RHOBH Kyle Richards Credits The Kardashians For Better Body Image

Kylie Richards credits the Kardashians for better body image

Kyle Richards is crediting the Kardashians for giving women a better body image and lessening the pressure of being thin. It was on the latest episode of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills that the women started talking about body images and the pressure women are under for looking a certain way. Kyle explained that when she was growing up, all that mattered was being thin, and she went on saying that she feels as if her daughters do not have the same pressure. The mother-of-four credits women like Jennifer Lopez and the Kardashians for making women feel more confident about having a curvy figure, jokingly saying that women now want their butts to look big.

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Jennifer Lopez, Kim, Khloé, and Kylie Jenner are all known just for their curvy derrieres and have helped to make a voluptuous body something women desire. The RHOBH, who is a mother to four daughters, Farrah, 30, Alexia, 22, Sophia, 19, and Portia, 11, is happy that her kids are not so worried about being skinny. Kyle went on saying that the ideal body type changed from Marilyn Monroe to super thin Kate Moss, which she deems unrealistic.

Kyle Richards credits the Kardashians for her improved body image
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As reported by People, the women also discussed how much more difficult it is today with the judgment through social media. Fellow RHOBH star Lisa Rinna chimed in comparing how they were only judged by the mirror and their friends, whereas strangers now judge their daughters via Instagram.

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Lisa Rinna, who is the mother of two teenage girls, Delilah Belle, 20, and Amelia Gray, 17, both aspiring models, said she has tried to teach her daughters to love themselves no matter their looks, said it is hard out there for her kids. The pressure of being and looking perfect is not easy, and her youngest daughter Amelia opened up earlier this year about her struggle with anorexia. The seventeen-year-old shared a candid Instagram post explaining how she is doing much better now, but that she is still struggling with health complications from the eating disorder.

Kyle Richards is saying that she and her daughters find that the Kardashians have helped them feel better about their curves, and a big butt is not at all a bad thing!

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