Ranked: The 20 Most Iconic TV Couples Of All Time & The Lessons They Taught Us

TV shows aren’t just there to entertain us. Though that’s their purpose, we can also learn a lot about life from the characters we fall in love with. When it comes to the most famous and memorable couples in television history, we can certainly learn many lessons about love. Their on-screen relationships sometimes teach us more than our own do!

Some TV couples, like Monica Geller and Chandler Bing from Friends, teach us that sometimes you find love with the person you least expected and that the best relationships are based on friendship. Maggie and Glenn’s Walking Dead relationship, on the other hand, shows that love doesn’t always make it to the end, but can make all the difference in our lives when it does come along. From Carrie and Big on Sex and the City who teach us that you should never chase a lover to Homer and Marge Simpson who are the perfect example of ignoring your partner’s flaws and loving them anyway, these couples made a big difference in our lives.

Keep reading to find out who the most iconic TV couple is, and what lessons we learned from them and other famous couples over the years.

20 April Ludgate And Andy Dwyer: There’s Someone For Everyone


From April and Andy’s relationship on Parks and Recreation, we learn that there is someone out there for everyone. Even if you think you’re too “weird” to ever find a soulmate, there is always someone out there who fits together with you like a puzzle piece. Sometimes it may take a little looking, but sooner or later, you’ll find them! Neither April nor Andy is exactly cookie-cutter normal, but that’s why we love them, and that’s why they love each other. They both would be seriously bored with partners who were a little more conventional, and fit together perfectly!

19 Carol Hathaway And Doug Ross: Can’t Argue With Chemistry


What can we say about Carol and Doug on E.R.? This couple may have almost disappeared from later seasons, but they left a lasting impression on us because of their undeniable chemistry. There are a lot of factors that come into whether two people will make a good couple, and one of the most important is chemistry. Even if everything adds up on paper and in theory, it just never works without that strong, natural attraction. The annoying thing about chemistry is that you can’t control it, but in our opinion, it is a crucial ingredient to successful relationships.

18 Pam Beesly And Jim Halpert: It Doesn’t Always Hurt To Wait


In The Office, when Jim first meets Pam, you could call it love at first sight. He knows he’s going to marry her from the first moment he meets her, even though she’s engaged to someone else. By waiting for the right time, he ends up scoring the love of his life.

Love is often thought of as something to jump into, but sometimes, it doesn’t hurt to wait.

The universe can take a while to line everything up perfectly for you, so a little patience never goes astray. Waiting for the right time is better than rushing in blindly.

17 Mindy Lahiri And Danny Castellano: First Impressions Mean Nothing


Some couples fall in love at first sight, while others begin their journey by hating each other. That’s the case with Mindy Lahiri and Danny Castellano on The Mindy Project, who don’t like each other when they first meet. Though it’s helpful to be attracted from the get-go, sometimes that chemistry takes a little while to become obvious. Again, patience is a virtue! Especially if someone totally irritates you, all that passion can transform into something romantic more easily than you think. Some of the best couples started off as enemies, so don’t write off your arch nemesis just yet.

16 Caroline Forbes And Stefan Salvatore: A True Love Will Be There To Lean On


There is a lot we can learn about love from Caroline and Stefan on Vampire Diaries. One of the main lessons is that love is all about being there for your partner, acting as their rock.

Stefan sums it up pretty well by calling Caroline his friend, his conscience and his sounding board.

“You saw light in me when all I saw was darkness. You saved me from despair.” Aw! Nothing is as romantic as the stuff TV writers come up with, but real relationships should be based on the same kind of loyalty and support.

15 Maggie Greene And Glenn Rhee: Sometimes, Love Is Found In A Hopeless Place


You just never know where you’re going to fall in love. We hate to get into the details of Maggie and Glenn’s story on The Walking Dead because we fall to pieces every time, but can learn a thing or two from their ill-fated relationship. Love can happen under the strangest circumstances. And there are times when love can actually be the thing that saves you from a really grim situation, even if it doesn’t last. Whatever situation you’re in, don’t be afraid to open up your heart to love. Okay, we’re done with the cheese. RIP Glenn.

