Revival Swimwear Is Launching A New Eco-Friendly Line

When a fashion designer teams up with a certified diver who also happens to be a marine activist, you know the swimwear they create will do more than make a statement. Aside from drawing attention to the environmental havoc being wreaked on this planet's oceans, the duo also create their wares from the very stuff that pollutes those ecosystems.

Voila, you have Revival Swimwear, a brand new line manufactured in New York, but with a focus on global consciousness. The company might be progressive in how fashion can raise the profile of the very social issues it grapples with, but the beachwear smacks of pure retro.

The original idea behind the one-piece and bikini wardrobe was to ape the looks everyone from '90s icon Cindy Crawford and go back all the way to the days of Bridgitte Bardot. Still, a few items hearken the design sported by Deborah Kerr during that legendary shoreline love scene she did with Burt Lancaster in the 1953 classic drama From Here To Eternity.

The visual concept was only one of many elements agreed upon between former model and Parsons School of Design graduate Marion Sealy and environmental advocate Caroline Looke. The other consideration was making good on their ecological philosophy by using such materials as nylon strands taken from abandoned fishing nets reclaimed from the oceans and blended with an array of Italian fabrics.


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"We both have always loved the ocean and respect nature," said Sealy. "The effects of overconsumption on the environment are more evident now than ever. We want to do whatever we can to minimize our environmental footprint."

The result is a rollout of six different versions of one-piece items and bikinis which consumers can buy in either black or white. The accessories are also eco-friendly, such as a pouch made from biodegradable plastic to store the swimsuit. It's taken the twosome a year to get the collection together from the original sketches, although Sealy had been working on the idea for the past three years after she graduated from Parsons.

Another practical application the duo at Revival Swimwear had in mind was in the process of creating the swimwear, as they constantly adjusted and refitted each piece until they were satisfied that the final result would be as flattering as possible for their consumer base. The lines retail for between $130 and $295.

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