Britney Spears' Most Iconic Music Video Outfits, Ranked

Britney Spears is an idol to millions and has been since she first stepped into the scene in the late 90s. She's brought us catchy tunes, empowering femininity and above all, memorable fashion - on the runways, at awards shows, on stage and most specifically, in her music videos. She's set a standard for live performances and never fails to tell a story in her videos through her killer outfit choices, allowing us to connect to each song deeply.

She has embodied the many sides of strong female at its fullest, inspiring confidence, courage and resilience for years to come. With that said, we've ranked some of her most iconic music video looks to admire.

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11 'Lucky' (Oops!... I Did It Again, 2000)

Britney embodied the old Hollywood glamour to a T in this video, with her depiction of a famous movie star named Lucky.

Despite seeming to have everything one could dream of - the money, the beauty and the fame, she still lived a life of loneliness and despair. Fans were taken on a trip to the dark side of celebrity and able to empathize with the struggle of the rich and famous through this character, perfectly styled in a sheer white robe with a luxurious fur trim. This was a turning point in Britney's career,style-wise, showing her more sophisticated side, wowing critics and fans alike.

10 'Work B*tch' (Britney Jean, 2013)

This video featured ample memorable outfits, all of which had us wanting more. Pictured above is the look: custom Michael Schmidt bra, cape and shorts; shimmering Christian Louboutin heels, with Loree Rodkin jewelry.

Dripping in sexy, this workout hit gave everyone a reason to get started at the gym. Her perfectly toned body and strong feminine energy served fierceness, determination and drive. The video's theme was all about bondage and styled by B. Akerlund, who is well-known for the looks in many Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry videos. We saw hot pants, fishnets, harnesses, and of course, over-the-knee-boots.

9 'Sometimes' (...Baby One More Time, 1999)

A clean, simple, all-white athleisure look from her debut album, Baby One More Time. We saw a natural, approachable and sweet Britney in this video, where we were taken on a journey we've all experienced at least once in our life .

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That of watching our love interest from a distance, wanting to be close and express our true feelings, but never quite knowing how to respond to them when they're near. The lyrics of this song included relatable lines describing these emotions, such as "sometimes I'm scared of you, but all I really want is to hold you tight." We were taken on the ultimate sweetheart's journey in this one.

8 'Oops, I Did It Again' (Oops!... I Did It Again, 2000)

Dressed head to toe, in a bright red PVC bodysuit, Britney takes us on a trip to outer space - Mars, more specifically, where she has an astronaut completely hypnotized by her presence, charm and out of this world dance moves.

This song details the interaction with him, as he is clearly very into her. Based on the title of this track, it's likely this isn't the first time this has happened when she receives a visit. A futuristic look for the time, she gave us a taste of what we may have fantasized discovering life on the fiery planet to look and feel like.

7 'Toxic' (In The Zone, 2003)

The stunning, barely there, shimmering diamond bodysuit had everyone entranced, watching as Britney strategically twists, turns, crawls and contorts on a brightly lit stage between scenes for 'Toxic.'

This outfit was the key contributor in selling the story of this song - viewers are completely intoxicated by her movements and presence, making it near impossible to look away from the screen. Not once throughout these scenes is she not making eye contact with the camera, keeping you hooked. The ensemble caused quite the stir when the video first came out, resulting in MTV having to banish the clip to late-night hours, after being labeled as indecent material. Definitely one to be consumed responsibly.

6 'Toxic' (In The Zone, 2003)

Another showstopping look from this song. The video starts out with Britney as quite the "out there," scantily clad stewardess - spilling champagne on male passenger's laps, only to dab them dry to their surprise, followed by her covering a child with a blanket and kissing his head, all while making sultry faces at the camera as it follows her back and forth through the aisle.

She eventually seduces and unmasks a spy posing as a traveler, taking us on a wild ride, as she retrieves some important item from his pocket, per a seemingly top-secret mission. As a whole, her characters are not quite aligned with the lyrics of the song, but she definitely takes us on an intoxicating adventure nonetheless.

5 'I Wanna Go' (Femme Fatale, 2011)

Britney is decked out in a studded white leather jacket, a frilled, black lace mini skirt and a white and red lace bra in this video, as she gets lost in a daydream while at a press conference.

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This outrageous exaggeration of her career's experiences includes her being chased by paparazzi bots and rescued by Guillermo Díaz, along with ample references to major action films, including Terminator 2, Michael Jackson's Thriller, and so on. This was a dance-pop hit at the time, with lyrics bringing us through a tale all about losing inhibitions. Her character's imagination was definitely not holding back in this one.

4 'Till the World Ends' (Femme Fatale, 2011)

'Till the World Ends', from Britney's 2011 album, Femme Fatale, was a risqué video that gave us sweat, leather, crystals, and sexy intensity. The date is December 21st, 2012 - the supposed end of the world. All that's left to do at this point is dance and this is exactly what she and her crew did.

We're taken to an underground club scene, crowded with party-goers making the most of their last night alive. As the big moment nears and the asteroids start to fall, we see Britney show up in an orange and red bodysuit, covered in large crystals, with a black corset belt and over-the-knee boots. A highly appropriate ensemble for those last moments.

3 'Scream 'N' Shout' (#willpower, will.i.am, 2012)

Though technically not a Britney song, this is definitely one of many Britney moments that can never be unseen. The perfection of her black and gold looks with the big blonde party hair, a side of her we had yet to see, alongside will.i.am in this video are to die for.

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The song was a #1 hit internationally, despite having received quite mixed reviews. It became a popular club anthem, with criticism for the use of auto-tune on the vocals and simply being too "out there" - unsurprising for anything will.i.am touches, really. Regardless, this song was blaring out of every speaker when it was first released and for quite sometime after, allowing any naysayers to warm up to this one-of-a-kind track in their own time.

2 'Womanizer' (Circus, 2008)

Womanizer was a globally successful dance-pop girl anthem, with lyrics describing the typical "womanizing" type of man being seen for who he truly is. Britney plays the role of multiple women in disguise throughout the video, seducing her unknowing beau in different scenarios - the in-her-power secretary was a very different and memorable look that she, of course, nailed.

A short, black retro bob with bangs, black and white striped blouse, beautiful statement necklace and dramatic red lips. She puts on a show in the office, reeling him in immediately, unbeknownst to him that she has a full day orchestrated with her in other disguises. Upon his return home, Spears reveals that it's actually her he'd been "womanizing" all day. Talk about a woman in her power.

1 'Baby One More Time' (...Baby One More Time, 1998)

There's no surprise that the bored school girl in Britney's debut single is the single most iconic look that we all know and love. This is where she moved from The Mickey Mouse Club to platinum records in the world's eyes. She pushed to have this video filmed in a school, making it more relatable to her fans.

A look that's still copied to this day, the tied Oxford shirt, grey cardigan and prep-school skirt started a wave. This will always be a cherished look of hers and hands-down be at the top of the lists for the most memorable ensembles that she's graced us with.

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