Reddit Encounters: 8 Popular Celebs Who Are Actually The Worst And 8 Who Are Angels

Although celebrities are constantly in the public eye, most of us will never actually know them personally. Regardless, there is always a perception of a certain actor/actress/entertainer that is widely regarded as the truth and sometimes it is accurate and sometimes it is not. Things aren’t always how they seem. A person’s public persona can be completely different from how they actually are in real life. And these stories just go to prove it. Celebs who you would never believe are the complete opposite person as they pretend to be to the rest of the world who aren’t in their inner circle.

Thankfully, we all have access to something called Reddit – where people go to confess what they know to be true from their own experience and the experience of others that they know well. Here are 8 well-liked celebrities who are actually the worst and 8 who are total angels (and some may seriously surprise you!) Disclaimer: these are all alleged claims about the celebs.

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16 Absolute Sweetheart: Karlie Kloss

The famous supermodel/Adidas spokesperson is all around a cool girl, according to hoopllama.

“I went to grade school and high school with her as well as played softball and went to church with her. She is truly the most humble person I have met. Not once did she ever bring up or boast about her modeling lifestyle..."

"...(which was blowing up at the time), but rather made a point to ask how I was doing instead. She is a truly classy woman and I am glad to have met her!” Some of the other celebrities on this list should have a heart-to-heart with Kloss, maybe they will learn to be nicer to people! There are reports that Kendall Jenner or other celebrities are not so down to earth. With all of that attention and compliments, it's hard to not let that go to your head, so it's a pleasant surprise that Kloss hasn't gotten to that level (yet.)

15 The Worst: Demi Lovato

Lovato is regarded as one of the most talented and skilled people in the industry and most people really enjoy her voice. But bullying is never okay. Personal story: one of my girlfriends actually works with a brand that she represents apparently Lovato was very difficult to work with. Apparently, she is a total diva. And there are multiple on Reddit saying the same thing. If a bunch of people are saying the same thing about someone, it is usually very accurate. Teen-laqueefa says:

“I nannied for kids who went to school with Demi Lovato. she used to be a huge bully, which is quite the opposite of what she preaches now.”

The user theadguy replied to Teen-Laqueefa’s comment and stated that a friend of his worked with Lovato on her Disney show and that she allegedly was a “I’m better than you [explicit] difficult to work with and condescending. This may be interesting to some considering she is a huge advocate against bullying.

14 Absolute Sweetheart: Jimmy Fallon

Google Images

JabTrill had the luck of sitting next to the well-known talk show host at a basketball game. He says that Fallon and his brother were “some of the coolest and genuine guys” he’s ever met. “We just talked about baseball and they were asking us about rules they didn't know. And every time a fan would come down to get a picture, he was more than happy to. He was honestly like he is on his show, but slightly more toned down and chill,” he claims. Everyone in America would probably be jealous of this dude: who doesn't want to have a chat with Jimmy Fallon? Although most probably wouldn't have the ability to have a legitimate conversation with him - he is a mega superstar. it would be hard to imagine someone who wouldn't enjoy being next to him at a basketball game. However, it is important to remember that celebrities are just people, too.

13 The Worst: Beyonce

Jeyore tells a story about a Beyonce concert they attended: "I went to a BEYONCE concert and was very excited. It was a concert in Tokyo, Japan. Basically..."

"...she got upset that no one was standing up and cheering, and after like 3 songs, she wouldn't come back on stage. For like 30 minutes, the crowd just sat there and the announcer kept coming out telling us we should start chanting her name.”

If this is true, some may find this to be a little over-the-top. She is regarded as one of the best, if not the best, performers on the planet! Just because a crowd isn’t cheering for you the way you want them to, to stop the show is a little extreme. The fans have come to see you and they obviously love and adore you! The Reddit comment continues to say that Beyonce was supposed to have a meet-and-greet but it was subsequently cancelled because she was not “having a good night.” Does not seem like it!

