Relationship Timeline: 15 Pics That Show The Evolution Of Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse's Love

Enjoy the timeline and looking back and their young love...

Ah…young love. It can be one of the worse or the best feelings in the world. Last year, a freshman show called Riverdale made its TV debut, a show surrounding the stories from the Archie comics. The show was an instant hit, turning the cast an overnight sensation. This includes both newcomers such as Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes and K.J. Apa. Plus, a familiar face, Cole Sprouse, whom most of us have seen in the Adam Sandler film; Big Daddy and Disney's The Suite Life of Zac and Cody.

Like most hot, popular, television shows with a wide audience span consisting of tweens and young adults, the trend of “shipping” has only continued when it comes to the cast members of Riverdale. Just months after its January 26th, 2017 television series premiere, rumors had already speculated about a specific pair in the show . Multiple reports and online sources started claiming that cast members, Lili Reinhart (Betty Cooper) and Cole Sprouse (Jughead Jones), were an item. This had confirmed many hopes and dreams of the young audience of the show: shipping character A & character B (in this instance, Betty and Jughead) was possible; costars can actually become a real-life item.

15 They Tried To Keep Things Strictly Professional

Us Weekly

Before the sparks potentially flew and carried off-screen, actors, Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse, were just like anyone else in a work environment. They were strictly co-stars. In Hollywood, it is not uncommon for co-stars to date; especially if two cast members are portraying a couple. The love story of Riverdale characters, Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones, had blossomed immediately. By episode three of season one of the TV show, Betty and Jughead, were already considered an item. Soon after that, the “let’s ship these characters” has already been a trend, and people took to the internet to express their love for Betty and Jughead. The writers of the show could have possibly kept the DTR part (“Define the Relationship”) under the wraps as a way of teasing and toying with the fans of this new, soon-to-be, dream couple.

14 Young Old Hollywood


Actor, Cole Sprouse, had also made earlier head waves in the media when a photograph he took of the reality-TV star and fashion runway model, Kendall Jenner, surfaced the web. The internet went crazy with speculation of Sprouse and Jenner, but it was later revealed that Sprouse just liked being a photographer and Jenner was just an inspiration of that photo. So when Sprouse took a photograph of Reinhart people were sceptical to believe anything was going on. Was she just his target for a beautiful shot or was there something more going on? It was hard to know...but time would eventually reveal the truth.  Fans of both the TV show and the couple had realized that the black and white photo of Lili entitled, “Young Old Hollywood,” was released in late 2016. Sprouse had uploaded the photograph on October 21st, 2016, three months prior to the show’s series premiere.

13 Sweet Birthday Message, That Turned Into A Sign Of Romance


Continuing to pique the interests of many fans through their series of social media posts, Lili Reinhart practically confirmed she and Cole Sprouse’s relationship this past summer. In early August, Reinhart took to her Instagram account and posted a photograph of Sprouse walking towards the background of what appears to be a park on the East Coast. And she did not stop there. Along with her candid shot of Sprouse, Reinhart also wrote a message for the world to know how much she truly cared for him. She referred to him as the man who has shown her some of the most extravagant places. The happy birthday post for Cole was wrapped up with a, “Here’s to many more,” a hint at the co-stars’ relationship already being established as something more. After all, just look at the comments on the post and fans have known the answer to their, “Are they dating?”

12 More Social Media Displays Of Affection


Two-days following Reinhart’s original birthday post, she again drove fans wild by posting a selfie of the two. Reinhart refers to Sprouse as her “pal,” simply wishing him an official happy birthday from what it appears to be. However, if you look at the photo, it has become clear that the two co-stars are something more, considering their body language with each other. Fans have been known as mini investigators when it comes to these two cuties'. Even though they're known for playing it cool and not showing any PDA. In other words, the two have become known for making little to zero interaction with each other in a public setting such as a red-carpet event or interview panels. We also must admit that this happy birthday photograph is cute and could be considered their so-called "official debut" as a couple.

