Ranked: The Makeup Skills Of RuPaul Winners

They're savage, they're glamorous, and they will stop at nothing to be crowned Queen. Tuning in to watch RuPaul's Drag Race is more intense than any extreme sport we can think of, and every bit as exciting.

It first aired back in 2009, and it's now going eleven seasons strong, having already crowned thirteen marvelous champions. All candidates have graced our lives with their fair share of outrageousness, charisma, drama, and talent. It's simply impossible to ignore all the glamour and genius of the over 120 drag queens that made an appearance on the show. They made us laugh, cry, grab our seats with anticipation, and chew on our nails with nervousness.

While all of them have earned a place in our hearts for one reason or other, only a few have earned the coveted title of Queen. And royalty can master everything from lip-syncing to impeccable wig placement and, of course, makeup. But who rules among the rulers? Here are the makeup skills of all  RuPaul's Drag Race winners, ranked.

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13 Tyra Sanchez (Season 2)

Tyra Sanchez is far from being one of the overall favorite winners of the cut-throat show we all know and love. Ever since she took the crown way back in 2010, Sanchez has pretty much been off the grid as a drag queen, but managed to get some attention for all the wrong reasons. Controversial posts and FBI investigations don't look too good on anyone's resume.

She did give us some interesting looks, though. Her final look in season 2 was classy and pretty, but it's safe to say that her makeup skills alone would never be enough to snatch the title of Queen - especially not when compared to contestants of later seasons.

12 Chad Michaels (All Stars Season 1)

Chad will forever remain in our memory as the ultimate impersonator of another unforgettable queen, Cher herself. The looks she consistently sported on the show had all the glitz, glam and grace just like this wonderful and powerful lady.

However, while knowing how to impersonate someone else down to a T can get you far - as it was proven once she took home the crown after her second appearance on the show - it will only take you so far. It's great that you do a fantastic Cher! Question is, what else can you do? When it comes to makeup skills, the answer is not enough.

11 BeBe Zahara Benet (Season 1)

She was the first one to be honored with winning RuPaul's Drag Race during a time when the word was still learning just exactly the how's and the why's of the drag queen world. For that, BeBe Zahara Benet will always have a place in our heart's, and an even more well-deserved place in history.

But precisely because she was one of the first, graceful and charismatic Benet still doesn't quite measure up to later contestants when it comes to exquisite makeup skills, which says nothing about her overall talent, poise, and talent. In spite of lacking a bit in this particular department, BeBe is indeed a pioneer worth remembering.

10 Sasha Velour (Season 9)

Sasha didn't just give us some truly out of the box looks (who can forget Rainbow She Betta Do or the Madonna inspired Night of A Thousand Madonnas?), she will also go down in the show's history as one of the greatest activists to ever be granted the title of Queen.

Unlike many others who could have found themselves in her position, Sasha Velour doesn't take the whole spotlight to herself. Instead, she shares it with other artists who weren't blessed with so much fame - and lipstick skills that are hard to rival, near impossible to master, and downright impossible to forget.

9 Bob The Drag Queen (Season 8)

Thanks to Bob The Drag Queen herself, now you, your neighbors, your family doctor, your cat, and the entire world knows that you walk into the room purse first, and that's that. Bob was one of the most charming and witty queens to ever grace Ru Paul's adored show, and her comedic skills just couldn't be ignored.

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Her jokes and charisma were, without a doubt, the two biggest factors that came into play for Bob to snatch the crown. While her makeup skills were commendable, they were nothing phenomenal, and pale in comparison to her other, much more interesting talents. A more than fair trade-off, though!

8 Trixie Mattel (All Stars Season 3)

After shooting her shot in season 7 of RuPaul's Drag Race, Trixie made one hell of a comeback to the third edition of All Stars. While she didn't exactly stand out throughout the competition, her wacky and over the top wigs, almost abusive use of bright colors, and more than impressive legacy as an actual brand eventually landed her the coveted title.

Trixie's blocky style of painting her face was indeed memorable, and did require some impressive skills that earn her number 8 on this list. Her final look alone truly was something else, and the crown couldn't have fallen into more deserving ends.

