Rihanna's Top 11 #BBHMM Moments

Rihanna is the queen of our generation. Topping the charts for the last decade, RiRi doesn't have much that she hasn't accomplished during her time in the limelight. The island gal from Barbados is beautiful, talented and straight up honest. Bad Gal Riri, as she refers to herself, doesn't hold back from speaking up when she has to.

Her loving appreciation towards her fans and her sweet smile, are not to be confused for weakness. Rihanna has proven time and time again that she will not be disrespected by anyone. Since we refuse to call her a diva, and her "reign just won't let up," here are Rihanna's Top 11 B**ch Better Have My Money moments.

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11 The Time She Hit a Fan Over the Head With Her Microphone


Rihanna loves to be close to her fans. At her concerts she has a habit of coming down from the stage and walking through the crowd. Although she does this with security tailing her behind, sometimes fans get a little too excited to have their idol right in front of them.

During the Birmingham stop of her Diamonds World Tour, Riri was making her rounds when an excited fan grabbed hold of her arm. As she tried to pull away to make her way back to the stage, the fan did not let go. Feeling agitated, Rih pulled her mic back and clocked the fan on his/her head, leading to them finally releasing her. The songstress continued to sing and never apologized for her actions that night (hehe).

10 Demanding Friend Leandra to "Get It Together" in Front of Cameras


Rihanna doesn't roll solo. Her famous entourage of hometown friends surrounds her at all times. Melissa and Leandra are Ms. Fenty's assistants and the secret to keeping her grounded. But sometimes, even the best of friends have to set each other straight, right?

Riri decided to bring Leandra as her date to the 2015's BET Awards. As they exited the award show, Leandra struggled to get through the crowd of reporters and fans after having a bit too much to drink. As she stumbled and slurred her words, Rih grabbed her by the arm and said, "Leandra, your drunk a** is being stupid." We couldn't hear Lee's response but Rihanna proceeded to push her forward yelling, "Well handle it!" Lesson learned, huh, Leandra?

Click here to see video.

9 Snapping at a Reporter During an Interview for the film 'Battleship'


Battleship (2012) was Rihanna's big acting debut. During the promotional tour for the film, Rihanna experienced what it is like to have a reporter disregard the point of the interview and dig into some juicy personal questions.

When asked about her love life and even a specific someone, Ashton Kutcher, Rih replied, "What a disappointing question that was." The host immediately jumped in, suggesting that they move on. Rihanna agreed saying, "Yes please and I'm happy and I'm single, if that's what you're really asking."

8 "Move M*ther F***er, You in The Way"


It's pretty tough to be famous these days. A bad day captured by paparazzi can result in a bad rap almost immediately. Still, this doesn't stop Rihanna from being assertive when she needs to be. That was exactly the case one night while exiting the British Fashion Awards in 2015.

"Get out my way, move m*ther f***er you in the way!" she yelled, as she pushed through the multitude of people who constantly surround her. We have to give it to Rih and many other celebrities who often manage to deal with this constantly. Could you imagine dealing with this every time you leave your house? No thank you.

7 Stopping the Music Mid-way during a Live Performance on her 777 Tour


The 777 tour was a world tour that Rihanna put together in honor of her 7 albums. It was also a gift to her fans. The challenge was to tour 7 countries in 7 days with no rehearsals, no stage set - just her and her band on stage. Because she is Rihanna, she did it, but not without a few bumps on the road.

During a stop in London, Rihanna all of a sudden stopped singing. She turned to her band and said, "Stop the music, why is the track off from the band? This is the bulls**t that we deal with when we're just doing a random rock and roll tour." She continued, "I apologize to everybody at home streaming, let's start this one again from the top." Hey, what can we say? The girl is a perfectionist.

6 "Don't Throw Any S*** Up Here or I'm Leaving"


Rihanna hasn't been the only performer to have a problem with this next entry. Justin Bieber has even walked off stage before, because of fans ignoring his request to not throw items on stage. While on her Diamonds World Tour, Bad Gal Riri was having a one on one with her audience when a concert goer threw something on stage.

