Razor Ad FINALLY Shows Women Who Actually Have Body Hair

The Internet is buzzing over the news of a razor company releasing the first ad for women's shaving products that actually shows female body hair. Although they are selling shaving products, company Billie wants to encourage women to be proud of their bodies and body hair choices. Women have been told that having body hair is wrong, that it's un-feminine, and something to be ashamed of. So much so, that there haven't been any advertisements showing the body hair that the products that are being sold are said to remove.

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With the hashtag #ProjectBodyHair, Billie is questioning how something that occurs naturally is seen as something terrible, and they want to break the taboo surrounding female body hair. When it comes to feminine shaving products, the debate is whether it is merely about selling a product, or whether it's really about social control.

Insider reports that the forward-thinking company offers a broad range of products that are all vegan and cruelty-free, and suitable for all skin types. From body washes and lotions to silky shave creams and a subscription shave box, there is something for everyone whether you choose to shave or not.


With products free from GMOs, parabens, sulfates, gluten, synthetic fragrances AND a socially conscious campaign, Billie is making some noise! Consumers are increasingly making purchase decisions based on ethical and environmental concerns, and subscribing to products is becoming more and more common as people tend to enjoy having their shopping delivered. The response has been overwhelmingly positive with women all over the world sharing how this advertisement campaign is empowering them in different ways.

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You can compare this movement to advertisements for sanitary pads and tampons that have evolved from not even mentioning the products themselves, to actress Courtney Cox actually saying the word 'period' for the first time on television in a commercial.

Normalizing the existence of female body hair, and removing the negative connotations about how body hair is "masculine" and "weird" is definitely a positive move and something that will help empower women. Everyone should feel free to make their own choices on whether to shave or proudly flaunt their body hair and Billie is in the forefront of making that happen.


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