Rocker Chic: 20 Outfits That Make Us Feel Like We're With The Band

Rock music is an unavoidable phenomenon that millions have followed since the middle of the 20th century. Rock, or rock and roll music is about the music and much more. It is the get-up and go music that broke societal norms and in a sense divided some sections of society. As time progressed, more genres of rock developed which led to a moral majority stance against such things as nose piercings and green mohawks that were supposedly caused by this genre of music. The stance against rock music seemingly made the genre more appealing as many teens and adults over the past half-century began to emulate their favorite rock musicians. It is not just enough to get caught up in the moment of the music or the performer, but a connection can be made with the music via fashion.

Rocker fashion has changed over time, but some fashions are still in circulation in some shape or form. We follow entertainment as a guide to fashion, and rock music has popularized such items as leather jackets and studded boots. So the question becomes, what exactly is fashionable in when it comes to rocker fashions and makes you have the feel of being a part of a rock band?

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20 Dark Sunglasses

Sunglasses have been in style for several decades. They never get old and they can make just about anyone look cool. It is an absolute requirement to have dark sunglasses if you want to add a hard-edge look to your alternate rock persona. Adding a leather jacket along with the sunglasses makes you look like you can just take on the world.

Ray-Ban glasses are a popular brand, and also the John Lennon style of sunglasses as well.

Cheaper styles of sunglasses look great also and can be an alternative to expensive sunglasses. Sunglasses are essential if you are attending an outdoor concert as well.

19 Disco Style Pants

These disco style of pants are not the bell bottoms of the disco era. These disco style pants were popularized by Olivia Newton-John when she appeared opposite of actor John Travolta in Grease. She instantly went from the cookie-cutter look to a bad girl with the whole black jacket and sunglasses that went along with the black disco pants. Disco pants are made of spandex and they go great with a crop top and a leather jacket. A white tee shirt is also a good match with black disco pants. Tight fitting pants are just the thing to wear when out on the town or going to a nightclub.

18 Leather Belts

If you would like to add a little bit of rocker chic to your outfit or even a ton of it, leather belts can suit all of your needs.

Leather belts can compliment your outfit when you are wearing skinny jeans or a top that is loose-fitting.

To really kick things up a notch, choosing a leather belt with spikes or studs will give you a real rocker appearance. Any woman with natural curves could wear a thicker grade of a leather belt. Leather belts look great with jeans with ripped leggings or denim jeans. If you really want to go all out, try on the leather belts with the skulls on them.

17 Ripped Denim Shorts

Many of us have worn shredded shorts in times past. They were popular when some of us were kids, especially during the summertime. The good thing about ripped shorts is that you can make them from denim pants that you no longer want. Just a few cuts and snips and there you have your shredded denim shorts. These can be worn over tights as well during the fall season. Plaid shirts go along very well with shredded shorts and also black tights. You can also find shredded denim shorts at stores such as Nordstroms or even at a thrift store.

16 Rocker Heels

No wardrobe would be complete without shoes. There are several variations of rocker heels, which includes sandals and also studded heels. If you plan to wear studded heels, make sure that the studs are placed well on the shoe.

These type of heels can give you a bold or a more confident feel.

Black heels are perhaps the best because they go well with any outfit. Stay away from heels that are too colorful. Matching colors is of importance with spiked or studded heels. Do not wear gold jewelry with silver studs and vice versa. If you plan on wearing sandals, make sure the toes are polished and well trimmed.

15 Beanie Hats

Beanies have really grown in popularity since the last century. They became popular amongst grunge rockers during the grunge rock era of the 90s. If you plan on going for the rocker look, then the beanie is a great item to have. You can capture the grunge rock look again with a beanie hat and they go well with flannel shirts and denim jeans. The beanie hat came into prominence in the rock world thanks to artist like Soundgarden and Nirvana. If you are planning on wearing various colors then a beanie hat will suit you well since they go well with various hues and neutral colors.

14 Graphic Tees

Those of us who grew up between the 80s and 2000s are all too familiar with band graphic tees. During those teenage years, many of us could not go a single place without even running into someone with a band graphic t-shirt.

Nothing shows more support than wearing a t-shirt of your favorite band.

The graphic tee is a basic item that can be worn with just about any article of clothing. Popular graphic shirts include KISS, Metallica, The Rolling Stones, Nirvana, and AC/DC. These shirts go well with studded boots and skinny jeans. You can easily find a graphic tee anywhere.

13 Denim Jackets

Some people are divided when it comes to wearing denim jackets in general. Denim jackets are a pretty common item, and they go well when achieving the rock and roll look. James Dean popularized the look, and wearing denim jackets implies rebellion. The rock genre entails rebellion, and so denim fashions fit right in. It is best to wear denim jackets during the fall or take a chance at freezing during the winter months. Denim jackets go well with plaid shirts and especially white tees. You can also wear a denim jacket with black tights or even a skirt. Adding some patches can really spice up your denim jacket.

12 Converse Shoes

Who would have possibly thought that Chuck Taylors, aka Converse shoes, would become a part of rock fashion?

Converse shoes became popular in the world of rock during the time when grunge rock was the in-thing.

Converse sneakers go well with any style and fit a rocker chic outfit perfectly. You can wear these shoes with a leather jacket, or denim shorts. A dress or a skirt also goes along great with wearing Converse shoes. Since the popularity of the shoes occurred during the 90s as well, wearing a flannel shirt is the perfect compliment to your rocker chic wardrobe.

