The Real Reason Sofia Richie Won’t Appear On Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Why Sofia Richie won't appear on Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Sofia Richie put an end to all speculations by announcing that she will not be appearing with thirty-five-year-old Scott Disick on the next season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The twenty-year-old model has been dating Kourtney Kardashian's ex-boyfriend and baby daddy Scott Disick since 2017, and fans of the reality show were expecting her to start making cameos on the E! reality show. In the past, boyfriends and girlfriends have been known to appear on KUWTK, but in this case, Sofia has chosen not to be part of it.

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While some might think it is because of bad blood between Sofia and Kourtney, or anyone else from the KarJenner klan, this is not at all the case. In fact, Kourtney and Sofia get along well, and Sofia has entered the world of co-parenting alongside boyfriend Scott with ease. The three showed the world just how mature they are by even going on holiday together because, no matter the past issues between Scott and Kourtney, they have always put their children first.

Sofia Richie Won't Appear On KUWTK
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As reported by Cosmopolitan, Sofia told Us Weekly that she has nothing against reality shows, but since she is a very private person she has no interest in being part of one. Scott, who has remained on the Keeping Up With The Kardashians even after splitting up with Kourtney, has no problems with Sofia not wanting to appear on the show, considering it completely up to her to decide.

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Sofia and Scott were first rumored to be dating in May 2017, and after they started to post pictures from a romantic vacation, their relationship was 100% Instagram official. In early 2018 Sofia's father Lionel Richie expressed concern about the age difference, and Kendall Jenner threw some not so subtle shade referring to Sofia as 'one of Scott's children', but the couple is still going strong, so it seems any concerned family member will have to keep quiet.

With Keeping Up With The Kardashians not ending any time soon, it is definitely still possible that Sofia will indeed be on the show in future seasons. Depending on how her relationship with Scott develops she might become a KUWTK regular, or perhaps we won't see either of them on the show.

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