Revlon Hair Volumizer + 19 Other Random Things Every Girl Needs

There is nothing quite like finding a great new product and thinking, "I totally need that." It may be a new lip color or a hair accessory, but while we went through life never knowing about this thing, now we know about it and we need to buy it ASAP.

There are two types of girls: those who seem to always have the things that they need on hand (from makeup remover to tampons) and those who are often scrambling to get to the store when they run out of a favorite product. If we fall into the second category, we definitely want to be more like the first, and it's a goal that we're constantly working on.

But besides the beauty, hair, and other products that we would consider essential, there are many products that we would say are totally random... and those are the products that are the most fun to buy. When we see a friend who has something like this, we're immediately drawn to it. One of these wonderful yet random products would definitely be a velvet leopard scrunchy. We probably don't have one... but we really need one, don't we?!

Read on to find velvet leopard scrunchies, along with 18 random other things that every girl totally needs.

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20 4 Pack Women's Headbands By ELACUCOS

via Amazon

These headbands are another random but amazing product that we really need. We never know when we're going to need a headband, right? If it's super hot out and we need to get our hair off our face, or if we're going out to run errands but are having a bad hair day, then we'll be glad to have these headbands. They are so much prettier and chicer than simply throwing a hat over our hair.

The headbands come in a pack of four. Find it here on Amazon

One woman shared in a review, "I've worn these under all the following circumstances with great success: 1. During my morning dogwalk, when I just don't feel like doing anything with my hair. 2. After washing my hair at night, to keep my hair from getting all over the place and frizzy."

19 Women's 80 Denier Semi Opaque Solid Color Footed Pantyhose By STYLEGAGA

via Amazon

It's always a good idea to have an extra pair of tights on hand when we pair them with a nice dress and boots or heels. While black is definitely the most common and popular color for tights, we think that grabbing some colorful tights would be a lot more fun. Hey, it might seem random, but that's why these tights are something that every girl needs. Life is meant to be lived with velvet leopard scrunchies and colorful tights. We think that if we wore them both at the same time, it would be really fun.

These tights by StyleGaga can be found on Amazon

You can find them in green, yellow, pink, red, orange, or pink. They're made of 81 percent Nylon.

18 GVIEWIN Clear Flower Designed For iPhone 8 Case/iPhone 7 Case

via Amazon

Of all the random things that a girl needs, a pretty iPhone case is really important. We all have iPhones and we're all obsessed with them. We can't live without them and we check them all the time. We need our cases to look good, and thankfully, this is a super great option for us.

This Gviewin Clear Flower Designed for iPhone 8 Case/iPhone 7 Case is really gorgeous. The best part is there are tons of different colors and floral patterns to choose from. Whether we prefer yellow flowers, purple flowers, or something else, we can find our perfect design here.

The Gviewin Clear Flower Designed for iPhone 8 Case/iPhone 7 Case is available on Amazon

17 Leopard Velvet Hair Scrunchies By Pennie's Boutique

via Amazon

These Leopard Velvet Hair Scrunchies by Pennie's Boutique are amazing. They only cost $11.68 and would look great no matter what our hair color is. And we can even wash them in the washing machine! These scrunchies are perfect whether we want to style our hair in a high bun, low pony, or a side braid.

See the price on Amazon

As one girl shared in her review, "Oh my gosh, I LOVE it. I'm not an animal print girl but this scrunchie is so cute and tasteful, not cheap looking at all! Well made, too. I got it in regular size. It's a little bit bigger than I was expecting but honestly it's perfect. I get so many compliments every time I wear it."

16 Milani Color Statement Lipstick - Violet Volt

via Pinterest

We've probably gone to a party and met a girl who was wearing a wild colored lipstick and we wondered about whether we could ever pull it off. Now we know that we can, and we should try out Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Violet Volt.

via Amazon

See the price on Amazon

According to one woman's review, this is a good buy: "Other reviewers have made the same point: This is a very high-quality lipstick. I bought this after buying another color in Milani and being well pleased with it.

15 Wet Brush Multi-Pack Squirt Detangler Hair Brushes

via Amazon

We all have a hairbrush, of course, and maybe even a few. But why not grab this Wet Brush, which will allow us to brush our hair when we've just gotten out of the shower?

This set of three brushes comes in fun colors, too. What it's even better is that they're small.