11 Chokers

You have a plethora of choices when it comes to wearing chokers. If you want to add a minuscule amount of chic to your wardrobe, you can find the answer to your fashion question with a choker. Some of the chokers can be worn depending on the situation or the occasion. Different colors can be worn while wearing chokers and multiple layers of clothing can also spice up your outfit. There are extremes as well with wearing chokers, especially wearing chokers with studs. If you really want to go to the extremes as determined by the occasion, you can wear the spiked choker as well.

10 Grunge Babydoll Dresses

If you have an interest in the punk rock chic look, then grunge dresses are what you should consider purchasing. The whole babydoll dress craze became a popular phenomenon during the 90s. The dresses are considered to be a part of the grunge era, but there are also babydoll dresses that are popular amongst the gothic community also.

The babydoll dress can be worn with several clothing styles which include studded ankle boots and moto jackets.

The plaid babydoll dresses are very basic and are a great choice when choosing to wear these types of dresses. These dresses also come in floral patterns and also red velvet among other variations.

9 Plaid Shirts

Plaid shirts are everywhere and have been around for as long as we all can remember. They are mostly associated with lumberjacks and farmers. Plaid apparently became mainstream in the 70s as business suits began to have plaid patterns on the inside of them. Plaid played a great part in grunge music and is perhaps the first fashion that comes to mind when thinking about grunge music artists. You can easily find plaid shirts in thrift stores and stores such as L.L. Bean and Macy's. Wearing plaid is also perfect for wearing over graphic tees and go really well with studded boots.

8 Boyfriend Jeans

These are jeans that are larger than what a woman would normally wear and hence the uniquely titled boyfriend jeans. These jeans are loose fitting jeans that are made for comfort.

They are purposely slouchy looking in appearance and are considered a part of rock fashion.

Boyfriend jeans go well with moto jackets and ankle booties. You can add a bit more of an edge to your wardrobe with these jeans by wearing a darker shade of denim. If you want a contrasting effect, you can achieve this by wearing light colored denim jeans with a black shirt or moto jacket.

7 Ripped Tights

More shredded fashion to add to your wardrobe with what are known as ripped tights. These are also called fishnet tights. Ripped tights have been one of the main articles of rocker chic clothing and are one of the most recognized staples of the rock genre. You can wear ripped jeans to contrast a moto jacket or a t-shirt. They can be worn with such articles as tank tops or even plaid shirts. Anyone who wants to be the center of attention or just looking to wear something a bit out of the ordinary should give ripped tights a chance.

6 Fishnet/Lace Gloves

Another popular item to wear is gloves. Gloves were particularly popular in the seventies and carried on into the 80s. They are primarily linked to the punk rock look and it provides a bit of contrast with certain outfits.

Gloves that are worn are usually fishnet, lace or even sheer fabric. The gloves can also be fingerless.

If you plan on wearing leather as a part of your outfit, you may want to incorporate leather gloves to give you more of a biker look. Gloves are popular among the gothic rock genre and lace or fishnet gloves compliment gothic clothing if you plan on going the gothic route.

5 Band Tanks

We see many rock musicians wear tank tops. Tank tops are another common article of clothing that is associated with rocker chic fashion. Women who want to wear rock fashion should consider either wearing rock tees or band tank tops. Band tanks come in original and vintage clothing. One common look that is known in rock fashion is wearing a moto jacket and a tank top under it. It is best to stay balanced if you are wearing an oversize tank or tee. Tanks go well with plaid and can also be worn along with leather or even a skirt.

4 Moto Jackets

You have seen thus far the combinations that go together with rock fashion. Perhaps the most common element in rock fashion is the moto jacket.

The moto jacket can go with any article of clothing and it is universal in the world of rock.

The most common color that moto jackets come in is black, but moto jackets come in other colors also. Leather is the most common material but faux leather is also popular in moto jackets. Neutral colors are best if you choose to wear moto jackets other than black jackets. Any type of shirt whether it is a white t-shirt or graphic t-shirt can be worn easily with moto jackets as well as flannel.

3 Signature Hats

Hats come in all shapes and sizes. The hats can range from beanies to baker hats. Other hats can be worn as well such as fedora hats and bowler hats. A fedora hat or baker boy hat can be worn with all types of outfits. Beanies can be worn with skinny jeans and canvas sneakers along with a t-shirt. Bowler hats are considered to be on the cute side or rock fashion and they can be worn with skinny jeans, band t-shirts, and a leather jacket. Fedora hats go especially well with t-shirts and leather jackets. Panama hats go well with multiple layers of clothing.

2 Moto Vests

Moto vests can be worn with either long sleeve or short sleeve shirts. You can wear a moto vest as an alternative to a moto jacket. A determining factor for wearing a vest over a jacket is weather conditions. You have a choice between wearing vests as you can wear either leather vest or even denim vests.

If you have a denim jacket that you want to make into a vest instead of purchasing one, you can just easily cut the sleeves off and there you have it.

Moto vests are mostly worn with graphic band tees but white tees can also be worn as well.

1 Skinny Jeans

If you are thinking about throwing away a pair of jeans that are a bit too thin and are worn out, go ahead and keep them. This is the stuff skinny jeans are made of. Skinny jeans can be ripped or mineral washed, or plain. Skinny jeans are more of a contrasting piece in rock fashion as they can be worn with a blouse or a band t-shirt. You can also wear skinny jeans with nearly any kind of belt. Converse shoes also go well with skinny jeans. Denim skinny jeans are a common item, but black skinny jeans are also worn a lot of times by women who are into rock fashion.

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