We Tried It: Review Of The Vaseline Hair Treatment For Moisture And Growth

Can something as simple as Vaseline turn dry hair into spun silk?

Pinterest and blog posts have long been singing the praises of the magical powers of Vaseline. It's said that this simple petroleum jelly product was initially created to cure local skin conditions caused by tissue dehydration and since 1872, most medicine cabinets all over the world have been housing at least a small jar of the famous jelly. People claim it works wonders for just about everything from removing eye makeup to healing pet paws, preventing diaper rash and much, much more! When it comes to hair, many people insist that a dab of Vaseline can save split ends before it's too late but a new trend has beauty bloggers promising that applying Vaseline hair masks can not only restore moisture to dry tresses but can help hair grow super fast as well.

We decided to put this household product to the test for ourselves. There are Vaseline hair masks out there that call just for Vaseline itself but the mask that I set out to try is a bit of a triple-whammy, calling for Vitamin E and aloe vera gel as well.


The products that I used were: Deva Vegan Vitamins Natural Vitamin E capsules, which is made from non-GMO sourced sunflowers, Amara Organics aloe vera gel and of course, good ol' Vaseline. I have fine, medium-to-dry hair that reaches my lower back. I never color, blow dry or heat style my hair and I still feel like it's drier than it should be so a moisture mask sounded like just what the hair stylist ordered.

In a plastic bowl, I combined about 6 heaping spoonfuls of Vaseline, 3 heaping spoonfuls of aloe vera gel. I then pierced and drained 5 Vitamin E capsules to add to the mixture. I made sure that my hair was neatly combed and starting with my scalp, I used my hands to apply the mask to my hair, working it in all the way down to the ends. After I had used up all of the contents of the bowl, I found that I needed, or felt I needed, to use more aloe vera gel and more Vaseline. I estimate that I ended up using around 2 more spoonfuls of aloe vera gel and 3 more spoonfuls of Vaseline. My hair soaked up the mixture really well and I didn't have any excess dripping off.


Some people recommend using the mask at night with a plastic shower cap to let the concoction do its magic for 6 - 8 hours. Others say the mask only needs 2 - 4 hours to do the trick. I decided to use it during the day and put my slick hair up into a bun for around 4 hours.

I would recommend wearing an old T-shirt that you don't mind getting messy before applying the mask. I am one of those people who has a tendency to spill things and I didn't get any of the mask on my clothing but it's wise to take precautions just in case. I personally didn't want to sleep in the mask with a plastic shower cap because I move a lot when I sleep and I'm pretty certain that I would have a huge greasy mess on my pillowcase and sheets in the morning. If you don't typically move too much or change positions while you sleep, you might want to give the overnight method a try. I believe the beauty bloggers who insist that the longer the mask is on, the better. If you're like me, however, and are a mover and shaker in your sleep, try out the mask the next time you are going to spend a good chunk of the day at home.


When it was time to wash it off, I only needed to shampoo twice to get all residue of the mask out. I T-shirt dried my hair as usual and purposely didn't use any of the after-shower moisturizing products that I normally do. While my hair was air-drying, I noticed that it felt silkier and once it was completely dry, I immediately noticed the difference just by sight. By touch, my hair felt softer and was more manageable thanks to the new influx of moisture. Another great thing about this mask is that there is no scent left behind as there can be with other homemade masks.

The silky feeling lasted throughout the day and well into the next day as well. I really enjoyed this mask and look forward to doing it again. I'm rating this an 8 out of 10 due to the greasiness factor and how long it must be left on.


The bottom line: definitely try this mask if you have medium to dry or dry hair. The cost is low and the reward is high. I do think that this might be problematic for those with oily hair. Oily-haired people who are looking to get quick length on their locks should check out other hair masks that focus on length. Ditching their hair dryers and heat styling tools (or at least reducing the amount of use) and getting regular scalp massages can also help with this. It's too early to tell if the mask has helped my hair growth personally but as for moisture, this mask is spot-on!

Thanks, Vaseline!


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