12 Absolute Sweetheart: Selena Gomez

Dirkmgirk says that a friend of theirs worked on the singer/actress’s tour and “when the tour wrapped, she threw the whole staff a party and gave everyone fully loaded Ipads (this was maybe 1-2 months after the release of the first iPad mind you), a 100-dollar iTunes gift card, and spend the time to talk to everybody 1-on-1 and thank them for their work.” Okay, seriously I don’t even know a normal person who is this nice let alone an A-list celebrity. But are we really surprised? Selena is basically America’sweetheart. It was absolutely devastating to hear that she had to take a step back this year from kidney failure. We are all rooting for her and Justin this time around - hopefully he treats her better. However, we rarely hear about Bieber being this kind - especially to his staff. Maybe his girlfriend's generosity and pleasantry will rub off on him!

11 The Worst: Michael Jordan

The accounts of people meeting the king of basketball are seriously disappointing for anyone (including myself) who are serious fans. It’s hard to deny the fact that he was the best player in the NBA of all time, but it doesn’t give him the right to treat others badly. But apparently, he believes that it does. According to many reports on Reddit, he is a horror and infamously a cheap tipper. That is laughing out loud funny considering he makes thousands of dollars a day from all of his endorsements and royalty deals. Westfunk said,

“I have a waiter friend who took care of Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley once. Apparently, MJ told him that the privilege of waiting on them was his tip.”

Classy, MJ! Another Reddit user, Dempowerz, while he was working at Disney he “casually just said ‘Hey Michael’” and Jordan responded with a “go away!” Not cool, MJ!

10 Absolute Sweetheart: Chris Pratt

Anna Faris (was) one lucky girl. A lot of women across America would be excited to know that Pratt is now single - he is highly desired, after all. And it is not hard to see why. Lucusvonlucus claims that his girlfriend met Chris Pratt on a red-eye flight from LAX to Orlando. Apparently,

“He waited around and took selfies with everyone waiting for their bags while he waited for his.”

The Reddit user says that his girlfriend “tried to take the fastest picture ever because she was embarrassed to bother him and he made sure the picture was good before she left.” And cue the swoons. Very courteous of you, Pratt. We can't help but wonder why Faris would let a guy like this go!

9 The Worst: Jerry Seinfeld

This encounter paints Seinfeld in a not-so-flattering light. Atlas2424 says: “I played basketball in college and on road games our team actually was in the same hotel as him a few times. The first time we were all sitting in the lobby waiting for the SID to finish checking us in and he came walking through. Being college kids were surprised and all just kind of staring, he looked right at us and I kid you not said ‘unbelievable, I'm in a hotel with a bunch of dumbass jocks’; then just kept walking shaking his head.” Maybe Seinfeld was bullied in high school by jocks, it could explain the serious disdain for them. Either way, I guess the actor isn’t anything like the famous relatable character that he plays on TV. Well, there are other sitcoms out there to reminisce over - like "Friends" or "Will and Grace."

8 Absolutely Sweetheart: Tom Cruise

This is a little bit surprising considering the reputation that Tom Cruise has for himself. a lot of people truly believe him to be crazy. I don't think anyone will forget the time that he was jumping up and down on Oprah's couch. And to make it worse for himself and his reputation he is a member of the Scientology Church – regarded as one of the most horrific religious cults of all time. But apparently, he is totally chill in person! Gardenhero agrees and says that Cruise was the complete opposite of what they expected.

“He came in, walked past the host of the show and shook hands with every single one of the crew in the room first. Asked us all how we were doing and I actually think he genuinely cared about the answers..."

"...He asked us questions about Dublin, laughed with us and then when he was finished introduced himself by name to the host and pre-recorded his interview. After the interview, he did the whole thing again in reverse.” Good going, Tom!

7 The Worst: Jamie Lee Curtis

Pdxgirl78 claims that Curtis can “turn the charm off and on like a light switch to the point that it's scary,” she continues, “if you are part of the "peasantry" be prepared to be completely ignored. I was in a 10' by 10' room with only her and I and I smiled and wished her good morning. I got no response, it was as if wasn't even there. Enter in someone of importance and suddenly she was all sweetness and light.” The actress always plays the mom that everyone loves or the great wife. So it is interesting to see that she can just flip the script like that - she is an actress, after all, I suppose. The Reddit user claiming this to be true also says that “maybe this was pre-Activia days and she was constipated.” A strong possibility, constipation can make people do crappy things – no pun intended. Regardless, if this is true maybe the actress should learn how to treat people others. Besides, who doesn't want good karma?

