20 Relatable Kendall Jenner Selfies That Make Us Say “Same”

Kendall Jenner was initially recognized through her famous family, but if you put all the Kardashian hype aside, she has really carved out her own claim to fame through her incredibly successful modeling career. She seems to be a natural fit for the runway, and has really grown into her own skin by following her modeling dreams.

In spite of her fame and celebrity status, Kendall seems more relatable and down-to-earth than her sisters appear to be. There’s just something about her that is easier for people to associate with. This is especially obviously through her consistently relatable social media updates.

Here are 20 extremely relatable pictures of Kendall Jenner that will make all of us say “same."

20 Face Palm

Via JustJared

Sometimes a little flirting with no makeup on is best done with mere glimpses, rather than putting it all on display. There’s something sexy about not wearing make up in a photo, but it’s the face palm that adds the element of mystery. Chances are we have all tried this, but we likely didn’t end up looking this good!

19 Serious Mirror Pic

Via WeHeartIt

The Serious mirror selfie is harder than it looks. It’s tough to center the phone to the mirror exactly the way you want it to be, and we know you can relate to this because we’re sure you’ve spent time trying to get the perfect selfies this way as well!

18 The Freckle Effect

Via StuffNZ

Totally relatable! We don’t all wake up with perfectly smooth, flawless skin. Little freckles and a few slight skin imperfections make us love this photo even more than her perfectly made-up ones. Embracing the skin we’re in is so much easier when we see models and celebrities doing it first!

17 Bumpy Day

Via NewYorkPost

Kendall gets really real with this photo, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Of course we all know that the occasional pimple or break out is a normal part of life, but it’s nice when celebrities get real about it too. It makes life more bearable when the ones we look up to face the same issues that we do, and pimples are a real thing, even for Kendall!

16 Poopie Mood

Via Pinterest

Sometimes you just get all dressed up and go somewhere fancy, but the night still feels like this. We’ve all been down this path before, and as we can see, so has Kendall. No matter what the occasion, sometimes the event is just boring and uninteresting. Kendall looks like she’s “over it” and we can all relate to that.

15 Glam Workout

Via DailyMail

Looking glamorous in a gym outfit is definitely possible. It’s cute to see that Kendall is trying to look like she’s working out when all she’s really doing is dressing down in her own bathroom. A few stretches definitely don’t count as a workout, but we won’t tell!

14 The Bloat


Same! Yes! This happens to us too. We’re so happy to see that bloating after a meal happens to Kendall too! There’s no Hollywood secret to solving the bloating issue. Sometimes a girl just gets dressed up and goes for dinner, then realizes her dress fits a bit differently after she’s scarfed down that meal!

13 Car Pic

Via TheMirror

Natural-faced Kendall is seen here looking bored in a car. Same! Not every car-ride is the world’s greatest adventure. She’s seen here snapping a pic of her “current situation”, as we have all done many times before. Wherever she’s going, we hope it’s more fun than the en-route experience she’s having.

12 High Angle Car Pic

Via TeenVogue

Dressed to impress, and getting out of the car with a bestie!! These ladies are obviously out for fancy night on the town, and the high angle car pic just makes it feel so real. The nonprofessional, non-posed images look so much more fun, and being in the car with a bestie creates even more fun energy – and trouble!

11 Concert Selfie

Via ENews

Kendall’s partying at a concert like…..we all do! All our phones are full of the dark, grainy, in-the-moment selfies we take when we are at a concert! It’s not about the quality of the photo, it’s about having a blast, and it looks like Kendall is in her element in this photo.

10 Self-Made Natural Bedfie

Via Pinterest

This is totally relatable. The posed, yet intended to look –casual image is one that we’ve all tried before. Admit it, we’ve all snapped a photo in bed with our eyes intentionally closed, trying to capture the essence of what we look like in that circumstance! Looking natural yet gorgeous in bedfies is not easy to do!

9 Filter Fun

Via Youtube11*

Same! Done it, will do it again…it’s just so fun! While there’s a huge movement towards natural selfies, it’s safe to admit that playing around with bunny ears and all kinds of other special effects is way too fun! Adding some personality to a selfie is never going to go out of style!

8 Serious Workout

Via ENews

Getting motivated to work out is tough. We’ve all dragged a friend out to work out with us, thinking that we could motivate one another and really grind on the workout routine. Then…well…there’s a workout mirror, and selfies happen! Buddy-workouts are not always the best in the way of achievement, but they’re definitely tones of fun, just ask Kendall!

7 Oh, You’re Fancy, Huh

Via WeHeartIt

Getting dolled up at home and finding the perfect light and the perfect angle for that perfect selfie…..aaaah! It’s not easy, but we’re all willing to bend, lean, tilt the camera, and do just about anything to get that perfect “getting ready” selfie that is intended to look “effortless”.

6 Oversized Shades And Filters

Via Pinterest

Same! Guilty! All of the above! Oversized shades are a must-have for every summer day. The classic peering over the glasses is a pose we’ve all tried before too. Is it just us, or is Kendall’s face looking ultra smooth and differently shaped? Ok, ok, we can’t judge, we’ve all obsessed over an image and gone a bit crazy with the filters. It looks like Kendall did too.

5 Owning It

Via Pinterest

Dolled up, hair up, we’re all nodding in common agreement that this is a photo we’d all like snapped of us if we can’t seem to take the perfect selfie of it ourselves. When our hair and lips are on-point like this, we all want to capture the moment and blast it all over our social media outlets. Kendal owns it with this photo!

4 Crop That!

Via Life&Style

Yeah, sometimes our bathrooms just have the perfect light and backdrop for a fancy photo, even though this room isn’t a particularly “fancy” room. All dressed up and ready to go, we’ve all swept that shower curtain to the side and taken a picture against the backdrop of the bathroom before. Crop away, Kendall, nobody will ever know…unless you post this photo too!

3 Bathroom Selfie

via ask

Yes, we’ve all done it! Kendall is seen here with full make up on and glam hair against the backdrop of a crisp, white bathrobe. Yeah, she’s hot and she knows it. This sexy pose will never go out of style and we’re sure most of us have a similar pose in our phone galleries somewhere.

2 Camera Pointing Up

Via ScoopNest

She can take candids and still look incredible. Not many of us can look this good from this angle, but we have definitely all tried it a few times! There’s no doubt that this pose is one we’ve all attempted at one point or anothert. This casual snap is a little tease-perspective into the playfulness of her day.

1 Current Situation

Via OnLineMagazine

It’s time for some girl-time! Capturing the essence of the moment, our guess is that Kendall is sending this photo to one of her girls, to demonstrate her current situation. Same! We’ve all done this, and we can admit that sometimes the best part of a girl’s day involves a hot shower, a glass of wine, and some on-line chat with a bestie! It doesn’t get any more relatable than this!

Sources: TMZ, ENews

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