that I can say is that I am so grateful to have these three girls. I am grateful for all the abundance I have experienced with Dan. I am grateful that long ago we met in a casino when our dreams were big and full of optimism. Life doesn't always go as planned, but to live is a blessing."

5 Colton Haynes And Jeff Leatham


Colton Haynes and Jeff Leatham were together not even a year before rumors started to surface of their separation.

According to theinsider.com E! News reported in early 2018 that Colton was the one who filed for divorce from Jeff.

Neither Colton nor Jeff would comment as to the reasoning behind their split, but Colton was quick to defend any infidelity rumors:

"Jeff would never cheat," he tweeted. "He is an amazing man. Please stop being mean to him."

4 Ariana Grande And Mac Miller


Ariana Grande and Mac Miller were going strong for two years before TMZ reported their split in May 2018.

According to theinsider.com, Ariana took to her Instagram where she referred to Mac as one of her best friends in the whole world and her favorite person on the planet.

She went on to say: "I respect and adore him endlessly and am grateful to have him in my life in any form, at all times regardless of how our relationship changes or what the universe holds for each of us!"

3 Pete Davidson And Cazzie David


Pete Davidson and Cazzie David dated two years before the news broke out that the two had split.

According to people.com, it was during an interview on Complex’s Open late With Peter Rosenberg that Pete told Rosenberg about his split with Cazzie David.

“We’re not together anymore. Very talented girl, she’ll be great, and she’ll be fine. Yeah, I think she’ll be okay.”

Pete did not share the reasoning behind their breakup.

When Peter asked Pete if he would be ok not being with Cazzie anymore, Pete responded:

“Yeah, probably.”

2 Jack Osbourne And Lisa Osbourne


Many celebrity couples watched their families grow this year, with new bundles of joy. Unfortunately for Jack Osbourne and Lisa Osbourne, a few months after their third child entered into the world earlier in 2018, they filed for divorce.

According to theinsider.com, Jack took to his Instagram after news broke of their divorce with this lengthy message:

"Our family is the most important thing in our lives, and we tried everything we could for many years to make this work," he wrote. "What's best for our family right now is that we separate lovingly and remain best friends who are committed to raising our children together."

1 Liza Koshy And David Dobrik

via superfame.com

When the news hit in early 2018 that YouTube stars Liza Koshy and David Dobrik had split up, fans were upset.

According to theinsider.com, the duo decided to post a video to inform fans of their split and explain why. They revealed that they had been apart for the last six months and wanted to take the time to accept their decision and heal from it before letting the rest of the world know.

Their clashing schedules impeded them from spending time together, which is why Liza suggested they take a break while they focus on their careers.

Sources: usmagazine.com, theinsider.com, en.wikipedia.org, cnn.com, eonline.com, people.com

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