20 Rappers Who Left Their Girlfriends When They Got Bored

Rappers are known for a lot of things.

Bling, video vixens, surprising lyrics, and flashy everything all ring a bell when we are talking rap superstars. Most are not exactly known for their quiet lifestyles or moral high ground.

They are also not synonymous with fidelity and longterm marriage. Sure, some stand up dudes like L.L. Cool J and Dr. Dre have managed to maintain long and healthy unions to their spouses, but generally speaking, these guys endure more marital lows than highs.

These twenty rappers tried to make things work with their significant others, but in the end, they ended up divorced. Ladies, the rapper lifestyle might be tempting, but really think about if you want to wed one of these guys. The odds are not in your favor.

20 Logic And His Wife Jessica Grew Apart

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Logic and his wife of two years, Jessica, recently parted ways, but it wasn't because of any ill behavior or wandering ways. The two basically tired of one another and decided to move on to greener pastures. They remain committed to continuing supporting and loving each other, but not as husband and wife.

19 Ludacris Temporarily Left His Wife

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Luda and his wife Eudoxie are still married, but that is only because she decided to stay with the famous rapper after he grew bored with her and hooked up with another woman... who had his baby. We don't know how you come back from such a transgression. Luda should consider himself fortunate.

18 DMX Clearly Got Bored A Lot

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Rapper DMX is never getting the Husband/Father of the Year Award. When he was married to Tashera Simmons, his former wife of fourteen years, he proved himself to be as unfaithful as the day is long. The guy fathered six kids outside of his marriage! Eventually, his woman had her fill and filed for divorce. These days she knows her self worth.

17 Wiz Khalifa Needed More... Literally

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A close friend of Rose's swears that she left the marriage after she walked in on husband with twin sisters, Jas and Ness Rose, per dailymail.co.uk. He must really have a thing for that last name! It seems Wiz became bored being with only one woman and needed twice as much female attention in his life.

16 Lil Wayne Tired Of Toya

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To be fair, these two had very little chance of making it to forever. The odds were never in their favor considering they got together in their early teens and had a baby before they earned their driver's licenses. She wanted a family, and he wanted a rapper's life, so they thought it best to part ways.

15 Will Smith And Sheree Are Better Off As Friends

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Before Jada, there was Sheree. Smith and his ex-wife, Sheree Zampino, had a short-lived union, and during that relationship the couple had a son, Trey. The marriage didn't pan out, and Smith became infatuated with the talented beauty Jada Pinkett, but Sheree and Will managed to stay friends through it all.

14 Rev Run Is On Marriage Number Two

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Rev Run had a wife before Justine. That woman, Valerie, was a lady he met way back in high school. His older children are from that first union. There are a lot of rumors out there that Rev did Valerie wrong and spent far too much time on the road during their marriage, but of course, there are three sides to every story, maybe even more in the case of rappers.

13 Eminem Got Sick And Tired Of Kim's Drama

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Rapper Eminem and his ex-wife Kim have a long history of drama and angst. The childhood sweethearts married back in 1999, but divorced a few years later. The marriage was a mess, and Eminem must have grown sick and tired of Kim's antics. To everyone's surprise, they tried their hand at marriage once more, but that too didn't pan out.

12 Mase Lost His Kids But Won His Rap

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This guy has a skewed set of priorities for sure. He and his wife had more than one disagreement when they parted ways, and they fought over just about everything. She ended up with the kids, and he got his hands on all of his musical equipment. Not only did these two tire of each other during the marriage, but they must be tuckered out from their divorce too!

11 Nas And Kelis Are Family No More

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Nas and Kelis had anything but a peaceful relationship. She accused him of some really vile things, and he came back at her with his own set of gripes. Long story short, they both grew weary of one another's baggage. Sadly, even with divorce good and done, the parents to son Knight are still going back and forth about all sorts of issues.

10 Diddy Did Cassie Wrong

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The two never married, legally, but they were together for a decade before Diddy left her high and dry. To be fair, Sean Combs doesn't have a stellar track record when it comes to getting to forever with his ladies. He has tried the commitment thing more than once, but he seems to always fall short.

9 Timbaland Should Think Before He Speaks

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It's fine to have fantasy crushes, but maybe keep them to yourself. Rapper Timbaland pushed his wife to the max when he announced to the world that he married her because she resembled the late, great Aaliyah. She was the one that filed, but Timbaland basically set his divorce into motion with his comments.

8 T.I And Tiny Realized The Grass Is NOT Always Greener

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These two have a lot of kids, a lot of history, and a lot of issues. It's no wonder they keep trying to throw in the towel. She got fed up with her rapping husband's ways and filed for divorce, not once, but twice. They never went through with the split, but there is still a whole lot of life left for these two.

7 Sage The Gemini Did It All For Fame

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Ouch! The short-lived union between the rapper and his songstress, Jordin Sparks, was apparently all a publicity stunt. He was caught saying he never really cared for the former AI contestant, so it is no wonder he tired of his marriage to her. Our girl Jordin deserves a lot more. She has really had a rough go in the romance department lately.

6 Treach And His Ex Are Now Tight

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The Salt n' Peppa rapper initiated her divorce to fellow rapper Treach years ago. They were not exactly good to one another. He has since moved on and recently married his longtime love. It seems that relationship has much less drama for Treach to become bored with. In a twist, Treach's ex attended the wedding and gave off her good vibes.

5 Master P's Woman Was Left With A Lot Of Kids

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Master P grew bored with his wife and their seven children, and the marriage hit the skids in 2014. It seemed that Master P wasn't busy enough in his home life because he stepped out on his then-wife and fathered a child while he was married. The only thing he is going to grow bored with these days is paying out child support.

4 Yung Thug Made A Mess Of His Engagement

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These two never even made it down the aisle, but maybe that was a good thing. He was growing bored with the beauty before they ever became husband and wife. According to Thug's ex-fiance, this young rap star had a side chick during their union. It seems a split was probably for the best.

3 Trey Songz Landed Himself A Look-a-Like

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This guy also never became an official husband because he never learned the super important lesson of being faithful when deciding to be a part of a relationship. Lauren London was not enough to halt this guy's wandering eye, and his inability to feel fulfilled in his union cost him everything.

2 Rich The Kid Is A Single Man These Days

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Antonette Willis should have done some serious thinking when she decided to become the wife of this guy. Really? What on earth would make you think that he was going to remain faithful and not tire of you? He proved everyone who thought, "Girl, no way!" right when he was caught keeping a lady on the side.

1 Yung Joc Acted Like A Single Man When He Was Married

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These two met when they were practically kids, and they might have outgrown their love for one another. According to this rapper's wife of thirteen years, he had another woman in his heart for ages We wonder what will happen when he tires of her too, oh wait... we think we know.

Sources: bossip.com, bet.com, allhiphop.com

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