She stopped what she was saying to ask the crowd to not throw anything on stage, otherwise she was going to leave. "I love your gifts but I can't have you hitting my people." Aw, at least the sentiment was sweet - she wasn't concerned for herself, but for her band and the dancers behind her.

5 Her Twitter Feud with Ciara


Fashion Police with the late Joan Rivers (RIP Queen of Comedy) was, once upon a time, your one stop shop for fashion, gossip and controversy. During a 2011 episode, guest star, singer Ciara, got pretty serious while critiquing Rihanna's dress at the Brit Awards. Ciara calimed Riri "wasn't the nicest" and that it wasn't "the most pleasant run-in."

Rihanna, being Rihanna, immediately responded on Twitter writing, "My bad C, did I forget to tip u?" But it didn't end there. The two went back and forth on social media. Ciara even challenged Rih's performance skills, challenging her to see her on stage. Rih responded with a simple, "Good luck with booking that stage u speak of," referring to Ciara's failed efforts to come back with a hit.  Although Rihanna "apologized" to Cici, the feud was never really resolved.

4 "Aw Look at You, You Can't Wait for a Cheeseburger Fat A**"


Throwing shade is just another aspect in day in the life of Ms. Fenty. While in LA, Rihanna hopped into her car after a night of partying. Guess who shows up? TMZ of course, asking Rihanna about the party she just left. As she sits in the truck she looks at the photographer, smirks and says, "Look at you, you can't wait for a cheeseburger fat a**."

Click HERE to watch clip.

The paparazzo responded kindly by laughing it off, as she pulled her window up. A bit later, as rapper The Game (whose party she had just left) and his friend approached the car, Riri pulled down her window, pointed at the paparazzo and said, "I'm just playing with you baby, don't write me boo," before she took off. That was one happy paparazzo after that exchange (LOL).

3 B**** Better Have My Money Performance at the 2015 iHeart Radio Music Awards


We can't possibly conclude this countdown without the actual performance of the in your face song, 'B**** Better Have My Money.' Rihanna got fans used to a release of a new album every year for 7 years. After making fans wait 3-years for the release of ANTI (in stores now) she teased us all with the single hashtagged, #BBHMM.

Rihanna set the stage on fire at the 2015 iHeart Radio Music Awards, with her Disco era bright green get up and a helicopter on stage. She tamed her Navy (what she calls her fans) with an energy fueled performance of the trap rendition of the song. The music video, produced by Rih herself, was a confirmation that the star was cooking up something bigger and better than ever before.

2 The Dolce and Gabbana $9,000 Dollar Headphones to Promote ANTI


What better way to deliver a message than to take a selfie with Dolce & Gabbana's $9,000 gold embossed, Swarovski studded, crown headphones? Who needs a promotional team when you have stunning green eyes and millions to afford such headphones to make a statement about your new album? Rihanna's selfie went viral and believe or not, the headphones sold out!

The post which she captioned "listening to ANTI" caused a media frenzy, proving once again that Rih is queen (praise hands emoji). Commenters were even drawing attention to the fact that Roc Nation's nemesis, Rita Ora, didn't get any attention when she posted a similar photo with the same headphones months before (awe)

1 The Surprise Streaming Release of ANTI


Now the ultimate #BBHMM moment has to be the day Rihanna finally released ANTI. ANTI is Rihanna's 8th studio album, which fans have been impatiently waiting for, for years. The Navy got just a little scared that Rih was too busy with her new business ventures to release a new music album. How dare you?!

Rihanna, with Samsung, created a website called 'ANTIdiary' as a mysterious countdown to what we all assumed was her album. Just when we reached the last door (you had to open a series of locked rooms), Rih released a single featuring ex-boyfriend, Drake, called, "Work." After an alleged track-list leak on TIDAL, Rihanna released the entire album, free to download, at midnight that same day. She called it a gift to her fans (you can clap now).

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