Reba Rocked Same Red Dress Twenty Five Years Later

OK, this recycling thing is getting out of hand. We get it regarding water bottles and all things plastic, and ditto for electronic components, furniture, wrecked cars, and even clothing.

On that last item, though, it seems that some celebs are taking this reusable trend into the spotlight with increasing regularity. At the Oscars, Rita Moreno wore the same dress as the one she donned the night she won an Academy Award in 1962. And Girls Trip actress Tiffany Haddish has frequently gone on record as saying she has no problem wearing the same outfits over and over again when out in public.

But at the Country Music Academy Awards on Sunday, Reba McEntire was the talk of country fashionistas (which might be an oxymoron to those uptown urban types, but bear with me) by wearing the same dress that she originally threw on to rock the same awards show back in 1993.

Obviously Reba was in retro mode while sporting the red turtleneck frock with a sheer bodice, that really doubled as a silver anniversary for the outfit. She even sang "Does He Love You," her hit from that same year, accompanied by her multi-platinum daughter-in-law Kelly Clarkson.


McEntire wore several outfits that night, but commented that the frock was her favorite wardrobe choice for the event. And no wonder. The outfit certainly indicated that her features and contours were no worse for wear after all these years, although there's not indication that any alterations were made. Compared to shots of her taken in 1993, it doesn't appear that so much as a stitch was changed.

But then, perhaps going the deja vu route was her way of paying tribute to how well the CMAs have treated her. For openers, the Sunday night stint marked the 15th time she's hosted the proceedings. And it's the same academy that's bestowed her with 47 nominations, a record for a female artist. In her long career, she's won 16 of those trophies, from the top female vocalist award in 1984 to the honorary Mae Boren Axton title in 2017.

Evidently, the dress worked its magic to the point where most of the folks forgot the corny jokes she cracked all night.


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