See the price on Amazon

As one woman shared in a review, "WOW, I had no idea there could be this big of a difference with hair brushes! I am used to my hair getting pulled out by my hair brush, especially just after a shower. Even if I am gentle, my other old brushes would break off a lot of hair. The Wet brush is AMAZING, it pulls and breaks almost NO HAIR, even when my hair is wet! I honestly didn't think the Wet Brush could live up to the hype, but it totally does."

14 Sheet Mask By Glam Up Facial Sheet Mask BTS Combo

via Amazon

Just like there are two types of girls—those who have the necessary products for their lifestyle all the time and those who run out—there are girls who use face masks and those who don't. We totally want to become the second kind of girl and that's why we need this Sheet Mask by Glam Up Facial Sheet Mask BTS Combo.

Find it on Amazon

It's only $9.98, and as a bonus, the packages are beautiful and bright. Reviews are really positive and women have shared that it was good for sensitive skin or dry skin. We just know that we'll love it and our friends will be asking why our skin looks so amazing.

13 PIDOUDOU Set Of 6 Big Satin Solid 8 Inch Bow Hair Clips/Women's Barrettes

via Amazon

Of all the random things that every girl needs, some bow hair clips are definitely in that category.

This set of six hair clips can be found on Amazon

Just imagine all the smiles that we'll get when people see us wearing these beautiful hair clips. These will look awesome whether we have long, short, straight, or curly hair, and they'll dress up anything that we're wearing, too. As one girl shared in a review, "Exactly as pictured! I got lots of compliments on it. I love the deep red color. It clips on and stays pretty good. It’s a large bow so if you’re into that this is perfect for you."

12 Organic Dry Shampoo Powder By Beauty By Earth

via Amazon

Do we want to be the kind of girl who has dry shampoo in our purse at all the times? Of course we do, because dry shampoo is super useful. We might have gotten the advice from our hairstylists that it's not awesome to wash our hair every single day, and so if we go a few days between washing our hair, we definitely need some help.

via Amazon

You can find Organic Dry Shampoo Powder by Beauty by Earth on Amazon 

According to one girl's review, this one works well: "I've tried numerous dry shampoo products. None of them seemed to work. So, I figured might as well try this. This is also a powder form and doesn't come in a spray bottle. The smell is very botanical and lavender. You only need to use a little and it actually works! Oh, and this doesn't leave your hair white :)"

11 Golden Rose Royal Blue Mascara 2 Pack

via Amazon

Mascara may be a necessity for many women, but blue mascara is a more random product. And that means that we need it ASAP. Blue mascara is a lot of fun and we need more fun in our makeup bags (and our lives).

Find it on Amazon

With Golden Rose Royal Blue Mascara 2 Pack, we can make our beauty dreams come true by finally trying blue mascara. We have most likely wondered about this and then were maybe too shy to try it out, but that stops now! And we know that we're going to love it. There are many positive reviews, too, which is always good to see.

10 Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer

via Pinterest

Many women swear by their hair dryer and can't live without it. They just don't think that their hair looks good without it. The Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer is a really awesome product since it not only dries your hair but adds volume, too, as the name suggests.

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer has a "Unique Oval Brush Design" which will make it really easy to use.

Find it on Amazon

As one happy customer shared in a review, they typically have to spend a really long time on their hair but this product made it so much better: "This thing took me 8 minutes. I naturally assumed, upon finishing, that I had entered some sort of Amazon-created beauty time warp."

9 Simple Sensitive Skin Experts Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes

via Amazon

These cleansing facial wipes are definitely in the same category as velvet leopard scrunchies: random but something that every girl needs.

These are hypoallergenic and chemical-free facial wipes come in a pack of four. One woman shared in a review, "All other makeup remover wipes make me break out, these do not. They don't sting or leave any weird residue on my face. I love them!" Another wrote, "Love these cleaning towels! Great for taking off my make up and just refreshing my face."

See the price on Amazon

These wipes will be awesome to have in our purses or bathroom cabinets all the time since, as the reviewer says, we can use them during our nightly cleansing routine or during the day when we want to.

8 OneDor One Step No Wipe Top Coat Gel Polish

via Amazon

Painting our nails is super fun... and so is getting our nails professionally painted at a nail salon. Picking out the colors and taking a minute to relax are some of the best parts of getting a manicure, and we know that gel polishes and manicures are all the rage right now.

OneDor is available on Amazon

That's why this product is so awesome. It may sound random to have top coat gel polish on hand but that's totally why we need it. This product is meant to be used prior to putting gel polish on, so it'll be really good to keep in our bathrooms.