11 Cole's Love For Photographing His Girlfriend aka Muse


Tween television shows have become known for starting up some of the most talked about Hollywood "it” couples. Sprouse and Reinhart have definitely become the definition of what it means to be the “hottest young couple”. Cole and Lili are huge fans of social media, they constantly keep their instagram updated and we're all for it! Sprouse has continuously posted shots of Reinhart, which could be described as “art” and, overall, a way of him expressing his other passion for photography. With the amount of photographs Cole posts of Lili it's no surprise that she's become his muse. But for real, just scroll through either of their social media accounts and it is obvious that they're a couple. With today’s world as well, it has been widely known if someone posts multiple photographs of the same person, they're more than just friends.

10 Keen and Coy


The above picture makes us so happy! Look how cute they are together. This is one of the first times where they feel comfortable enough to post together in a group shot, and we love it! It sounds juvenile, but in a world where living in the spotlight we have to think they take extra caution to avoid any potential misinterpretation like the, “They’re dating,” accusations. Approximately three months following their Riverdale television debut, the cast decided to celebrate their new fame by going to Coachella as a group. Pics taken during Coachella only proved how close this cast really is, and why shouldn't they be! They're all young and hot. But it was a weekend that really showed the closeness of Lili and Cole.

9 Being Cute And Getting Late Night Snacks Together


Over a week ago, Lili stirred the pot even more by posting another photograph hinting at a relationship with Cole. It was late at night when a POV shot of Lili blew up, well practically all 4.5 million of her Instagram followers liked the photo. In this photograph, she is in the middle of, what appears to be, chewing a late-night meal, considering her caption with it. But what makes this specific post special—to many of the Riverdale fans—is Reinhart’s expression of not wanting the photograph taken, considering her makeup-free and down-to-Earth attire in this shot. Like most of us, we were either some of the first viewers to see this post or read all about it in the following wee hours. Reports such as Refinery29 had elaborated how the captioned moment of Reinhart was a bittersweet moment. Sprouse’s snapshot of Reinhart was more of an intimate look into the couple’s lives.

8 Fallon Knows Best


It has been said that making a guest appearance on the Tonight Show is both a career milestone and, overall, a moment for a different audience to know who so-and-so is and what they do. This was the case for the Riverdale cast who went on Fallon. During the taping of this particular episode, both fans and audience of the show had noticed the reaction that was going on between Sprouse and Reinhart. The diehard Riverdale fans…they were in their investigation mode. The day following the cast’s guest show appearance, Cosmopolitan released an article of a body language reading amongst Cole and Lili. Fans had detected that the duo was never sitting or standing next to each other nor making any sign of eye contact with each other. So, what? Well, the case was solved when one fan had noticed Cole passing by Lili after the cast participated in a game with Fallon. The brief clip shows Cole reaching for Lili’s back as she slightly leans into him. Instagram user, itsliliandcole even explains that Cole’s tension indicates a sign of him wanting to kiss Lili. They also point out how Cole goes to wrap his arm around Lili before the brief moment between the duo is cut short because of a commercial break.

7 Lili Can Tell The Difference Between Each Twin!


Both Reinhart and Sprouse, like many other young stars, connect with their fans through social media. Also, Sprouse has been known as being a goofball when it comes to trollin’ both his brother, Dylan Sprouse and his friends and co-stars. This includes the interaction between Reinhart and Sprouse online, where they are often get caught interacting on social media. The couple has also been known to stirring the pot when it comes to Reinhart often answering personal questions asked by fans. One example was when a Twitter user by the name of a1bsbwestlifePH tweeted a photo of Cole and Dylan as children to the cast, asking who was who. Reinhart was the first and only cast member to tweet back, responding that Cole is the one on the left side of the photograph. Who else would know any better in telling the brothers apart?

6 Goofing Around On Each Other's Phone


A few months prior to the Riverdale series premiere, Lili and Cole were already appearing on each other’s feed like no other, as well as interacting with their soon-to-be millions of fans. Like Twitter user, a1bsbwestlifePH, edwardnygmas tweeted to Reinhart on what it is like working with Cole. Lili responded to her, replying that Cole is a great guy and has been known to hack into her phone to take selfies. She had then attached the selfie of Cole, who is making a goofy face at the camera. Regardless of this snippet to the Reinhart-Sprouse story being on the “low key” side, Lili’s tweet and response to a fan had established her growing relationship with Cole. It is clear, based on the tweet by Reinhart, that she and Sprouse have been friends prior to a romance kindling between them. Perhaps, the selfie of Cole was just the beginning of their romance?

