Rihanna Allegedly Hired A Lookalike To Test Out Different Styles Of Eyebrows

Rihanna is arguably one of the biggest celebrities on the planet. She's managed to earn millions upon millions from making music and having her own makeup line, among other moneymaking things that she has going on. It's safe to say that she has more money than she probably knows what to do with. So is it any surprise that she'll spend her money in a unique way to make her that her looks are always on point?

As revealed by Allure this past Sunday, Rihanna hired a model who looked a lot like her to ensure that her eyebrows are perfect. This was revealed recently by a Hollywood brow artist named Damone Roberts. Roberts then went on to explain why exactly this arrangement took place.

via Cosmopolitan

Roberts explained that for the Met Gala that occurred earlier this year, Rihanna wanted to do something different for the extravagant annual event. So, she hired a lookalike model and had Roberts run a series of trial and errors to see what the singer and songwriter would want. Once she was satisfied with the achieved look, Roberts then sent several photographs to Rihanna to see if she would get on board. Days later, Rihanna hired Roberts to do her eyebrows for the Met Gala. That is how she ended up with eyebrows that were barely there- and praise from both fans and critics about her overall appearance.

The idea of hiring a model who looks a lot like you just to test drive the eyebrows you want for an event- regardless of what the event may be- may seem more than a little crazy to most of us. After all, a majority of us would most likely just experiment on our own face if we were trying out a new look. Not all of us can afford to have a lookalike come in to assist us. But given the fact that Rihanna is extremely rich and has plenty of high profile events to attend, it's a decision that has clearly paid off for her. It wouldn't be surprising if she ended up doing this again.


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