Riverdale’s Cole Sprouse Shares His Most Romantic Surprise For Girlfriend Lili Reinhart

Cole Sprouse shares his most romatic surprise for Lili Reinhart

Actor Cole Sprouse recently shared his favorite way to surprise his girlfriend, Lili Reinhart, and it is super romantic. Cole and Lili have been dating since at least late 2017, sealing with a kiss in public in April 2018, and somewhat confirming their relationship in the most fashionable way; by attending the red carpet at the 2018 Met Ball together in May. Although the couple is very cautious about what they choose to disclose to the media regarding their relationship, they do both use social media to share little nuggets, gushing over one another.

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According to Cole, he appreciates to spend quality time with his significant other and loves to share new experiences, being a bit on the adventurous side. The Riverdale star's most romantic surprise for Lili was whisking her away on a road trip date that took them into a secluded spot in Canada, where a hot-air balloon was waiting for the couple to continue their adventure. Cole explained that he enjoys traveling a lot, and thinks doing that together with a significant other, makes for the best memories and the greatest romances. Cole and Lili are a couple both on and off screen, as their characters in CW's hit drama TV series Riverdale, where their characters Jughead and Betty, or 'Bughead' for short, have been dating for a while now too.

Cole Sprouse shares his romantic road trip date with Lili Reinhart
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As reported by ET Online, Lili more than appreciates Cole's romantic gestures and surprises, and has said that he takes her places that she would have never known existed let alone seen otherwise. She shares his love for exploring new places and experiencing new things, so it is safe to assume she was over the moon with the road trip date - who would not get excited over a surprise ride in a hot-air balloon?

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Mädchen Amick, who plays Lili's on-screen mom Alice Cooper in Riverdale, has given a big thumbs up for the young couple, calling them both exceptional people. She also shared that they are so sweet with each other on set and that she is happy that they now feel more comfortable about being open with their relationship.

Cole and Lili sound like a match made in heaven, and those who follow the events that go down on Riverdale will see if Jughead surprises Betty with a romantic road trip date anytime soon.

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