Ranked: Zodiac Signs Who Are Most Likely To Become Homewreckers

Relationships today come in all different flavors. The beauty of living in the 21st century is that relationships have evolved into some pretty interesting entities. However, that doesn’t mean that the standard idea of monogamy isn’t still as strong as ever. People still stand behind monogamy. And this means that adultery is not tolerated. Even for those who are not married, cheating is the biggest crime a partner can commit. Loyalty is a prized characteristic despite the fact that the majority of us cheat. We are cheaters and liars –the whole lot of us. However, some of us are more guilty than others. In learning which signs are more likely to wreck homes, you can discover more about yourself and your mate. This can illuminate your own life and perhaps help you lead a life truer to your idea of partnership and relationship goals. Not everyone has the same idea about being committed, so ask yourself where you stand. And beware the home wreckers among us.


16 Cancers: Never, seriously

Cancers pride themselves on the homes they build. They are the home. No other sign rules the home like a Cancer does. The home is sacred. The home is both god and goddess. And that means everything in the home down to the people. Natural domestics and nurturers, Cancers abide in the home with grace. For them, it’s not just about keeping a tidy home, but about creating warmth. You will not catch a Cancer messing with other people’s homes because their own home is so valuable to them. And that goes for intruding on another human’s relationships they've built at home. Cancers got mad respect for home territory. They are not the ones who will impose themselves in a marriage and become homewreckers, they're way too pure for that.

15 Pisces: Not a chance


Pisces isn’t just too busy dreaming to get caught up in all the terrestrial drama, but they also have intuition which will keep all sorts of problems at bay. The psychic abilities lend themselves to some really faithful and honorable Pisces. Additionally, Pisces are just too spiritual to get tangled in a web of home wrecking behavior. Quite literally, they are above that. And because Pisces is so spiritual, you best believe that they have more important things on their mind than who they want to bed down. Pisces are often misunderstood, but the truth of the matter is that Pisces are knowledgeable about life in ways most of us cannot understand which means we should follow their no homewrecking rule.

14 Scorpios: Not likely

Yep, you’ve guessed it. Another water sign on team faithful. Scorpios, while they are known to be vengeful, dark, and brooding, are not the type to cheat. It’s not their style because they think it’s weak. Scorpios are all about being perceived as strong and able, even when they may not be. That’s the mask they wear. But from all of their deep emotional studies, they know the hurt that can come from being a homewrecker. Most Scorpios have actually been victims more often than not. Why? Because they are likely to get attached and obsessed sooner than they should. This makes for a dangerous situation should the partner not be ready for commitment. While people mislabel Scorpios for being cruel, and they are, they are undercover sweet and vulnerable and wouldn’t hurt a fly. Well, not unless the fly did something first.

13 Aquarius: What home?


It’s hard for Aquarius to think in these terms, but home is not something they can easily understand. You see, Aquarius isn’t attached to the world like that. They are wanderers, roaming this world, making a home wherever they go. That’s their life’s mission. And they are more than happy to carry the burden of being of the gypsy soul. Most are of the humanitarian sort. This means their focus is less on self-gratification than most. Aquarius are the pioneers and the innovators of the planet. The world needs them and they know it. How they gonna get stuff done if they’re busy wrecking homes. Logistically, it just doesn’t register for an Aquarius to be that type.

12 Leo: More loyal than you think

While you might think this fire sign is all about self, you’d be surprised to learn that Leo is much more loyal than you think. Consider the lioness and her cubs, consider the lion and his pride. Yep, there you have it. That’s the iconic image of Leo and that’s how they like their relationships. They want a tight knit group, a family, and loved ones who love them back with the fierce love they put out. Being a home wrecker would be unusual for a Leo, but not unheard of. Unless something has jeopardized their home or heart, they are not likely to wander. However, should someone hurt them, revenge is as easy as finding a new pride and keeping it moving. As in nature, it’s about the survival of the fittest and Leos don’t go out like that, they got way too much pride.

11 Capricorn: Too busy working


Here is a sign that is literally too busy to even think about wrecking homes. The workaholic of the zodiac signs, Capricorns put their nose to the grindstone and trudge forward. There is not stopping a Capricorn in motion, at least not when it comes to their careers. Now that being said, if they see an opportunity to climb the ladder and home wrecking is involved, well, let’s just say Capricorns won’t say no to such a venture. They will see it as an invitation and quickly reply without giving the situation much thought. It will not be about love or even about feelings, it will be strictly about success. When Capricorns wreck homes, they do so involuntarily and for personal gain, so don’t take it personally as strange as that might sound.

10 Virgo: Only for development sake

This is a sign on the fence, for real. While most couldn’t even fathom shy Virgo wrecking a home, it’s in those details that give Virgo the upper hand to get away with the crime. They are least likely to get caught in the act. Virgos are way too clever for that. And if they do get caught, it’s because they wanted to. When considering whether or not to wreck a home, Virgo considers the outcome, the big picture and all the pros and cons. Forever evaluating and developing, you can be sure if Virgo wrecks a home it is because there’s something to be gained. You will not catch a Virgo wrecking homes for fun. It will be about self-development and some sort of resulting benefit. But don’t let quiet Virgos fool you, home wrecking is in their power.