5 Couldn't Hide Their Affection At Comic-Con


Like any new couple, it is a big deal when it comes to meeting the friends. When photographs of Lili meeting one of Sprouse’s dear friends, actress and singer, Debby Ryan, and her cats, fans were finally convinced by the duo being more than just so-called friends. However, the two still neither confirmed nor denied there being any sign of romance going on between them. Yet, it all seemed like a big game of teasing; especially when the Riverdale cast made their first appearance at Comic-Con back over the summer. And then the rumors were starting to align into place when multiple of onlookers and bypassers spotted Cole and Lili holding hands and kissing at the event. If that is still not enough so-called evidence, then do yourselves a favor and watch the sit-down interview with the cast. About midway during the interview, Cole and Lili appear to be “sneaky” with reaching out and holding the other’s hands behind their costars backs.

4 Trollin' his lady


Like the goofball he is, Sprouse loves to troll on anyone involved with the television show; especially his lady, Lili. During this screenshot, Lili and her costar, Camila Mendes (who plays Veronica Lodge) were streaming a live video through her Instagram account. Like many actors, the girls wanted to let their fans comment and ask them questions regarding the show. Basically, it was a behind-the-scenes look at what to expect next on Riverdale. About midway through the live-streaming video, fans noticed that Cole Sprouse was commenting on the video, alongside his costar, K.J. Apa (who plays Archie Andrews). Only, it became clear that Sprouse was particularly addressing his lady due to his two comments referring to the hat that Lili has on during the video, “Take your hat off,” and “Lemme see your hair please.” It appears that Cole knows when it is the best time to poke fun and, overall, tease Lili to which she bashfully laughed at after noticing his comments.

3 More Social Media Interactions

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Being on a hit television show also comes with many publicity events, whether that be interviews, red carpet events, or being a guest in a magazine shoot. About a month or so following the Riverdale series debut, Reinhart became the face of many editorial features. This included Teen Vogue as well as the famous Rolling Stones cover with her costars, K.J. Apa, Camila Mendes, and none other than Cole Sprouse. On February 25th of this year, Reinhart shared one of her editorial photoshoots where she is wearing a peach coat and white bottoms. It seemed clear that Reinhart also wanted to show off a sexier side to her, something which her Riverdale character, Betty Cooper, does not due to her shier and more conservative personality. Things get hot and heavy when she and Jughead (Sprouse) get involved. Lili simply captioned the tweet with the peach emoji to which many of her followers responded positively to, including Sprouse. Cole tweeted back a GIF of Jughead leaping into Betty’s arm with the quote, “Tempt me.”

2 This Meme Says It ALL!


Sigh…for most of us, we want to see all of the famous movie and television show characters get together and stay together for all of the eternity; let alone if it can carry into real life. When fans started connecting the pieces of Cole and Lili’s, no longer potential, secret and not-so-secret (at times) relationship, memes and GIF started floating around. Aka, this was simply more evidence to put the “mystery” part away for the couple. One of the biggest memes of the couple is the one pictured above of four different public events of the duo. AND in case you have not noticed, they are either looking, lingering, or straight-up gazing at each other; especially in the bottom two photographs. It is difficult to deny on anyone’s end that there has never been something cookin’ between the two. If these photos of the duo cannot convince anyone that they are not an item…well then, we all need to take a closer look.

1 AND FINALLY! It's Confirmed!

April 20th, 2017 will forever be marked down into the calendars of Riverdale fans. It was the afternoon, as seen in the screenshot of the Tweet, where Lili Reinhart addressed and put those rumors to rest—she and Cole had been dating. Although Reinhart does not quite elaborate on how long the two had been dating, that was only one of the allegations made of her Tweet. Some sources claimed that the Tweet was posted and immediately deleted minutes later by Reinhart. Others have said that the Tweet was never real and a fake; therefore, it was made by a diehard fan or by someone who, perhaps, needed closure on the mystery question of, “Are Cole and Lili official” and “Have they defined the relationship at all?!” Stay tuned, kiddos because only time will tell, considering reports with headlines of, “addressing, rumors, reportedly,” it looks like this duo wants their privacy. So, we shall respect that…as of now for the Riverdale “we ship Betty and Jughead” fans.

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Relationship Timeline: 15 Pics That Show The Evolution Of Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse's Love