Ranking The 20 Most Attractive Female News Anchors On TV

We all know what the Fox News Channel is known for. No need to go into great detail about it here. But besides all the political nonsense that turns people away from watching Fox News, they are very good at doing certain things right, especially when it comes to hiring very attractive and highly talented female news anchors.

For years, they have been filling their rosters with the most beautiful female news anchors on the planet and have started a trend that every other network has tried to mirror including all the local news channels throughout the country.

Let's take a look at the 20 most attractive news anchors on tv today.

20 Heather Holmes (San Francisco, CA)

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Heather Holmes is the evening anchor for Fox 2 in San Francisco today. But that is not where she got started. In fact, she was born in Texas before moving to New York before finally getting settled in California.

Her popularity grew when she made the move to KTVU in San Francisco after having worked for various other stations throughout the country like WCBS, WPIX, and WB11. She was a reporter in New York when 9/11 happened and has won two regional Emmy Awards.

19 Danielle Kernkamp (Bakersfield, CA)

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It seems that all of the beautiful anchors on our list are not just pretty faces hired by news producers to help drive up their ratings. These women are very well educated ladies that come from some of the biggest schools in the country.

Danielle Kernkamp graduated from Arizona State before moving around the country to land a job as an anchor in a tiny Texas town. So when ABC 23 called, it was an easy choice for her to return back to her home in California.

18 Rachel Cole (Phoenix, AZ)

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We are only three women in and there is a trend emerging. If you want to become a female news anchor than you either need to be born in Texas or work for at least one Texas news station.

Rachel Cole is yet another female anchor who was once a morning news anchor in Corpus Christi, Texas. She ended up going to Phoenix, Arizona and becoming an anchor for Team 12 from KRIS-TV.

17 Sara Shouhayib (Bakersfield, CA)

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Exactly one year ago this month, Sara Shouhayib began working for Fox 58, part of the KBAK network, in Bakersfield, California. She started her career in Michigan before jumping over to Toldeo and becoming the anchor for WTOL. She won an Emmy Award for her work in Toledo.

Not only did she get her undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan but she went on to get a master's degree in journalism from Northwestern University, one of the most well respected colleges for aspiring journalists.

16 Lisa Weismann (Charleston, SC)

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Since many of you have never even thought about South Carolina as having some of the hottest female news anchors on this planet, we thought we would prove it by introducing you to Lisa Weismann.

After growing up in Pittsburgh, Lisa would go on to graduate from Penn State before working for a couple of news stations in Erie, Pennsylvania before landing her dream job working for WESC, Live 5, in Charleston, South Carolina.

15 Caribe Devine (Phoenix, AZ)

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People in Phoenix just love Caribe Devine as she has grown into one of their most popular anchors. She is yet another Texas born product that grew up in El Paso and even went to UTEP to become an Elementary teacher.

Instead, she got a gig as a weathercaster for KFOX-TV in El Paso and decided to pursue a career in broadcasting. She finally left Texas to work for 12 News in Phoenix and has been there ever since 2011.

14 Alyse Eady (Atlanta, GA)

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After being named Miss Arkansas in 2010 and first runner-up at the 2011 Miss America pageant, she had reached the pinnacle of her beauty pageant days and decided it was time to pursue a career in broadcasting.

So she ended up working for various news stations in Little Rock, Arkansas before finally landing the morning news anchor spot on WAGA-TV in Atlanta, Georgia.

13 Alyssa Taglia (Hartford, CT)

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Alyse Eady is not the only former beauty queen to become a news anchor. Alyssa Taglia is one of the most recent ones after having participated in the 2017 Miss America Pageant where she represented Connecticut.

When she is not on the air, Alyssa loves dancing and even teaches a class at Triple Threat Dance Company.

12 Liz Cho (New York, NY)

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Liz Cho has literally worked all over the country. She started her broadcasting career in Newton, Massachusetts before landing her first reporting job all the way down in Miami, Florida. She then moved to Chicago and worked for ABC NewsOne.

From there, she would end up moving to New York and becoming WABC-TV's lead news anchor while also doing work for Good Morning America as a correspondent.