14 Monica Geller And Chandler Bing: Chemistry Can Take A While To Notice


Chemistry certainly can take a while to notice. Look at Monica and Chandler. We sat through four seasons before these two friends finally realized they were super attracted to each other in London. It may have taken them a while to notice that they had something real, but once they did, their lives changed forever. Chandler finally had to face his commitment issues and make the transition from awkward bachelor to husband and father, and all of Monica’s dreams finally came true.

Friends turning into lovers can end badly, and people can get hurt, but sometimes, you’ve just got to go for it.

13 Cameron Tucker And Mitchell Pritchett: Opposites Do Attract


The saying “opposites attract” is seriously onto something. Although there are certain things that two people have to have in common for their relationship to succeed, some of the greatest relationships out there involve people who are stark opposites. That’s the case with Cameron and Mitchell on Modern Family, who probably couldn’t be more different if they tried. Their relationship works because Mitchell is everything Cameron isn’t, and vice-versa. To put it simply, they complete each other. Two Mitchells or two Camerons in the one relationship would be overwhelming, but these two balance each other out nicely.

12 Piper Halliwell And Leo Wyatt: Love Really Does Conquer All


If there are two characters who have been through a lot, they’re Charmed’s Piper and Leo. The odds are against them from the beginning since their relationship is forbidden by the stupid Elders (since she’s a witch and he’s a whitelighter), but things get super complicated when Leo becomes an Elder himself, then Piper starts dating other people, before Leo develops severe anger issues, joins the Avatars, becomes a mortal with memory loss and is stolen by the Angel of Destiny. Those are serious hurdles to overcome! But they do it and end up happily ever after because love conquers all.

11 Lorelai Gilmore And Luke Danes: We Never Know What Could Bring Two People Together


On Gilmore Girls, Lorelai and Luke meet in the first place thanks to one simple thing: Lorelai’s caffeine addiction. Luke is the guy who pours her coffee. This kicks off their platonic friendship which then blossoms into a real relationship (and probably our favorite on the show!).

The moral of this story is that you could meet your next big love absolutely anywhere.

This is good news for people who despise combing through clubs, bars, and dating profiles. If you’re looking for someone, why not spend more time in your local diner? You never know what could happen!

10 Marge And Homer Simpson: Love Goes Beyond The Flaws


The romance between Homer and Marge Simpson is truly one for the ages. These two have been through adventure after adventure together, and have faced some serious obstacles in their relationship (most of them coming from or instigated by Homer). But despite Homer’s many flaws, not to mention a few of Marge’s, these two find a way to make it work. Their undying love shows that soulmates stick it out even when one of them is less than intelligent, or lacks personal hygiene, or nearly dooms the city of Springfield by dumping a dirty silo in a lake. Love really includes flaws and all.

9 Blair Waldorf And Chuck Bass: Everyone Deserves A Second Chance


If we were to judge Chuck Bass from the first time we met him on Gossip Girl, we’d probably have decided that he wasn't good enough for Blair Waldorf.

Throughout their sometimes toxic relationship, these two do some truly horrible things to each other. But in the end, they are happily married with a super cute kid called Henry because they’re believers in second chances. Particularly after Chuck fails at telling Blair he loves her the first time, she has to find it within herself to be patient and give him another chance. Third and fourth chances might be pushing it, but second chances can be saviors.

8 Joey Potter And Pacey Witter: The Best Couples Support Each Other


A few of the couples on this list teach us that if a relationship is not built on support and loyalty, it will probably crumble. Pacey and Joey on Dawson’s Creek have this ongoing thing where they lean on each other and support their individual passions and goals, and it’s all summed up with the infamous wall scene. It’s important for couples to be there for each other when their partners are trying to achieve goals and ambitions in their own lives because that support makes all the difference. Plus, if you’re able to give it out, you’re more likely to get it back in return.