6 Absolute Sweetheart: Tom Hanks

Pdxgirl78 has had another encoujnter with a celebrity: Tom Hanks. But this time, her experience was a ltitle bit more pleasant. She says,

“In a similar situation Tom Hanks, NICEST GUY EVER. Offered to get him some water or coffee and he'd have none of it. He said it wasn't my job to wait on him if I would just be nice enough to point him in the direction he'd help himself.”

This is one of  the multiple contributors on the reddit thread that claim that Hanks is an angel beyond belief. One claims that while Hanks was filiming a scene for a movie when he noticed that a bride and groom were pulling up in a black car. Hanks, apparently, had them stop filming so that he could escort the bride from the car to the nearby church. What a sweet thing to do, I'm sure that the bride will never forget that moment!

5 The Worst: Lucille Ball

Yes THAT Lucy. According to reports, she had quite the attitude and believed herself to be above people who didn’t achieve the same fame or status as her. Ball is best known for her leading role in the classic show “I Love Lucy.” This one might shock some because she plays such a relatable, funny character. Arenofesto says that his mother is a flight attendant and had the infamous actress on a flight. When his mom came by “with the beverage cart and asked Lucy what she would like, she turned her head and looked out of the window, which was followed by her assistant saying, "I'm sorry, Ms. Ball doesn't speak to the help.” Excuse you woman? The worst part of fame could have gotten to her head. Her fans might be not too happy to hear this! Perception is reality I suppose.

4 Absolute Sweatheart: Robin William

First of all, rest in peace, sir! Robin Williams was known to be a phenomenal actor: one of the best, actually. He has starred in some of the pretty legendary films: Jumanji, Mrs. Doubtfire, Good Will Hunting – the list goes on and on. One reddit user claims that the actor stopped by the comic/game store where a friend of theirs used to work. He says that Williams bought about 300 dollars’ worth of merchandise, and “stayed around to chat with the staff before he left for a show he was headlining in town. Took pictures with all the staff before he left. Sounds like a really decent dude.” People will be relieved to know this - especially after this list. Every 90's kid will appreciate that one of their favorite actors of all time is a total sweetheart IRL. He will surely be missed forever!

3 The Worst: Ben Stiller

Everyone adores Ben Stiller in “Meet The Parents” or the classic “Zoolander” but who knew he was the complete opposite in real life? According to ehzranight,

"A friend of mine worked on the set of Tropic Thunder, and apparently, Ben Stiller was awful to everyone, he even fired someone because he thought they didn't put enough sugar in his coffee in between scenes.”

It seems like today actors in Hollywood are even bigger divas than ever before. If you get all worked up about sugar there might be a deeper issue here. And if you let someone go because of a simple mistake like this, then that is just not right. These A-listers need to realize that they are speaking to human beings. If this story is true then Hollywood is becoming more high maintenance than ever. We keep seeing stories pop up about celebs acting like total divas, and Ben Stiller is no exception!

2 Absolute Sweetheart: Pink

Pink is making a major comeback this year and she has of course, dropped some classics throughout the years. “Just Like a Pill” got a lot of people through some rough teenage moments: the emotional phase that everyone went through in middle school kind of sucked for a lot of people. Obligatedarchiet remembers a moment when the singer once came to an island that they were working on in 2010.

“She came into the pub and just hung out like a regular person. People asked for autographs, she chatted with people as if they were new friends, played pool for about three hours..."

"...Three of my friends jokingly asked if she'd like to come to their party they were having in their room that night. She said she would love to hang out with some of the staff that works on the island. They continue, “I don't personally like her music, but when she comes in and acts like a regular person with no stupid demands and even goes to a random party, she is alright by me.” Yaaaaas, Pink!

1 The Worst: Andy Dick

Okay, this one might not be that shocking. The comedian and actor is known for his controversial and out their behavior and is just known to act out of line. Danbronson says that the “billigent [explicit] groped his (then) girlfriend” when running into the celeb at a bar. The Reddit user alleges that Dick was throwing “pretty much non-stop insults and obnoxious behavior” to patrons and employees of the bar. “He made racist remarks to the bouncer, who should've kicked him out but treated him like a prince (‘Come on Andy, please behave’). The more attention he got, the more of an [explicit] he became. [explicit] that guy,” he says. Harsh words! Sounds like a pretty disastrous situation! Maybe Dick is lashing out because he hasn't been in the spotlight recently? You know what they say in Hollywood, any publicity is good publicity.


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