Reasons He’ll Lie Based On His Zodiac Sign

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Reasons He’ll Lie Based On His Zodiac Sign

Despite the fact that men think they’re good liars, they really aren’t. Let’s keep it real. For starters, their lying skills are not on point. They can’t keep track of what they’ve said, which means it’s easy to catch them in a lie. This then causes a full blown argument over what he said versus what she said. This entire situation is complicated, and men can’t manage it pretty well. Hence the fact that they get trapped in their own web of lies time and time again. And even when they’re caught, men will still lie that eventually lands them into a deep pit without much shame. Unfortunately for them, women have instincts, period. We can see through a lie like a windowpane. Yes, that’s how easy it is for us whenever men lie. It’s almost like we could feel a vibration, a tingle, a sign, or even hear a voice. We’ve got this gift and we use it our benefit! But some of you out there might be wondering what prompts these men to lie. For those who have no idea, this article lists down the likely reason your man would lie based on his zodiac sign. To get a more in depth look of what triggers his lies, you’d need the help of an astrologer to read his natal chart along with his sun sign and rising moon sign.

12. Aries: Lies for his own benefit


Aries is the most selfish sign of the zodiac. What does this mean exactly? They mostly just look out for themselves and not much else. Most Aries are ego driven and super independent. If an Aries thinks you are stepping across lines that encroach upon his individuality, there will be problems, and he will likely lie to you in order to distance himself. Another likely reason for lying would be to get what he wants. If he sees an opportunity that will put him in an advantageous position, whether for his career or for fun, he will most definitely bend the truth in order to reserve a space for himself. He will not be beyond stretching the truth for his own ego or for self-advancement. He doesn’t necessarily lie to hurt anyone. He’d probably do so totally for his own benefit.

11. Taurus: Lies to get where he needs to go

Here is a sign that loves the finer things in life. Taurus are fixated on luxury and possessions. They generally work pretty hard, but in some cases they might see a shortcut that can get them to where they want to go faster. And they will take advantage of those situations without any hesitation. Should that mean telling a lie or two in order to get to a more advanced position, they are not beyond lying. That also means they will hide certain things, exaggerate, and twist the truth to reap rewards. Taurus will lie to get out of something and into something else, something more appealing, something that satisfies a need deep within themselves. It will not be beyond a Taurus to lie to their current partner with the intention of leaving the relationship and free to pursue another woman.

10. Gemini: Would not think twice about lying

Full lips

It’s almost impossible for a Gemini to not lie. This does not make them liars, so to speak, but it does make them two sided. After all, Gemini’s have twin souls inside one body. So when they lie, it’s more like it’s one of their personalities speaking while the other was sleeping or resting. Because communication is their strength, they will be master liars or truth manipulators. On the spot, they will invent something so convincingly, and the listener will be none the wiser. Gemini’s are known to be flirts, so they have a huge wandering eye. While they may never cheat physically, they will mentally. But if you ask them, they will deny their desires to the grave. They are not yet comfortable being so open about their desires because it makes them vulnerable, and Gemini’s are all about fun. They’re usually not that introspective or deep.

9. Cancer: Too connected with their feelings to lie, but are not beyond manipulation

Cancers are defined by their emotions. And because they are so faithful to their feelings, they usually wear their heart on their sleeves. Rarely will a Cancer deny about how they feel. If they don’t express them out loud, you can still tell how they’re feeling simply by observing their behavior. However, Cancers are also master manipulators. They will maneuver a situation in order to get what they want, and most of the time they want to be left alone with their emotions. Or they want to make the situation all about how they feel and will go to great lengths in order to get sympathy. So in many ways, they are not liars, per se, but they are so focused on their own emotions that they will make sure that those around them can see the situation from their perspective –even if that means manipulating the feelings of other people.

8. Leo: The King of the Liars

Here is the king of the liar – Leo. And this ability should not be taken lightly. Leos are liars in the sense that they know how to be creative and are adept at exaggerating. A Leo will not be shy to embellish details in order to get attention because without the spotlight he doesn’t exist. At least, not in a way that makes him feel authentic. The need for attention is so strong that he will push limits on what is truth. A Leo’s story is always just a little bit more dangerous or exciting than the one you just told, their story will have that little extra edge that puts your story in the shadows. In a way, Leos are just being true to themselves by seeking attention. The craving is so strong that they will lie in order to maintain their place in the spotlight.

