RANKED: The Most Savage Zodiac Signs

On a scale of chill to savage, what are you? If you're chill, you take things as they come. You’re relaxed and easy going and like to follow the rules. But if you're savage, you DGAF. You do what you want, regardless of what the consequences are. Come hell or high water, you live life to the absolute fullest. And sometimes that means doing things that people think are crazy, wrong or flat-out bad!

Some famous astrologists think that your astrological sign can predict if you're chill or totally savage. After all, the stars and planets often influence our choices, thoughts and emotions. Some astrologists even think that your zodiac sign can predict if you might even end up being a criminal one day.

Keep reading to find out if your zodiac sign means you're calm, cool and collected, or if you live life with zero cares about what other people think and embrace your savage nature. We’ll even give you the inside scoop on what stars were in the sky when famous villains were born. Think you might join them on the savage side? Come and discover what the universe and your zodiac might say about the potential dark side to your personal story!

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12 Gentle Gemini Just Wants To Maintain The Peace

Código Nuevo

When Kesha sang "I'll pull a Jeffrey Dahmer" in her hit song "Cannibal," she was referring to the famous serial killer and cannibal who was also infamously a Gemini. But don't worry, despite some incredibly bad savages carrying this astrological symbol, Gemini is actually the lease savage of all the zodiac signs.

In fact, Geminis are the most chill when it comes to horoscopes. If you're a Gemini and you decide to go savage and break the rules, you'll most likely do some casual stealing like the girls in The Bling Ring. Shoplifting and stealing are about the most daring things that a Gemini will do.

There are always exceptions to this horoscope rule, of course. Depending on what you think about our current president, Donald Trump is also a Gemini and he clearly is savage and DGAF about most things! At the same time, he's still incredibly popular. If you're a Gemini, rest easy that no matter what your inner nature is, someone will find you worthy of running a country.

11 Avenging Aquarius Might Seek To Get Even


If you were born under an Aquarius sky, look out: Aquarians love revenge. That being said, you are normally good natured and very high on the chill scale. But your sign means this chillness comes with a catch.

While you're usually easy going, if someone does you wrong, you go from 0 to 60 (not 100) on the savage scale real quick. Aquarians do not take well to being wronged, and once you feel spited, you might throw all rules and decorum out the window in your search to get back at those who slighted you.

Look no further for an example than Kim Jong II, the dictator and ruler of North Korea. He's the perfect example of someone who wants to be left alone to do his thing, but will go all out if people tell him what to do. As an Aquarian, be aware of how you react when people tell you what you should or shouldn't do; your strong, savage response may be the stars talking.

10 Psychotic Leo Acts Out On A Dime


People born under the lion sign of Leo are passionate. That passion means you love all eyes on you. You're a natural-born star, and you love being the center of attention and having the entire crowd watching your every move.

But that craving for attention and love of fame can turn nasty. In their search for more attention, more power and more fame, Leos sometimes will do anything and say anything to get it. One world-famous example is Mussolini, a Leo who led Italy and helped launch World War I in his desire to stay on the center stage.

The next time you're posting a photo for likes on Instagram or sharing a Snapchat story, be aware of how your stars influence your story. There's nothing wrong with loving the attention, but watch out if you're tempted to do something savage like sharing a scandalous pic or posting gossip. It could lead to greatness, but it could also lead to your downfall!

9 Sadistic Scorpios Will Play You Like No Other


Who is pulling the strings? On the horoscope scale, this is where we start entering the land of pure savagery.

Some astrologists think Scorpios are the most sadistic of all the signs. If you're a Scorpio, you're not inherently savage. But if you choose to take a no-holds-barred approach to life, that savagery can often go real dark real quick.

Scorpios love to influence the things around them. That means on a daily basis, a savage Scorpio likes to pull strings in secret to get what they want. Think "A" in Pretty Little Liars. You'll say and do things with a big end game in mind. Famous bad Scorpios who did this to their dark success include people like Charles Manson. If you find yourself manipulating your surroundings, watch out!

8 Powerful Pisces Will Go All Out #NoMercy


Do you sometimes totally lose it in traffic? If someone says or does something that annoys you, do you flip tables and throw your weave like a Real Housewife? Welcome to the world of a Pisces.

People born under the fish sign are passionate with a short fuse. Sometimes, it doesn't take much to set you off, when when that happens, your temper and passionate can lead you to make decisions no matter the consequences. That even includes yourself, with choices that are sometimes a little self-destructive. This easy-to-blow sign makes sense when you realize people like Osama Bin Laden were a Pisces.

If you find a savage need to show your anger and frustration, that could be the universe's influence on you. Just make sure that none of it comes back to bite you. Because you literally DGAF about what your choices mean to others or even to yourself, you might regret what you do in the heat of the moment.

7 Law-Breaking Libras DGAF For Real


On Mondays we wear pink, and on every day, Libras wear rules.

If you're a Libra, you tend to love set rules, justice and values. That means if you go savage, you tend to do so with a lot of backup and weapons. Famous assassin Lee Harvey Oswald was a Libra and packed a lot of weapons with him. And a lot of mean girls are Libras, making savage choices with the backing of their mafia-like high school squad.

