Reddit Thread Highlights The Importance Of Letting Foundation Dry Down When Swatching

A Reddit thread has gained a lot of attention following a post about how foundations change as they go from wet to dry.

Reddit is a huge online community in which people can come together to compare their favorite movies, tell scary true stories and pretty much discuss anything at all with a large group of people with similar interests. So it's not surprising that the subreddit, r/MakeupAddiction, exists. This is a forum dedicated solely to the love of makeup.

Recently, the members of r/MakeupAddiction participated in a thread where the importance of letting foundation dry properly was discussed. Sadly, the difference between wet foundation and foundation after it has been allowed to fully set is almost always noticeable. For those who use foundation on a regular basis, it is important to know all of the facts: skin undertones, the right places to test 0ut various shades of foundation, and of course, the right amount of time to give the foundation to set.


The Reddit users of r/MakeupAddiction brought this issue to light and after one user posted a swatch image from Make Up For Ever's new "Matte Velvet Skin Full Coverage Foundation", several other users noticed that this was the first time that both wet and dry foundation swatches were shown together by a beauty company. Playing detective, the makeup lovers also discovered that even though the wet and dry swatches of the same shade looked the same, up close, it was easy to tell that each of the pairs had noticeable differences in tones.

Reddit user justanothermua wrote, "The difference is pretty noticeable once they dry down compared to them wet. I've never thought to let a foundation dry down completely when matching myself before."


Another user, loremipsumloremipsum, said, "This has been my constant experience with them in real life and I'm really just happy to be validated by this."

This comment should have the makers of Reddit feeling prideful of the helpful online community they've created and this also goes for Make Up For Ever, the first-known makeup company to be upfront and honest about what their products look like wet vs. dry.

In the photo, some of the swatches look like they dried lighter while others appeared to have dried in a darker shade. Lesson learned thanks to Make Up For Ever and Reddit. While getting matched for a foundation at a makeup counter, wait for the foundation to dry to make sure that it is the proper shade before buying. Most nice foundations are expensive and it's no fun to try to return a used bottle of foundation or end up stuck with an unusable bottle of product.

Thank you to the makeup lovers at r/MakeupAddiction and Make Up For Ever for such a clever idea!


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