Ranked: Zodiac Signs Who Are Liars To Those Who Are Honest (His And Hers)

Now don't get all offended when you finish reading this list, because know that this list isn’t accurate. Why? Because we are all liars. On average, we tell, or don’t tell, lies about ten times per day. That’s quite a bit. And whether you’re lying to others or yourself –remember, a lie is a lie is still a lie even by any other name. Some call lies omissions, fibs, or white lies.

Whatever you call a lie, know that we are all super guilty. However, that being said –some of us are more guilty than others. Some of you already know who you are. You’re already ready to defend yourself or shrinking into yourself. Lying is a technique we learned early on in life, in childhood, as a way to deal with our surroundings. If you want to know where and why it all started, we can easily find the answer to most of our character (flaws) in our formative years. So don’t run and hide from your lying nature. Look at it and study it if you dare –for when we are willing to face our truth we can really transform into our best, most authentic selves.

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24 Liars: Aries Females


When it comes to lying, the Aries female fits the bill. You are not a sign that will blatantly lie. That’s totally not your style, Aries. Actually, you have got way too much on your plate to create some fabricated story. So then how did you make it on the list of zodiac sign liars? Truth –you’re not always so honest about how you feel. You hide away and often deny feelings out of fear. It’s not that you don’t want to admit that you have feelings, but admitting them to other people make you vulnerable. Considering you prefer to put your tough side forward, you won’t say how you feel more often than not. This leads to one major character flaw known as passive-aggressive. You are the queen of answering the question “What’s wrong?” with “Nothing!” but no one is fooled by your emotional denial.

23 Liars: Aries Males


Much like your female counterpart, the Aries male is also trying to sweep some of his emotional baggage under the rug. It’s not that he’s not in touch with his feelings, but his feelings are more than distractions and cause him to get stuck in his head. Aries men are often living too much in their head space as it is. So in order to avoid dwelling in the head zone forever, the Aries male will brush off feelings. He’ll even say he doesn't have any just to get people off his back. Not only passive-aggressive but highly volatile, the Aries male isn’t one to have a heart-to-heart. If he is provoked into such a conversation, you’d better believe he’ll make up something just so his partner doesn’t complain about how closed off he is.

22 Liars: Gemini Females


Oh dear, here we go with the elusive Gemini female. You are so hard to get ahold of –and for so many reasons. As an air sign, you are flighty, flirty, and fun-focused. The life you lead is one free of stress and constraints. You like to be free and you like that people can’t pin you down. But that’s where the lying aspect comes into play. In all honesty, despite your air-like constitution and way of thinking, deep down, you do want someone to hold onto you and hold you down, so to speak. You might not even be ready to admit it to yourself yet. But this is why you go from one relationship to the next. Not because you like that lifestyle so much, but because you’re afraid to confess that you’re searching for true love –one that puts you on cloud nine.

21 Liars: Gemini Males


When it comes to lying, the Gemini male’s version is much different than his female counterpart. His lies are the standard lie that men tend to go for. It’s the, “Of course I love you, baby,” that gets him in trouble. Not because it’s not genuine. But because he’s saying it to several females at once. It’s also the, “I do not know who that female is,” because Gemini males are known for their promiscuous and flirty behavior and he’s got a treasure trove of boos. He’s unable to control himself when it comes to expressing himself in a physical way. It’s part of his nature. And he’ll steady lie to his partner time and time again until he finds the right one who will put him in his place.

20 Liars: Cancer Males


He might be the king of the liars, but the Cancer male would disagree and do so vehemently. Why? Because the Cancer male does not want people to know him like that. He’s so private and even reclusive –he’s all about that hermit life. Anytime someone gets close, he’s not only apprehensive, but he’s suspicious. In order to protect himself, he’ll lie about little things. They aren’t even things of great significance, but he feels the need in order to maintain space between himself and the cold, dark, cruel world. The Cancer male is highly sensitive, so he’s just protecting himself. However, on the other hand, because he’s so intuitive, he’ll hone in on your weakness and learn to manipulate you which is a fancy word for bending the truth, deceiving, or tricking.