Because you love rules, you often go savage when you see what you perceive as a lack of justice. Like the mafia, you might then demand some savage repercussions against people. This can be both a strength, since you help keep people on point, but it can also be dark and savage.

6 Nobody's More Stealthy Than A Virgo


Clever girl! Like the raptors in Jurassic Park, you're exceedingly clever and want to get your way. That means for a Virgo, your savagery tends to be a secret. You're stealthy, and everyone might think that you're a good, chill person, but in reality you're sneaking around to get what you want.

No wonder a lot of hackers and similar criminals are Virgos. And because Virgos like to keep things neat and tidy, a savage Virgo like you leaves no clues or hints when you do something dastardly.

If you're a Virgo, be conscious of your actions. Your savagery can cause you to lead a double life. One where you're doing whatever it takes to attain your goals, and the other where you're faking it. Watch out that you don't mix the two. It could backfire!

Famous Virgos include Michael Jackson and Ivan The Terrible, so your savagery could help you get attention on the world stage too.

5 A Capricorn Might Go To Criminal Levels


There's no "what if" for Capricorns. If you are a Capricorn, when you go savage, you go hard. Capricorns are known to fully commit to what they're doing, including when they go on the dark side and toss all rules and decorum out the window. If you decide you want to do something, you DGAF what happens and don't think twice before jumping in.

In fact, a savage Capricorn doesn't even care if he or she is caught in the act doing something bad-ass. Take Richard Nixon for example. This ex-president did everything he could to break the rules, and when he was caught, he kept spinning a web of lies and didn't give up.

If you're a Capricorn, go wild and free. But when you do, ask yourself: What could happen if I follow through on this? Sure, you might be totally savage and not care what happens to you and that's totally okay! But like an ex-president, don't forget that lots of people are counting on you!

4 Alternative Aries Must ALWAYS Get Their Way


We're getting into 100 percent savage territory now. As an Aries, you will always do what you want, no matter what people say. Whether it's explicit rules or expected traditions, you sometimes follow and you sometimes don't - it all depends on what you actually want to do!

The Aries sign is represented by a ram, and just like a ram you are stubborn AF! This means that you will often seek alternatives to what everyone else does. It doesn't matter whether you even agree or not. In true savagery, you DGAF and you'll take an alternative route even if you have no problems with the proposed original.

And if anyone tries to tell you what to do, you'll embrace your savage horoscopic animal symbol and ram you with their horns!

People born under an Aries sky also tend to get power hungry, which can easily lead to taking the savagery to an extreme and taking over your social world. A famous Aries was Adolph Hitler, and nothing needs to be added to that example!

3 Sinister Sagittarians Are The Wolves In Sheep's Clothing


As a Sagittarius, you make a decision (whatever it might be!) and flip your hair at the naysayers.

A Sagittarius sign means you're volatile and unforgiving. Sometimes you're chill, and sometimes you're breaking rules left and right. No one knows and no one can predict what you'll do, which you find fun but other people might find crazy, savage and totally annoying. But you do you.

As a Sagittarius, you'll often let the heat of the moment guide you and you'll make a choice at the spur of the moment. This volatility, combined with your unpredictability, means no one can hold you down. Not in life, not in relationships and certainly not in a job. People can't keep their grasp on you! Just look at criminal Ten Bundy, a Sagittarius who escaped from jail twice!

2 Temperamental Taurus Are Usually The Worst

The Tempest

On a scale of chill to savage, we're getting to the very end in terms of the most savage. If you're a Taurus, you might have a tendency to be a little stubborn and possessive.

This makes your sign a little risky on the savage scale. On the plus side, a Taurus tends to be a natural-born leader and want the best for yourself as well as those around you.

But if the savageness takes over, that stubbornness means there's no way to stop you. You make a choice, choose a way and forge ahead no matter what other people say or do and you're nearly impossible to slow down.

Just look at Saddam Hussein, who was a Taurus who embraced his sign's need for world domination. If you're a Taurus, let your sign lead you to greatness. Just keep an open ear to people around you who might be giving you tips and advice on how to stay balanced in your push for greatness.

1 Take EXTREME Caution With Cancers (Do NOT Underestimate Them)

Here we go! You're cray, you slay, and you say "nay" to anyone who thinks otherwise.

Cancer is by far the most savage of all the zodiac signs. People born with a Cancer zodiac above them do not care about consequences at all.

You were born to do you. You were born to fulfill your innermost desires. That means you will do as you please, regardless of what your family or friends might say.

You're passionate and have wild, creative thoughts. Sometimes, that can be totally positive. Other times, those positive thoughts can lead you into some crazy territory. For example, statistically people with a Cancer sign (like OJ Simpson) are also the ones who have the most trouble with the law.

Let your passions, ideas and wild thoughts take you to new places and unexplored territory. Just remember that savageness has a dark side, and don't turn a deaf ear to people who are trying to steer your passions toward a little more chillness.

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