10 Retired WWE Stars Who Stayed In Shape (And 10 Who Gave Up)

Being in the WWE is all about wowing the crowd and looking like a superhero while doing so, and the biggest and best performers of all time were able to do this better than anyone else on the roster. Each day, superstars need to be hitting the gym and making sure that their fitness is up to snuff, otherwise, someone else is going to catch them slipping and take their place at the top.

But what happens when a WWE superstar stops taking part in the business? When the lights go down and the crowd stops cheering, some stars continue to stay in great shape as they navigate their way through the next phase of life. Others, however, decide to take things slow and they spend far less time in the gym than ever before.

Here, we want to take a look at 10 wrestlers that stayed in shape and 10 wrestlers that lost it all.

20 CM Punk (In Shape)

CM Punk was one of the most popular wrestlers in the world during his peak in the business, and his unceremonious exit from the WWE has left many people wishing that he would come back to the company. He would stay in shape and compete in the UFC, where he would go 0-2.

19 Mideon (Out Of Shape)

While in the WWE, Mideon was perhaps best known for his work with the Undertaker, and though he was not a huge star, he was still able to generate plenty of buzz with his work in the ring. Mideon is not in ring shape anymore, but he is currently thriving in the culinary world.

18 Kevin Nash (In Shape)

Kevin Nash remains one of the most imposing figures in the history of professional wrestling, and his work in the WWE and WCW helped change the face of the business forever. Nash may not be a primetime player anymore, but he is still incredibly jacked, which is not easy for a man of his stature.

17 Arn Anderson (Out Of Shape)

As a member of the legendary Four Horsemen and a member of the WWE Hall of Fame, Arn Anderson’s place in the history of the wrestling business is fully intact. Anderson was a master technician in the ring, and he was able to make his name alongside other legends like Ric Flair. Over time, Anderson has not elected to stay in wrestling shape.

16 Al Snow (In Shape)

Al Snow has had a run in the business unlike most others, and his time in the ring earned him the respect of millions. He may not compete these days, but he always remains busy with endeavors behind the scenes, and he has done an exceptional job of staying in shape.

15 Booker T (Out Of Shape)

Booker T was a member of one of the most memorable tag teams of all time before becoming a singles superstar, and the change of scenery from WCW to WWE was for the best. Booker was mighty in the ring, and now that he is behind the desk, he is not too worried about being jacked.

14 Diamond Dallas Page (In Shape)

Diamond Dallas Page was a fixture in WCW before making his way over to the WWE, and he gained legions of fans with his work in the ring and on the mic. Now that professional wrestling is well behind him, he is steadily changing lives with his incredible yoga program.

13 Hulk Hogan (Out Of Shape)

Hulk Hogan was the face of professional wrestling for years, and he was one of the few men in the sport to achieve mainstream popularity and recognition. Hulkster is a legend of the wrestling business and was known for having huge muscles. That type of mass is not found on him anymore.

12 Lita (In Shape)

Few women have come along and have helped pave the way like Lita did during her prime, and seeing her high-flying assault on the other competitors helped make her a legend in no time. The WWE Hall of Famer has continued to remain in shape, though she does not compete like she did back in the day.

11 Bret Hart (Out Of Shape)

The best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be. Bret Hart uttered these iconic words during his prime, and they continue to ring true to this day. Hart was a tremendous talent in the ring and was known for being in great shape. These days, he is content without the gym.

10 The Rock (In Shape)

The Rock is an icon of professional wrestling, and at this stage of his Hollywood journey, he is one of the most famous people on the planet. There was no stopping him in any business that he took part in, and unlike some of his fellow performers, he remains as jacked as he ever was.

9 Jerry Lawler (Out Of Shape)

The King may be known for his work as a commentator by many, but older fans remember when he was in the ring and competing with the best in the business. Though he was never as stout as some of the other guys, he was still in decent shape. That does not seem to be the case these days.

8 Edge (In Shape)

WWE Hall of Famer Edge was a massive success during his prime, and this came after humble beginnings as a secondary figure in a memorable stable. Edge does not compete inside the ring anymore, but he has done a good job of not letting himself go as his retirement has progressed.

7 Rick Steiner (Out Of Shape)

Back in his prime, Rick Steiner was a hulking competitor with a legitimate college wrestling background, and his technical work inside the ring was appreciated by fans and performers alike. Steiner does not compete in the ring anymore, and he has chosen to do away with hitting the gym to maintain mass.

6 Jack Swagger (In Shape)

Current Bellator heavyweight fighter Jake Hager is known by millions of wrestling fans by the name Jack Swagger, and he had a tremendous amount of success in professional wrestling. His transition into MMA has seen him maintain a high degree of fitness while taking out the opposition inside the cage.

5 Haku (Out Of Shape)

Known for being one of the realest and toughest men in the locker room during his time in professional wrestling, Haku was a performer that had earned the respect of everyone by giving it his all each time that he stepped into the ring. The now retired performer does not have the same muscle mass as he did before.

4 Kurt Angle (In Shape)

Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle came into professional wrestling with an incredible pedigree and a desire to be great, and the man is nothing short of a legend of the business. Angle made a brief return, but has since stopped performing. Despite this, he is still packing a ton of muscle on his frame.

3 Ted DiBiase (Out Of Shape)

The Million Dollar Man was a sensation in the WWE, and he used his unique gimmick to get under the skin of fans everywhere. DiBiase portrayed the character perfectly, and unlike many other legends that can’t get away from the business, DiBiase has left behind the weights to pick up a bible.

2 Trish Stratus (In Shape)

The legendary Trish Stratus took women’s wrestling to another level during her first run in the WWE, and the women of today owe her a debt of gratitude. After spending years away from the sport, she would make a brief return in recent years to compete again. As fans saw, she is still in amazing shape.

1 Spike Dudley (Out Of Shape)

Spike Dudley was one of the smaller performers in the WWE, but he had a way of stealing the show with his character work. Despite everything that the world of professional wrestling had to offer, Spike Dudley would eventually leave all of it behind, choosing a much quieter life as a financial planner.

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