Reddit Thread Points Out That Drug Store Makeup May Not Actually Be Cheaper Than High End Products, Here's Why

A recent Reddit thread talks about why it is not always cheaper to buy drugstore makeup instead of high-end products, a statement which may sound crazy to some. When it comes to makeup and beauty products, there are basically two routes to go, and it is either to splurge on the high-end makeup brands or to opt for the much more inexpensive drugstore brands that are in many cases dupes of the high-end products anyway. Those who do not have a lot of money to spend on cosmetics and beauty products or those who simply prefer not to spend too much on makeup might choose to buy their products from drugstore brands.

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Now, this Reddit thread discusses how it is in fact not necessarily cheaper to buy drugstore brands compared to high-end products, and the Redditor pointed out that drugstore brands are not always less expensive if the price per unit of volume or weight is not taken into consideration. This means that even if the price of the product might be lower, the consumer might be getting less product for their money from a drugstore brand compared to a high-end brand.

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As reported by Cosmopolitan, the Redditor compared her favorite highlighter called 'Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid Highlighter' from cosmetics brand Becca with a more inexpensive option from NYX Cosmetics called 'Away We Glow Highlighter'. The Nyx highlighter retails for $7.00 while the one from Becca has a much higher price point at $19.00. However, the price per milliliter is $1.08 for the one from Nyx and $0.95 for the Becca highlighter, making the high-end brand Becca more inexpensive.

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While most readers probably had a mind-blowing revelation after reading the post, some Redditors were quick to point out that not everyone will have $19.00 to drop on a highlighter anyway, and that most people are not even able to finish a makeup product before its expiration date, making those extra milliliters pretty useless.

It is an interesting thought that carries a lot of weight, and many consumers will most likely think twice before ruling out a prestige brand product with the reason being the price point. However, spontaneously picking up a couple of drugstore products might still hurt the conscience and the wallet less.

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