9 Taurus: If the grass is greener


Always the seeker of luxury and wealth, Taurus will not hesitate to wreck a home should they see a better one on the horizon. It’s totally selfish of them and even they will admit it. But once Taurus has something in their mind, a task to accomplish, a goal to reach, nothing, but nothing can stop them. Remember, they are stubborn like that. And should they see their home wrecking hurting more than helping, they will do it anyways. Taurus cannot stay in a situation that does not make they feel safe. For a Taurus it’s about feeling pampered and getting what they want, so they will wreck a home in a heartbeat to get that warm fuzzy feeling of security, no questions asked.

8 Aires: Out of selfishness, yep

Aires are the most selfish of all the signs. They know it. And they are not shy to admit it. In fact, they often brag about how selfish they are, but they’ll not use that term. They’re more likely to say, independent and a go-getter. Ok, Aires, we see you and your Mars potency. And we also see your home wrecking ways. Aires does this sort of thing for the thrill. It’s in an Aires nature to keep things moving. They bounce around from one place to the next and just as easily do this with people. Can you blame them? They have faces that could kill, that’s how attractive they can be. It’s not a standard beauty, but it’s something alluring and something you can’t quite put your finger on. And they like feeling the power of what they can do. They do it because they can, simply put.

7 Sagittarius: Sure, why not?


You might be surprised to learn that Sagittarius is a home wrecker, but with all that philosophical power and the need to travel, they are the ideal candidate. Sagittarius know how to get into the heads of others. They are constantly turning the wheels. And they often do things out of curiosity. It’s literally that straight forward with Sagittarius. They want to try home wrecking because they want to know how it feels, then they’ll study the results of their findings. Getting down to the nitty gritty of the human interaction and reaction is total Sagittarius. While they might not be emotionally invested, they will be interested in doing it time and time again to test the outcomes. Why? Because Sagittarius has some hypothesis about humankind they need to test out before they leave this planet.

6 Libra: Polyamorous sort

So you thought Libra was all about justice. Well, you’re right. But the justice they seek or dish out doesn’t necessarily apply to them. When it comes to love and relationships, Libras are the kings and queens of having several lovers. While not likely to get caught, they are not beyond wrecking home should their heart long for a lover. Libras cannot get enough from relationships, period. Constantly seeking that next high, they go to great lengths to get their fix. Like an addict, they will stop at nothing to satisfy their craving. And can you blame a Libra? After all, with Venus it’s easy to see why they would be so in love with love, even at the cost of wrecking the home of others.

5 Gemini: Attention hungry


And the winner goes to, hands down, Gemini. For them, it’s not even about love, it’s about attention. Geminis need attention. They crave it. And if they don’t get it, well, they know where to go to get it. If a Gemini needs to stray to get the attention they desire, so be it. They will stop at nothing, even wrecking homes of loved ones, as shady as that sounds. No other sign can flirt as well as a Gemini, so it’s in their cosmic blood to be of the unfaithful sort. When it comes to wrecking a home, it’s less about others than about Gemini’s need to express self and to gain attention. Without attention, Geminis don’t exist. It’s the air they breathe, so be ready to get the air sucked out of you should Gemini be up to no good.

4 Chiron

First I want to talk about wounds. Yep, we’re going to get deep here for a second. When considering homewreckers and their behavior, we need to understand they are coming from a broken place. For those who choose such a path, it probably has everything to do with trauma. Perhaps they witnessed home wrecking behavior as a child or don’t come from a unified home. Whatever the case it, it sounds like Chiron needs to be addressed. Anytime the behavior hurts others, but mostly hurts the doer –that’s Chiron all the way. Where is Chiron in the chart and what sign and house it is in can shed so much light on wounds and how to heal them. Like Chiron, it’s both the poison and the elixir that need to be addressed in order to really face what’s going on here. Get ready to look into the wound like a mirror.

3 The fourth house


Home issues start at home. That’s why we’re talking about the fourth house. If there are planets here that created hard aspects with planets elsewhere, this has the potential to create conflict. Remember hard aspects are not always negative, but rather a challenge. Anything challenging around the fourth house can make anyone feel unwanted and unloved at home. What does that mean? That the person will seek love outside the home at whatever cost, even if that means breaking up other people’s homes. The fourth house is a sensitive house, so be gentle here. And find ways in which to stimulate any soft aspects to overcome any home issues. It all starts at home and mostly that means within ourselves.

2 The Moon

The moon is the reflection of your emotions. It’s various states of emotions, so in order to understand why you or someone you know is home wrecking, take a look at the moon. The moon absorbs feelings and it’s constantly changing. The moon has cycles and it’s related to our mothers. Since most mothers rule the home, this will make perfect sense when we focus in on the moon for support. Your moon in certain signs will express how you feel, it takes on the characteristics of that specific sign. Your moon will also reveal how you perceive your mother. Home wrecking as a behavior can be better understood if the moon placement is examined. Don’t be afraid to get all emotional and deal with domestic and mommy issues.

1 Pluto


The planet that makes us dig deep into self to understand behavior, yes, you’ve got it right –it’s Pluto. No other planet will make you delve into self as deeply as Pluto. Want to know why you or someone you love has home wrecking tendencies. Find out where their Pluto is in the chart and start investigating now. There’s no better time to address Pluto than now. It’s a slow moving planet which means analyzing how it works and flows in your chart will take time and patience. Will it ever. But if you’re up for the challenge, have a go at studying Pluto. You won’t regret it, except those moments when you do. Pluto is fickle as hell, but if you’re dedicated to exploring it, you’ll reap the benefits and break bad habits.


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