Ranked: The Least Kissable To Most Kissable Signs, Based On Astrology

How kissable a person is can make a huge difference to their romantic lives—a person who’s kissable might find attracting and holding onto a partner a lot easier than somebody whose kisses are subpar. But what exactly makes somebody kissable? What is it that defines a good kiss?

The definition varies according to taste, but we tend to believe that a good kiss is one that leaves you longing for more, that consumes your mind before, during and after, and that makes your knees wobble together with its mere memory. You know the type of kiss we mean! A partner who’s kissable gives good kisses like this, but is also generous with their kisses—you don’t have to beg or move heaven and earth to get a smooch! They love kissing you as much as you love kissing them.

Each sign of the zodiac has its own distinct way of puckering up. This leaves some of them insanely kissable, while others are better at other things... So where do you fit? And if you have one, how does your other half scrub up? Read on to find out whether your sign is a natural born kisser, or whether hugging is more your forte.

Here's the zodiac signs ranked from the least to most kissable based on astrology:

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15 Least Kissable: Magic Virgo Kisses Are Rare And Fleeting


Individual Virgo partners can be fantastic kissers, but as a whole sign, the Maiden is the least kissable in the zodiac. This revelation will probably break the hearts of sensitive Virgos everywhere, especially since they’re so used to be the best at everything.

Virgos aren’t bad kissers, but they just aren’t kissable. Generally speaking, they tend to give off a rigid and inflexible vibe rather than a soft and inviting one. Their kisses are good, but they don’t happen often, can’t happen when anybody is watching and only last a little while.

Don’t despair if you’re a Virgo, or if you’re dating a Virgo. This sign might not be the most kissable, but their talent and hard work means they come out on top on quite a few other lists!

14 Focused Capricorn Is Too Busy To Worry About Kissing


Capricorn isn’t the most kissable sign in the zodiac either. There are endless things that this ambitious, talented and very often successful sign is good at, but relationships, love and intimacy don’t tend to be high up on that list!

Affection isn’t for everybody, and it’s certainly not for Capricorn. They prefer to keep their distance and not get emotionally involved in things unless they absolutely have to, which makes them come across a little stony. They just prefer to keep their focus on practical things and think with their heads instead of their hearts. Unless they get really comfortable with their partners and uncharacteristically fall deep in love, they aren’t the kind of people you want to run up to and smother with kisses.

13 But Makes A Great Kisser When Capricorn Does Have Time


Just because Capricorn isn’t the most kissable sign, doesn’t mean they aren’t good kissers at all. In actual fact, Capricorn can make a very good kisser when they’re in the mood. As we said, that mood tends to come along more rarely than it does for other signs, and you’re probably going to wait a long time for Capricorn to loosen up and enjoy a good make out session, but it does happen! You just have to be patient and let it happen organically.

At the end of the day, a Capricorn lover is still human. Yes, they have super-human focus and display much more self-control than other signs, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t let their hair down from time to time and shower their partner in kisses.

12 Cancer Can Kiss, But Only Behind Closed Doors


As one of the most sensitive, loving and affectionate signs in the zodiac, you’d think that Cancer would be very kissable. The truth is they are kissable, and they do love to kiss, but their initial shyness in a relationship means that partners don’t often see this side of them until much later. So for a while, they may seem pretty un-kissable to the people they date.

A Cancer has a lot of love to give, urges to satisfy and feelings to get off their chest, but they tend to keep all of that bottled up until they get really comfortable with someone. They can seem cold and reserved at first, leaving potential love interests with the feeling that they wouldn’t be very good kissers. Once you get Cancer to a point behind closed doors where they’re comfortable, they can be great kissers. But until then, they like to stay hidden in their shells.

11 Gemini Prefers Butterfly Kisses To The Other Kind


Gemini is a sign that is hugely social, and has a natural tendency for basically all social interactions. While they are kissable to an extent, they can sometimes lack the elements needed to make other people weak at the knees with their lips.

Generally, Gemini doesn’t enjoy being overly intimate. While they are very passionate and can be great company, their passion tends to extend to a wide range of things, meaning they aren’t focused on one person enough to deliver an earthmoving kiss that binds you together. Gemini lovers also are likely to prefer sweet little butterfly pecks on the face to sentimental kisses on the lips. You can probably get closer to a Gemini through conversation than you can through kissing.

10 Pisces Knows How To Kiss And How To Tease


Pisces kisses in their essence are pretty high quality. Being sensitive and considerate, a Pisces knows what to do to make their partner feel good during a kissing session, which usually leaves their partner wanting to kiss them longer and more frequently, which technically makes them kissable.

What really ruins Pisces’ kissability is their tendency to tease. At the end of the day, a few games can be fun and really get you in the mood for some smooching, but Pisces sometimes takes their teasing a little too far. They like kissing but they just get lost in their own thoughts and end up forgetting about what they set out to do. Pisces kisses are nice when they do happen, but if you’re dating a Pisces, you could spend more time frustrated than satisfied.

9 Aries Is Super Loyal And A Super Good Kisser


Aries is quite kissable for two main reasons. The first and most significant reason is that they simply love to kiss. They’re also full of passion and longing for their partner, and find that a good make out session helps to ease some of their craving for them. When somebody likes to do something, they’re immediately in a different category to those who just do it because they have to. You can’t fake that sort of feeling, especially with kissing!