7 Lynette And Tom Scavo: All Relationships Have Tough Times


The perfect relationship isn’t necessarily one without any obstacles to overcome. Instead, trying times actually test the strength of a couple and help them remember why they came together in the first place. If you never go through something difficult together, how do you know where your relationship really stands? Out of all the couples on Desperate Housewives, Tom and Lynette were our favorites! The Scavos dealt with a competitive career rivalry, a crazy ex, flirtatious co-workers, failed business endeavors, a cancer diagnosis, and even a separation. But in the end, those tough times only make them stronger and bring them closer together.

6 Becky And Jesse Katsopolis: Being In A Relationship Doesn’t Mean Losing Yourself


All these years later and we’re still obsessed with Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky! What we love about this couple from Full House is that neither one lost their identities after getting together. Many people fall into the trap of losing themselves once they find their perfect relationship, and this usually backfires, because if the relationship turns out to be not so perfect, they have nothing left. It’s always good to maintain your own identity, even when you’re somebody’s other half. Becky, for example, kept hosting Wake Up San Francisco! and eventually went on to host her own talk show on national television.

5 Carrie Bradshaw And Mr. Big: If He Wants Her, He Will Pursue Her


Even if you’re Team Aidan instead of Team Big, you can’t argue that the relationship between Carrie and Big on SATC is iconic.

Mr. Big may not be everybody’s dream man, but he did teach us a lot of things about love.

Carrie basically spends the entire series pining over him, until he finally comes to rescue her in Paris at the end of the series. Big’s cold treatment of Carrie (and then his out-of-character rush to sweep her off her feet) shows that you shouldn’t have to chase someone you have feelings for. If they have feelings for you too, they will pursue you.

4 Summer Roberts And Seth Cohen: Never Say Never When It Comes To Love


Most of us don’t get to end up living happily ever after with our high school crushes, but you should never say never. Why? It might not be common, but it is possible to actually win the heart of the person you’ve been dreaming about from afar. Just look at Seth and Summer from The O.C.! Seth essentially spent his whole life obsessed with Summer—to the point where he named his boat after her—and never thought he stood a chance. But once Ryan Atwood came along and helped usher him into the cool scene, Summer finally fell in love with Seth’s personality.

3 Meredith Grey And Derek Shepherd: We Don’t Need A Fancy Wedding


Just the mention of Meredith and Derek brings tears to our eyes. This is another couple that could write a book on the ups and downs of love.

The biggest lesson they taught us was that material things really don’t matter in the context of a relationship.

A lot of people chase the dream of a huge fairy-tale wedding, but all you need is the person who loves you there by your side. For Meredith and Derek, the fancy wedding they wanted just wasn’t meant to be, so they settled for professing their love for one another on a post-it.

2 Lucy And Ricky Ricardo: She Doesn’t Have To Choose Between A Husband And A Life


Their real-life relationship might have been a little more tumultuous, but the on-screen marriage of Lucy and Ricky Ricardo was one for the ages. Though many years have passed, we still find comfort in the strong bond this hilarious couple had. What we learned from them was that women don’t have to choose between being wives and having lives. Just like Lucy, they can do both! And if Lucy could pull off being a wife and still scheming her way into Ricky’s performances, learning French and trying new jobs in the 1950s, we can do it today.

1 Most Iconic - Rachel Green And Ross Geller: The Best Relationships Are Complicated


The most iconic couple on our list has to be the two biggest lobsters out there, Ross and Rachel from Friends.

Their on-again-off-again relationship shows that although things may be complicated for a long time, it doesn’t mean they won’t fall into place in the end.

Ross and Rachel date, and then break up over confusion regarding the infamous break. While just being friends they share a lot of tense feelings that lead to Emma’s conception, followed by more tense feelings. By the end of the series, fans were rooting for them to get together, and thankfully, they did.

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