20 Ridiculous Rules Kanye West Makes His Staff Follow

There's no question that Kanye West displays some strange behavior at times. Judging by his own statements as well as what his former employees have told the press, it seems that he's gone way off the deep end, probably because the fame, money, and success have gone to his head.

While he keeps ranting on about how he's the greatest artist that's ever lived, his former staff say he behaves as irrational as a spoiled child and seems to have no insight into himself or others. He micromanages everyone and everything, sometimes for no other reason than because he wants to, not because it's the best solution. Here are just a few of the ridiculous rules he makes his staff follow - there are bound to be 100s more where they came from.

20 Don’t Talk To Anyone When Kanye Is Around

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There’s no time for idle chit chat when Ye’s around. He’s got Grammys to win and albums to release (and then take down). Once, his bodyguard watched as West walked past two of his staff chatting, he turned and demanded, "Can you two not talk when I walk by you?!”

19 No One Is Allowed To Wear Jewelry

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In 2016, Kim was robbed in Paris and a lot of her jewelry was stolen. After that incident, it was decided that no one gets to wear jewelry. That includes the family and any guests that come to visit. When they say no jewelry, they really mean it, and that includes the cheap costume jewelry and even studs. They will make you give up your goods at the door.

18 No Premarital Intercourse

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The Jesus Walks rapper revealed that he banned his staff from having sex before marriage while they helped creating his new material. He claimed it would make the team more focused and make the album, Jesus Is King, a success. Kanye said he'd been exposed to "adult entertainment" from a young age and was addicted to sex after his mother passed away in 2007 - comparing it to being a drug addict.

17 Expect Surprise Visits To Ensure The Rules Are Being Followed

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Because it was risky for Kardashian to go through another pregnancy, her and West’s third child was carried by a surrogate mother. Of course, West had a string of rules set out for the surrogate, too. One of them was that he would pay her surprise visits to ensure she was following all the other rules he set in place. Talk about micromanaging your need to control others.

16 Kim And Kanye's Clothes Stay Separate

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Even though most of the laundry is likely done by a maid, West makes sure Kardashian keeps all of their clothing separated before it’s washed. He wants nothing of his stuff mingling with hers! Seeing as we're talking about Kanye, we wouldn't be surprised if the reason for this is that he's afraid of catching cooties.

15 Everyone Must Wear Black

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There’s a strict all-black dress code in place on Kanye’s staff, so employees better be sure to dress right. His former bodyguard says “Patterns distract him,” and he would know as he actually witnessed Kanye fire a newbie on the spot for wearing red sneakers. When he got together with Kim, the same rule was applied to her staff.

14 Call Ahead To Figure Things Out

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Former New York cop Steve Stanulis worked as Kanye's bodyguard and wasn't allowed to ask "which floor?" in the elevator. You might think this a necessity in order to get where you’re going, but you’d be wrong. Mr. West expects his staff to call ahead for the correct floor destination.

13 Don’t Talk To Kim

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According to Stanulis, West’s superstar wife Kim Kardashian “is very nice”. But he said she’s also the reason he got fired. Fiercely protective of his wife, West banned Stanulis from talking to her. When he caught them in the hall together it was the end of the line for the security worker.

12 Don’t Touch Kanye

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Kanye 101 – never put your hands on the boss. Stanulis said, “There was a new security guard… and he touched Kanye’s shoulder while guiding him through paparazzi into his car. Even though the bodyguard was just doing his job Kanye turned around and snapped, ‘Don’t you ever touch me’.” Two days later, the man was let go.

11 Don’t Get In The Paparazzi Shots

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If you thought working for him means you'll might get a claim to fame by appearing in paparazzi shots, then you can forget about it. If Kanye spots your face behind his in any press photos he gets very cross indeed. His former employees say he absolutely adores the attention and wants it all for himself.

10 Stay Behind The Family

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When the Kanye or any other members of the family are stepping out in public, assistants and nannies need to make sure that Kanye, Kim and everyone else remain the center of attention. Hence, they are reportedly instructed to walk behind the group so as not to detract any attention from the stars when the cameras start flashing.

9 Kanye Or Kim Tell Staff Where To Walk

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If staff thought they could walk on the sidewalk on their own, they're wrong. When Kanye, Kim and their entourage leave the house, the staff is instructed as to where they can walk while they are out. Kim and Kanye will be the first to lead their group, with the staff fanned out behind them - entourage style.

8 Don't Ask Questions, Just Make It Happen

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According to one of their assistants, she once had to run all over San Francisco to look for a Cards Against Humanity card game for Kim’s husband. Moreover, She also explained, “If your boss wants or needs something, you got to do whatever it takes to make it happen. Don’t ask questions, just make it happen.”

7 The Nannies Are Always On Call

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There are lots of perks working for a celebrity - apparently, they give out monetary bonuses if the children are kept quiet throughout the night. Not to mention they get to live in a mansion and be around famous people all the time. But it also means that you are going to be working very hard. Nannies are on call 24/7, so there's no time for a social life.

6 Look Good At All Times

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Sometimes, staff gets caught in photos with Kim and Kanye; it’s bound to happen if the staff stay employed long enough. That means they have to look good at all times. Even if they don’t make it in some of the pictures, you are still being seen with the stars and they don't want to be seen with any slobs.

5 Don't Tamper With The Temperature

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Most people prefer their homes to be set at a comfortable temperature so they’re not too hot or too cold. West, however, insists that the temperature is kept very low so he can justify wearing his favorite hoodies while indoors. Staff really must feel like Goldilocks in the three bears' house?!

4 No Chit Chat With The Makeup Team, Kim

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Before meeting Kanye, Kim Kardashian actually used to enjoy chatting with her makeup team while they dazzled her up. Of course, West didn't approve of such nonsense, so he insisted she become more private of a person. Now, other than the most basic of pleasantries, she barely speaks to them.

3 Only One Maid In The Master Bedroom At A Time

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There is a whole slew of people who work tirelessly to help West and Kardashian maintain their life of luxury. They employ several maids, for instance, but only one approved maid is allowed to be in the master bedroom at a time. We have no idea what lies behind this rule, all we can say is that it's an odd one.

2 Sign An NDA

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Becoming a member of the West-Kardashian staff means being welcomed into the family’s innermost circle. And while you may have access to members of the famous family, you are expected to remain silent about what you find out. Even family friends are reportedly asked to sign an NDA before being allowed into the house.

1 Don’t Expect An Apology...For Anything

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In the world of Kanye, he's never wrong - even when he's clearly not right. His former staff has said that even when he made big mistakes or acted like a spoiled child, he never, ever apologizes. The next time you think your job sucks, just imagine what it would be like working for Kanye.

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