The next reason why Aries is so kissable is because they make a high-quality partner overall, and it just makes their other half want to kiss them. Even if they have no idea what to do with their lips or their tongue, they’ll still want to kiss their Aries partner because they have so much admiration and desire for them as a person, thanks to all the other amazing things they do in a relationship.

8 But Not When Aries Is Mad...


There is one condition to Aries’ kissability. They are totally kissable the majority of the time, but they’re downright un-kissable when they’re mad. And considering they’ve got that Aries temper, they tend to be mad slightly more often than other signs.

All the signs deal with anger and other negative emotions in different ways. Some try to hide their feelings and are still approachable while they’re dealing with bad feelings, but Aries doesn’t fall into that category at all. Being so honest and true to themselves, they simply can’t pretend to not be mad when they are, and they usually can’t even talk to the person who aggravated them until they calm down. When that happens, kissing is out of the question, and their partner is probably too frightened to even think about it.

7 Aquarius' Kisses Are Exciting And Unconventional


For a sign who’s totally unromantic and relatively unemotional (compared to some of the other signs), Aquarius is a fabulous kisser. What makes their kisses so great is that they love to think outside the box and smooch in ways that are exciting and unique.

A relationship with an Aquarius is full of surprises, and they’ll definitely end up surprising their partner with the different ways they like to kiss. Spiderman and Mary-Jane doing it upside down is boring to them—they can come up with much better ways to give their partner something to remember! Kisses from Aquarius are truly unlike kisses from any other sign and when somebody breaks up with this sign, the kisses tend to be one of the things that they miss the most!

6 But Aquarius' Lack Of Affection Means They're Hard To Get Hold Of


Although Aquarius serves up very good kisses, the downside to this sign is that they don’t always want to kiss, which reduces their kissability the tiniest amount. A little game of cat and mouse can be fun, but there’s nothing more frustrating than wanting kisses from a partner who goes through periods where they couldn’t think of anything worse than kissing.

Aquarius is great at the individual elements of relationships, like kissing, talking and hanging out together, but they aren’t big on the whole commitment thing, and are one of the signs who’s the least likely to enjoy a long-term relationship. Some days they like kissing, but when they feel like they’re being smothered by the other person and they need a break from all the intimacy, the thought of meeting another pair of lips can turn them right off.

5 Sagittarius Loves Kissing, And Anything That Makes Their Partner Happy


The next sign who’s a pretty good kisser is Sagittarius. What makes them so good at kissing, and in turn so kissable, is that they love to do it. Like many other things that couples do together, locking lips with the person they love is incredibly fun for them.

Their love of kissing stems from the fact that they love doing anything that will make their partner happy. Their joy comes from seeing how much they appreciate and even long for their kisses, which makes them want to kiss them more, and so they continue in a blissful cycle. Sagittarius doesn’t like to feel boxed in or restricted by a partner, but as long as they’re with someone who lets them be themselves and doesn’t try to control them, they naturally love to please them.

4 Leo Likes To Kiss, And To Make A Show Out Of It


Whatever you do, don’t ever insinuate that a Leo is not a good kisser. For one thing, they are good kissers, so that’s an outright lie. And next, they won’t appreciate having their reputation questioned like that.

A Leo is always a charisma wiz. Part of being likeable, from a lover’s point of view, is being kissable, which they are. Good kissing takes a certain amount of confidence, and they exude the stuff. They’re the type of people to take the lead, kiss first, and use body language that shows they know exactly what they want and aren’t afraid to get it. They also don’t mind a few PDAs, and love kissing where everybody else can see them. It gives them a thrill to know everybody’s jealous of their partner.

3 Like So Many Other Things, Kissing Is Taurus' Specialty


What can we say about Taurus? They’re extremely kissable, and that comes down to a number of things. It’s very rare that the partner of a Taurus leaves any date unsatisfied or complaining, and they have just the right amount of skills to leave the other person wanting more, every time.

Kissing isn’t necessarily a special talent of theirs; they’re good at it because they make it their mission to be good at basically everything. In life, they work hard to get enough practice at whatever they need to, and the result is that they learn how to excel. When people kiss them, they feel like they’re kissing someone with experience who does everything right. Also, being as social as Taurus is, making out and other romantic interactions help them to form bonds with the people they care about, which is important to them.

2 Romantic Libra Is Totally Kissable, Especially In Public


Libra is the next most kissable sign after Scorpio! Kissing comes naturally to Libra, because they’re natural romantics. They’re very good kissers, but they’re also good at everything else that has to do with love—they’re good listeners, pro at boosting their partner’s ego and cheering them up when they need it, and they’re also very good at everything else in the physical department. They were born to love!

Libra kisses are some of the most romantic, because they are all about fairy-tale idealism. They like to kiss in the most exciting places that leave their partner overwhelmed—on sleepy bridges against a starry night sky, in a grassy field in the middle of an intimate picnic, and if they have it their way, in front of the most iconic monuments in Europe too.

1 Scorpio's Passion Makes Them The Best Kissers In The Zodiac


Good news if you’re a Scorpio, and even better news if you’re dating a Scorpio! The Scorpion is the best kisser in the zodiac and the most kissable; a kiss from a Scorpio leaves a person out of breath, and wondering whether this is real life, or whether they’re stuck in some beautiful dream.

For Scorpio, it’s all about the passion. They feel every little thing and put all their energy into every interaction within their relationships, so of course that makes for some steamy kisses. They love the feeling of intimacy and being close to their partners, and though they love to have a deep conversation, sometimes they’re content with spending the whole night laying side by side, smooching. It can definitely get heated!

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