7. Virgo: Lies to make himself feel better

Known as the critical analyst of the zodiac, Virgos are constantly observing, measuring, and evaluating people, places, and situations. It’s not uncommon for a Virgo man to have low self-esteem. He is so hard on himself that often times he needs a little boost of confidence. Not only will he lie to himself and pretend that everything is ok when it’s not, he will lie to those around him in order to ease the tension and minimize pain. Virgo men don’t like to admit their low self-esteem and will even cover that vulnerability up with lies. This makes him feel better, albeit temporarily. The saddest part about the Virgo’s lies is that if not addressed and corrected, it becomes a never-ending cycle that causes serious issues that can last a lifetime. As the partner of a Virgo, you’d need to compliment him every once in a while.

6. Libra: Lies to multiple women at the same time

Libra won’t consider what he does as lying, but it is –it totally is. It’s very easy for a Libra to love many women at the same time, that’s just how they roll. And they will treat each one with equal amounts of adoration and attention and not think twice about it. Of course, they know that this is cheating, but they can’t help it. They are literally drawn to multiple people at the same time, it’s just part of their nature. So they will have several lovers or girlfriends and keep them hidden from each other quite successfully. If caught, they will try and convince their lovers that each one is special. In many instances, Libras are so successful and so convincing that many women end up forgiving him despite the fact that he was totally dishonest for extended periods of time.

5. Scorpio: Focused on finding truth

Scorpios are one hundred percent linked to their emotions. So deeply in tuned are they that they never go against what they feel. As a result, this also prompts them search the truth within themselves. And Scorpios are usually not into lying because that would go against their desire to find truth. This does not mean they won’t lie because they will. A Scorpio would lie to get you off his back, to distance himself, and to slowly slip away from your grip in order to pursue his own version of happiness. It’s highly unlikely that a Scorpio will lie in the conventional sense, but if he does, it’s because he is trying to protect your feelings as a result of some mistake he might have done. Although this isn’t right, he is trying to spare you a broken heart. So in some ways, that’s sweet yet highly naughty, which is very typical of a Scorpio.

4. Sagittarius: Lying is not in his nature

If there is one sign that stands behind truth like no body’s business, it’s Sagittarius. Here is a sign that is the embodiment of truth. Lying isn’t even on his radar. He’s way too into staying truthful to himself to be distracted by something as petty as lying. Sagittarius symbolizes truth and also the expansion of oneself in order to find truth. Seriously, their ability to be honest and avoid lies is highly commendable. No other sign will be as upfront. And although it might hurt, they prefer the truth to lies any day. The one negative thing about Sagittarius and truth is that they often believe their truth is the one and only truth and everyone else is simply wrong. Somehow, some way, Sagittarius has been blessed with the gift of finding truth and everyone else is living a lie.

3. Capricorn: Lies because they aren’t in touch with themselves

Capricorns will lie. They will lie over and over again, but they are so bad at lying that each and every time they get caught. What makes their lies so awful is that they have ticks that give them away. Unfortunately, Capricorns are not aware of their dead giveaways, hence the constant lying. They get caught and try to lie their way out of the lie. Eventually, they acquiesce, but not without a fight. What makes them lie so frequently is that they are not in touch with their own truth and what they really want and need in this lifetime. It is not uncommon to see Capricorns lie about even the minutest of details, like what they had for lunch. Most of their lies stem from fear of rejection from others, which all stems from childhood trauma. Should a Capricorn be able to make peace with themselves, things will be smooth sailing.

2. Aquarius: Not a liar in any sense of the word

The beautiful thing about Aquarius is that their focus is so humanitarian that lying would be almost sacrilegious. Aquarius advocates truth in many ways, but the first way is living a life that’s genuine. This is their hope for all humankind. Without truth, they find life to be pointless and mundane. They actively seek truth and inspire others to do the same. Aquarius are also quite innocent in the sense that it doesn’t occur to them to hold back. Often times, they will be so honest that it’s uncomfortable. Feelings will get hurt, but at the end of the day, the lack of lies will push people to re-evaluate their life. Perhaps this is part of the Aquarius mission – to guide people to their own truths and avoid lies at all costs. When you’re with an Aquarius, you better be prepared to be served with the cold, hard truth.

1. Pisces: Lies to keep people at a distance

Shy guy

Pisces might play a good game, but deep down, they need to be alone and are constantly caught up with their emotions. They are introspective and dive deep into truth. Lying would feel like not being true to themselves, and Pisces would not put up with that kind of life. Pisces are quite solitary, and to ensure they have plenty of alone time, they will tell white lies to keep you at bay. For Pisces, life without truth isn’t much of a life at all. Pisces is all about that spiritual evolution, hence there is no space for lies in their world. But be warned, the Pisces’ versions of the truth sounds so farfetched that to most it would seem fake. But it is what they believe in and it matters to them. Perhaps you just don’t get it because you haven’t reached their level of consciousness.

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