7 Alaska (All Stars Season 2)

The first time we saw Alaska was during the fifth season of the show. She got the chance to make her big comeback on the second edition of All Stars. While she entered still trying to escape her connection to her former partner, season 4 winner Sharon Needles, Alaska soon showed the world she needed no one but herself and her immense talent to win.

This queen was anything but simple, and her unparalleled genius gave us gems like Latex Extravaganza, Two-In-One, and, of course, Candy Couture. Undoubtedly the best out of every All Stars winners, her name will always be synonymous with eccentricity.

6 Jinkx Monsoon (Season 5)

Jinkx Monsoon doesn't just deserve the title of Queen, she deserves the title of Queen of The Classics and Old School Glamour. She took her outsider status and played it magnificently, schooling all the other contestants, and drag queens all over the world, on the beauty and timeliness of vintage.

Monsoon isn't quite like anybody else, and it was this bold authenticity that earned her the crown in the fifth season of the show. Besides, her Deadliest Snatch Glamour look speaks for itself when it comes to assessing her makeup skills. Classic, goth, with just the right hint of sexy.

5 Bianca Del Rio (Season 6)

When we think about the one Queen who's got it all, Bianca Del Rio is sure to pop into our minds almost immediately. She constantly delivered on every single aspect Ru Paul herself considers the absolute must-haves of a winner. Her charm, glamour, wit, paired with just the right amount of drama and excess, made her a true force to be reckoned with on the show.

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Bianca gave us some truly iconic and memorable looks, from her Cruella De Vil inspired Black and White Drama to the unforgettable glitz and sparkle in the season finale. Her skills truly are hard to match, and she'll always remain one of the all-time favorites to step foot on Ru Paul's Drag Race.

4 Aquaria (Season 10)

She's both the youngest to ever be crowned Queen, and the most recent winner of our beloved Ru Paul's Drag Race, but Aquaria has no problem standing out and holding her own against previous holders of the title and other drag queens who have been in the industry for years.

Aquaria has served looks unlike anything we ever saw before on the show, and it was her nerve, boldness and fresh take on things that ultimately made her the champion. Who can forget the Martian Eleganza Extravaganza, the Mermaid Fever, Final Four Extravaganza, or, perhaps the best of all, with makeup skills going through the roof, Hats Incredible? Aquaria may be the youngest Queen, but her skills look like they've been perfected over decades.

3 Raja (Season 3)

Raja knows exactly how to work her way around makeup, and she started her career in the spotlight thanks to her skills. You may not remember, but she actually worked as a makeup artist on America's Next Top Model for four years, so it's easy to understand why she absolutely rocked every single one of her looks.

From her Sci-Fi look to a Stephen King, Carrie inspired look, and a memorable Marie Antoinette moment, Raja proved time and time again she could transform herself into pretty much anything she wanted. A skill truly fit for a Queen, who will hardly ever be forgotten!

2 Violet Chachki (Season 7)

Violet Chachki made it very clear from the start that she wasn't here to play or make friends. Her attitudes and behaviors could rub some people - both inside and outside of the show - the wrong way, and had this been a rank of overall talents and personality, she probably wouldn't rank so high.

But truth is, Violet always came out serving some stunning, unmatched, and absolutely gorgeous looks. Her skills as a makeup artist are almost impossible to rival, as are her styling choices. Her Reunion Finale look alone might just be the best this show has ever seen, and there's no questions of whether or not she deserved that crown.

1 Sharon Needles (Season 4)

The most frightening Queen of them all, Sharon Needles always managed to stand out by bringing us truly eerie and spooky looks, that she somehow managed to present as glamorous and couture-like. Her Post-Apocalyptic look alone would be enough testament to her makeup skills, but Sharon is far from being a one hit wonder Queen.

She consistently put forward looks that pushed boundaries and showed unmatched skills,  bravery, and just a hint of macabre. Sharon snatched the title for more reasons than one, but because of her Hollywood level, top notch makeup skills, she once again takes the number one spot.

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