7 Mountain Falls Professional Antibacterial Foaming Hand Soap, 7.5 Fluid Ounce (Pack Of 12)

via Amazon

Sometimes, we find ourselves in a public bathroom and there's no soap. It's not a great problem to encounter and it can get pretty gross, fast.

While many people carry around hand sanitizer, nothing is better than washing our hands with actual soap. While hand sanitizer may technically be, well, sanitary, soap is so much better, right?

See the price on Amazon

It may sound pretty random to carry around our own bottles of and soap, but they will absolutely come in handy (no pun intended). The Mountain Falls Professional Antibacterial Foaming Hand Soap is perfect and comes in a pack of twelve. This product will be super convenient to have around.

6 ABage Women's Mini PU Leather Quilted Travel Cute Backpack Purse Handbag Daypack

via Amazon

When it comes to random things that every girl needs, this backpack is on the list as well. Every girl knows the burden of carrying around a million things in her purse every day. Before she knows it, she's got some massive shoulder aches and she's wondering what she can possibly do since, of course, she has stuff to bring with her everywhere that she goes.

We can find this backpack on Amazon

We have all found ourselves in that position, and now we can get this backpack and be pleased with how cute it is and how it takes the pressure off our shoulders. It's leather and quilted so it looks amazing, and there are various compartments for all of our stuff.

5 Holographic Makeup Bag By Frebeauty

via Amazon

After we go on a shopping spree for beauty products, we need something to put them all in. This Holographic Makeup Bag by Frebeauty is beautiful, and while it might seem random to buy a makeup bag when we're used to buying lipstick or mascara (whatever our favorite is), it's something that every girl needs to have.

See the price on Amazon

As one girl shared in a review, "So cute and perfect for makeup. I don’t wear a lot of makeup so it’s the perfect size for all I have. It’s not as seethrough [as] I expected but I like that better."

4 Hair Mask - Sauce Beauty Guacamole Whip Deep Moisture Mask Hair Treatment With Avocado, Jarrah Honey, Argan Oil, And Monoi Oil

via Amazon

A hair mask that has avocado in it?! Yes, this product is amazing, and it's perfect for us avocado or guac fans (which would be everyone, let's just be real).

This hair mask by Sauce Beauty is beautiful to look at in the package and we'll have fun using it, too. It might sound like avocado is a totally random ingredient to find in a hair mask, but when we think about it, it makes perfect sense since avocados are so smooth and creamy. That's definitely the texture that we would love our hair to have. As the product description explains, "Avocado oil is loaded with protein, essential fatty acids and Vitamins, it helps moisturize and repair dry hair, while the Argan oil makes your hair softer, shinier and silkier." This product is only $9.99.

You can find the product on Amazon

3 Women's No Show Socks By Sanaigoora

via Amazon

Reaching into our bag and pulling out some socks that won't peek out of the ballet flats or sneakers that we're wearing might sound random, but that's exactly why these socks are a product that every girl needs.

Socks are something that should be on our minds a lot more often. After all, we all care a lot about looking good in our shoes, and these no show socks by Sanaigoora will totally help us with that. For $10.58, we can get six pairs, and they come in fun colors. According to one girl's review, "I had to try these out as soon as I received them because I've always struggled with finding low cut socks that don't slip. Well, these actually fit the bill and I'm happy with the purchase!"

You can find the socks on Amazon

2 So, So Coco Makeup Remover & Cleanser Cream By Be Fancy

via Amazon

This So, So Coco Makeup Remover & Cleanser Cream by Be Fancy is chemical-free and vegan. It's perfect since it's two products in one: makeup remover and cleanser cream.

See the price on Amazon

While it's more fun to put makeup on in the morning than to take it off at night, we have a feeling that we might change our minds with this great product. Many girls wrote reviews saying that it worked really well, and for those of us who love coconut, that would also be a great reason to try it out. Our faces feel softer already just thinking about it!

1 CLEANSE Charcoal Face Wash By Chilogy

via Amazon

Charcoal products have become really popular and trendy lately. There is charcoal water, charcoal soap, and now this Charcoal Face Wash by Chilogy.

It's $19.99 and has ingredients like organic orange peel. Of all the random things that every girl needs, this is a particularly great one since we can rest easy knowing that we're doing a good thing for our face and our skin.

Find it on Amazon

One woman wrote in a review, "I was really skeptical as I really have never found anything that works. I’ve been using it for about a week now along with the drench lotion by Chilogy and my skin looks INCREDIBLE. All of the redness in my very pale skin is entirely gone."

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