We Tried It: A Review Of Lush's 'Jumping Juniper' Solid Shampoo And 'Big' Conditioner

Many of us here at The Talko are suckers for Lush products. Like many millennials, Lush reeled us in with their succulent bath bombs when they first came onto the market in the mid-90's, when Spice Girls were still a thing and the Backstreet Boys continued to reign over our fragile adolescent hearts. While some favorite bands may not have survived the 90's, Lush did. With the ever-expanding range, the organic, cruelty-free brand has gone from strength to strength.

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The company prides itself on using all natural ingredients, as well as their zero-waste approach. In a bid to make a switch from my usual routine of buying whatever is on offer at the supermarket, I decided to ditch the plastic bottles of hair product hanging around in my shower and try out Lush's shampoo and conditioner bars, hailed by eco-warriors as the next step in hair care. After all, it is 2018 and plastic waste is one of the biggest issues our planet faces right now, so it's worth a try, right?

Lush offered up a few different selections of the hard bars that reportedly leave hair as clean as whistle, so choosing which ones to go for was difficult. As I was opting to order online, I didn't have the chance to smell them. On a whim, I added the "Jumping Juniper" shampoo bar (juniper berry oil, lavender, rosemary, lemon and lime oil) to my basket, and coupled it up with the "Big" solid conditioner, that promised to have me feeling like a mermaid. When the products arrived a few days later in a recyclable cardboard box with eco-friendly biodegradable padding, I put down my computer and headed straight for the shower, with an equal mix of excitement and trepidation. Would they be as good as the reviews said they were, or just duds fated to haunt my bathroom cabinet forever?

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The first thing that hit me - like most Lush products - was the overwhelming smell. The purple round disc of Jumping Juniper was bigger than I expected and smelt like musky, warm berries. What's more, it packs a punch. What you'd get from a grape sized blob of bottled shampoo, you get from a small rub of the bar. A little goes a long way, and before you know it your hair is full of gorgeously-scented bubbles. It cleans well, smells delicious and judging by the minuscule amount I needed, is going to last long enough to see me through a nuclear winter.

I chose Big because of the rave reviews. Of course, it smelled divine, like a mixture of coconuts and musk, but would it be up to the task? I have a short pixie cut and I'm prone to dry hair, so I look for a conditioner that's both silky soft and volumizing. One reviewer on the Lush website said that a simple run through her hands was enough to condition her hair with the bar, but I didn't get that feeling. In fact, I felt like barely any product was coming off in my hands at all, and needed to vigorously rub the bar into my hair to feel as though it was really doing any good. Perhaps this is just because I'm used to thick viscous shelf-buys like Tresemme, but compared to the maximum impact of the shampoo, I was a little disappointed. When I stepped out of the shower, my hair didn't feel silky or conditioned - in fact, I had to let it dry before I could comb it through.

While the shampoo is a sure-fire hit in my book and I'm definitely converted on that front, I'm not so sure about the conditioner. When my hair dried it was soft and smelled divine, but the scent of the shampoo powered through - it's almost like the conditioner never happened. But, in the spirit of plastic-reduction and cleaning up my eco-footprint, I'll power through.


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