19 Liars: Leo Females


Leo ladies, don’t be surprised to find yourselves here. You know damn well that you lie for your own benefit. Don’t be ashamed –it’s gotten you to where you are today, hasn’t it? A Leo female focuses her attention on her heart’s desire and from there –all is fair game. When it comes to achieving success, the Leo female has already put deception as part of her plan to reach top levels. Nothing is beyond her when it comes to making her dreams become reality. She will lie on job applications and resumes. She’ll say she knows so-and-so just to get noticed. And she will say she can do this and that when she’s never even tried in the first place. For her, it’s not just about ego, but saying the right thing, albeit a lie, to get her foot in the door. From there, she can let her creative juices flow and be her truest self.

18 Liars: Leo Male


Very similar to his female counterpart, the Leo male will lie to get ahead. However, his primary focus is on ego. Whereas the Leo lady is likely to be on a heart mission, Leo male is always looking to boost his ego. It should come as no surprise that the Leo male is a liar either. With his need to be seen and heard, it makes perfect sense that he would be the one lying up a storm just to get noticed. He won’t call it lying, though. He’ll say he is simply exaggerating, but when it comes to Leo there is not simple exaggeration –it’s over the top and overdone. This is allows him to be expressive, even if not everything is 100% legit. His stories will top anyone else’s –he’s got a knack for adding those special touches that make other people’s stories look rather commonplace or even boring. When his fire is on –it’s all the way on. There’s no putting out his light even if you call him a liar to his face.

17 Liars: Libra Females


Under the tutelage of Venus, it would make sense that the Libra female would have a bit of liar in her. Venus doesn’t lie, but she does make things work to her benefit. Should someone call that lying, then so be it. The Libra female will see it as being resourceful and creative. You have a gift for attracting what you want. It has a lot to do with your ability to generate dishonest answers –answers that those listening want to hear. You are likely to get your way, too. You will stop at nothing. Whether you fabricate a story or tell a little white lie or two –once you have your mind set on something, there’s no stopping you from obtaining that which you seek. You will call it determination and others might disagree and call it lying.

16 Liars: Libra Males


Not wanting to call the Libra male out, but the truth is –he cannot tell the truth. He is not into lying, per se. That’s to say, he does not make it his objective to lie. But what he does do is leave out large pieces of useful information. He’s the withholder in so many ways. That’s part of his charm. And that’s what happens when Venus is on his side. The Libra male keeps his distance by omitting details. Yet strangely, you’ll feel like you know him because intimately he will give you his all. Deep down, he’s got secrets he doesn’t want you to know. Namely, he’s in love with another and he’s not thinking about leaving her for you –ever. He’s got the ability to love strongly and multiple women at once. Get ready to call a spade a spade when it comes to the Libra male.

15 Liars: Capricorn Males


When it comes to lying, the Capricorn male is the absolute worst. This is not to say that he lies constantly or he’s an addict to lying or something. No, that’s not the case. Capricorn males will stretch or bend the truth and often to protect his ego and the way the world perceives him. He doesn’t want to be seen as weak or having too many emotions –that would make him vulnerable. He cares how the world perceives him and he hates to be the odd man out. So he implores lying as a technique. Funny enough, for as much as he has lied, he never gets any better at it. He’s the worst liar in the bunch. But one things is for sure, he’ll keep on trying because to safeguard his true intention is well worth the risk.

14 Liars: Aquarius Females


Having been crowned the rebel of the zodiac, it should be no surprise to find the Aquarius female on the list of liars. You lie because you can. And because why the hell not. You lie because it’s your right as a human being. Others won’t understand this philosophy because others aren’t as deep in the psyche as you are, but you use lying as a way to shake up the system. Sure, you’re a solid person with a good heart and all that, but you enjoy spicing things up. If that means being dishonest to a friend, cheating on a lover, or manipulating others for a career move –you’ll do it and you won’t think twice about it. Just be warned, karma is coming for you. Better watch how many people you hurt by messing around with life like that.