11 Alex Holley (Philadelphia, PA)

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Since the summer of 2014, Alex Holley has been the co-anchor of Fox 29's morning news program, "Good Day Philadelphia". She has a ton of journalism awards to her name and has worked in Columbia, Missouri and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

She graduated from the University of Missouri where she would realize her dream of working in broadcast journalism. She was even the Missouri Homecoming Queen during her college days and still volunteers for her sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha.

10 Danielle Avitable (Columbus, OH)

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After joining the NBC4 news team earlier this year, Danielle Avitable has grown into one of the most popular anchors on the network. She came in as a very well respected journalist with a bunch of awards that prove that title.

She has worked in Jacksonville before moving to Parkland, Florida where she covered the school shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School.

9 Carmen Blackwell (Phoenix, AZ)

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Why would anyone want to leave New Orleans to become a news anchor, especially when they are as talented as Carmen Blackwell, one of the newest members of the Fox 10 news teams in Phoenix.

But she decided to move to Arizona shortly after earning her degree from Southeastern Louisiana and having worked for KALB in Alexandria, Louisiana.

8 Lindsey Nance (Nashville, TN)

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There just are not very many people who can claim to have graduated from Lipscomb University after being the captain of their cheerleading squad and pursuing a degree in journalism, which she did and she won the award for Best TV Feature Reporter not long after school.

She has since bolstered her resume and is still very young and has many more years of reporting on her horizon.

7 Christine Noel (Houston, TX)

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Christine Noel must have a map of the United States somewhere to keep track of all the places she has lived in her life. She was born in Michigan but grew up in West Virginia and then landed a job working in Denver, Colorado, where she spent five years as the 9News lead anchor.

But late last year, she was given yet another chance to shine as an anchor in Houston working for KPRC Channel 2, where she remains today.

6 Ashley Hinson (Baltimore, MD)

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No, this is not the same Ashley Hinson that is on the Iowa House of Representatives representing the 67th district. She is actually the very talented anchor from West Palm Beach, Florida where she really made a name for herself.

She was also born in Texas, so our experiment is really starting to prove us right. If you are a woman from Texas than you should consider pursuing a career in broadcast journalism.

5 Mika Miyashima (Honolulu, HI)

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It is not fair to see people reporting the news in Honolulu, Hawaii. First of all, it is Hawaii and besides the occasional bad storm, the weather is virtually perfect all year long.

Secondly, they also have one of the hottest female news anchors around today in Mika Miyashima, who is part of the KITV news team on ABC Channel 4.

4 Mia Gradney (Houston, TX)

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Besides being an anchor for KHOC 11 in Houston, Texas, Mia Gradney has various skills in other areas including style and fitness. In fact, she writes for Health and Fitness Sports Magazine as an expert on both those things.

Her big break happened in 2005 while covering Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita and the evacuations that followed. She has won two Emmy Awards and is known to travel around the country to interview celebrities.

3  Cristina Blackwell (San Antonio, TX)

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If you live in San Antonio, then chances are you are watching KENS5 on CBS every morning because it is hosted by Cristina Blackwell, who is very proud to have been born and raised in San Antonio.

Not only has she lived all over the country, she once lived in a small village in Cuernavaca, Mexico and then Paris, France for a couple of years after high school.

2 Courtney Friel (Los Angeles, CA)

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Not many of our leading ladies have the star power as Courtney Friel, who is a proud mother of two and the evening news anchor for KTLA in Los Angeles.

Besides being a female news anchor, Courtney loves to show off her beautiful figure. She even has posed for FHM and Maxim magazine. Before becoming an anchor, she even did some field reporting for E!, the World Poker Tour, and Oxygen Channel.

1 Vanessa Borge (Los Angeles, CA)

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As far as we know, Vanessa Borge is the only woman on our list that has her own website. That has to do with her popularity from working for CBS News in Miami, Florida all those years. She grew quite the fan base and it got even bigger when she landed the job at KTTV in Los Angeles.

She has also brought home an Emmy Award for her distinguished reporting skills and journalistic integrity. She is gorgeous but she does not let it stand in her way of reporting the news.

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