Research Finds Maple Leaf Extract To Be Effective In Fighting The Signs Of Aging

According to new research, maple leaf extract could be used to prevent skin from aging, and anyone who is looking into methods of keeping their skin looking smooth and youthful may want to take advantage of this method.

Who doesn't want a completely natural and plant-based product that can help in the ongoing battle against gravity and age? There is an abundance of maple leaves out there, so it sounds like a dream come true that they could be used to fight the signs of aging.

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Methods and products that focus on the signs of aging are a huge part of the cosmetics and beauty market. Whether it's creams and serums, facial treatments, or botox and fillers, it seems that looking young is the primary goal for many when it comes to their appearance. When it comes to fighting and preventing wrinkles, dermatologists have two tactics. First of all, they try to boost the skin's ability to stay firm and strong through topical treatments, and secondly, they work with injections that relax the muscle and thereby prevent the skin from wrinkling.

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research study conducted by the University of Rhode Island shows that red maple leaf extract could be used to help the skin to look firm and full longer by protecting the skin's elastin. A boost of the elastin could then prevent wrinkles from appearing as well as make those that have already appeared look better.

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The study is still at a very early stage, and researchers have not yet begun the process of clinically testing the remedy on humans to see how the effects could be. This means it would take at least another one to two years before we would be booking appointments with our dermatologist for a 'Maple Leaf Extract Treatment'. There is also no need to start slabbing on maple leaf syrup on your face just yet, as convenient (and tasty) as it sounds!

Although there is absolutely no need to fight the signs of aging, for those out there on a daily crusade against wrinkles and fine lines this is excellent news. The beauty industry as a whole is already slowly beginning to offer more and more products and treatments that are entirely plant-based, and every effort in that direction is more than welcome.

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