13 Liars: Aquarius Males


Much like the rebellious Aquarius female, the Aquarius male has a bad habit of lying, too. He does it for similar reasons –to get a rise out of people, to stir the pot. But he’s got another reason that runs much deeper. It’s not that he’s got no feelings, but he views sentiments much differently than his fellow human. Yes, the Aquarius male is a huge humanitarian, but one might say he goes so far off the deep end in order to connect with feelings of which he’s got none. He easily detaches from things and people. He’ll tell you he feels this and that, but really, he’s reiterating what he’s heard. Meanwhile, his whole life will be a hunt for emotion, one that might get him into dangerous situations or partnerships.

12 Honest: Taurus Females


When it comes to being honest, you rank up there with the righteous. There’s something about the Taurus female that’s sanctified. Maybe it’s because you’re a grounded earth sign and are much more in-tune to the world around you. Maybe it’s because you value a steadfast nature that increases your loyalty to truth. Whatever the case, you’re more honest than most. Don’t go thinking you're angelic, now. But where others are ready to be unscrupulous in character, you go against that nature and really embody elements of a good, solid human being. So devoted to your own truth, you are even known to be stubborn. While that’s your own truth and one you’ll likely stick to, you’re also an advocate for each individual’s truth –whatever that means.

11 Honest: Taurus Males


From his sense of building, slowly but surely, arises his penchant for being honest. If he wants to build something, whether on an individual basis or in partnership, he’s not interested in building on a weak foundation. This means the Taurus male is all about putting his cards on the table. He won’t hold back, but don’t except him to give too much either. He is what he is –simply put, you get what you see. He believes in being honest because, without that key element in life, nothing will last. No other sign knows how to build like the Taurus male. And he wants to put in an honest day of hard work, whatever that means to him. In the future, this will bode well for him and anyone he’s involved with.

10 Honest: Cancer Females


The Cancer female is honest only because the Moon cannot lie. Although mad moody, you are likely to change faces and emotions a dozen or more times in one day, in some cases one hour. Don’t get it twisted. There is nothing fake or contrived about your emotional highs and lows. This is you at your realist and you can’t be any more real than the marvelous moon cycles that grace us with their presence every month. You won’t just say how you feel off the cuff, but you’re so intuitive and empathic, you're able to tell others how they feel even before they know it. Talk about honest to the core. This does not mean that you can handle honest tossed your way, though. Being so sensitive, you’ll curl up into a ball or your shell should someone bring honesty to your front door.

9 Honest: Virgo Females


When honesty gets fussy, it’s got Virgo female written all over it. You are so stuck on stupid when it comes to details and improvement. Nothing makes you go crazier than having things out of order or failing. While your honesty is usually pointed at others in the form of criticism, constructive criticism if people are lucky, the brunt of all honesty lies within yourself. You are tough on yourself which leads to repeated negative self-talk. You might think you’re just being real with yourself, but you have the potential to ruin a good thing. Stop being so hyper-focused and learn to let go. Not everything that could or should go wrong needs to be expressed. Sometimes, your brand of honesty could be kept on mute.

8 Honest: Virgo Males


If the Virgo female is critical, the Virgo male is demanding. And by demanding, we mean straight up hardcore. The Virgo male will not shy away from moments where the truth needs to be told. As a matter of fact, he welcomes them. It’s almost as if he gets off on telling people how he feels, especially if he gets to be a little jerk about it. He’s refined, so his tastes will be super elitist for the most part. The way he tells it like it is, according to him, is off-putting and rude. It’s not about honesty anymore with the Virgo male, it’s about showing off while putting others down. It sounds cruel, but it’s true. And if any sign deserves a good taste of his own medicine, it’s the Virgo male.

7 Honest: Scorpio Females


Why would anyone want to tell a lie, seems to be the inner dialogue the Scorpio female has with herself. You are known to be dark and mysterious, indeed. But that doesn’t mean you’re dishonest. Manipulative, sure, sometimes –but, hey, who isn’t, right. The real reason you’re so brooding is that you are studying human nature. You stay to yourself, quiet and intense, seeing what people will do and say next. Much of it amuses you because you don’t understand how people can be so dishonest and disloyal to their human experience. You revel in all the emotions life has to give and aren’t going to lie about how you feel to anyone just to avoid bruising their egos. Egos are made to be bruised and that’s just the straight up truth –no one knows this more than you, mistress revealing what lies in the shadows.

6 Honest: Scorpio Males


Cold and calculating is the Scorpio male, but that doesn’t mean he’s cruel. The Scorpio male, much like the Scorpio female, has gotten a bad reputation for being the king of the underworld. That is he, but he’s so much more. He can see people for who they really are. He sees through façades and he wants to take off cloaks, masks, and costumes. And he’ll do so at any cost. It’s well worth it for him to be honest about what he sees and how he feels. Being honest is a part of being human and although it’s a tough job, in order to do it well that requires sacrifice and maturity. Honesty is mature and the Scorpio male will do his best to prove this to the world, even if he’s misinterpreted in the process.

5 Honest: Sagittarius Females


This is a no-brainer. The Sagittarius female is the most honest of the zodiac pack. You already know you are at the top of the list of honest ones, honey. Living life without honesty would be a joke. Not only would you feel fake AF, but you would see the purpose in a life full of lies. For you, a conversation about anything and everything under the sun must come from an honest place. Being authentic is key to your survival, but also your expansion. On that evolution trip, if you were to be a liar, you’d get nowhere fast. Staying true to yourself and your life’s mission is what keeps you on a narrow path. Although it meanders, it’s one hell of a trip and full of honest chunks of wisdom here and there provided with the best of intentions.

4 Honest: Sagittarius Males


Yes, the Sagittarius male is a straight-shooter. He’s not one to beat around the bush. For him, that would be ridiculous and he’s not down with those sorts of childish games. In fact, he enjoys life too much and can’t see wasting time on telling lies. Lying means keeping track of things and covering tracks and backtracking. The Sagittarius male does not have time for that. He’s got too much to learn and explore in this lifetime. Warning –he’ll put it to you without being soft, so for the sensitive ones in the bunch, brace yourselves. Sometimes it will feel like he lacks compassion, but it’s only his duty to the truth that keeps him loyal. Denying truth would be contrary to everything he stands for. His truth might not be your truth, but it’s his and it matters to him.

3 Honest: Capricorn Females


It’s the maturity that keeps signs honest and some signs have had more growth than others. The Capricorn female happens to be one of them. It’s like you were born into an old woman’s body. You are so ingrained with truth that lying doesn’t even occur to you. In some ways, your honesty is even cute. You say how you feel without censoring yourself and sometimes the result can be funny, but other times it can hurt. Your truth is organic. Because you don’t hold onto feelings for too long, this would explain why being honest oozes from your pores. You see nothing wrong in being true to self and others –it’s part of the work we need to do in order to get through this life. And hopefully, through a little growth, we’ll come out the other side a better human.

2 Honest: Pisces Females


Speaking of being so honest it hurts, the Pisces female could fall into this category, too. You are too honest, like all the way down to the bone, that the world cannot be mad at you. The honesty you bring is fresh and it feels as if a young child is telling us what’s on her/his mind. Full of fantasy and ideas, you will be the first to say what’s on your mind and heart. There’s a lot of pressure riding on your sign to follow through with integrity. You must keep the zodiac wheel churning away and that requires honesty. That’s what makes us all spin with glee and revel in the possibility of life’s lessons and heartaches. No wonder you have that child-like wonder glimmer in your eye.

1 Honest: Pisces Males


It will be the Pisces male who says what he thinks and feels without abandon. He is a replica of his female counterpart. They are so innocent and full of childlike splendor that lying isn’t a coping technique they’ve learned yet. Although they carry the entire zodiac, they must soften those hard edges as a result of living in order to keep the zodiac chart moving forever forward. He’s the one who will tell you if he likes you or not without much effort. He’s the one who will be honest about any question you ask him. Want honesty like you’ve never seen it before, then find yourself a Pisces friend or lover and see if you can’t stand the truth. It might sting a little, but facing another person’s truth only brings us closer to our own.

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