RANKED: Here's The Most Down To Earth Zodiacs To The Most Conceited

We bet you think this post is about you, don't you?

We bet you think this post is about you, don't you? We all know at least one person in our lives who just happens to be extremely conceited. However, we also have some incredibly down to earth people in our lives. Based on astrology, every sign has a different personality. These personalities co-mingle and result in us either falling in love, finding our best friend or hating one another. Whatever the case may be, we all have innate character traits that can't be ignored.

When someone has a huge amount of self-importance, they can be extremely difficult to get along with. Confidence is a good thing. However, it can turn evil real quick. Too much confidence can actually be a detriment. The problem with people who are conceited and completely full of themselves is that being the way that they are ends up taking a significant amount of time and energy. While some self-centered people are quite savvy about their behavior, others are less so. This can lead to a variety of arguments with people who are a little more down to earth. While there is always a spectrum when it comes to being conceited or down to earth, we thought it'd be fun to see what the stars had to say about how self-centered you are based on your zodiac sign.


Here's the signs ranked from least to most conceited:

24 A Libra Man Is One Of The Most Peaceful People In The Entire Zodiac


The fact remains, Libra guys are incredibly peaceful people. When they are in a relationship, the Libra man is someone who tries his best to avoid any arguments or fights. As a result, the Libra man will try to pick his battles wisely. However, when they do pick a fight, they are in it to win it. Out of all the signs of the zodiac, Libra men are some of the funniest and witty people out there. Therefore, they are far from conceited. A Libra man never looks at someone to figure out what that person can do for them. Instead, they give and give until there is entirely nothing more left for them to give. At the end of the day, a Libra man makes a great boyfriend because he is extremely down to earth.

23 A Libra Woman Is Never Satisfied With The Status Quo And Always Wants To Be A Better Version Of Herself


Libra women can occasionally be a little self-centered. However, they never let this quality show. Although they are never satisfied with the status quo, they work hard to be the best version of themselves that they can be. But the truth is, Libra women know that they have some qualities that they'd like to change. It; why they enjoy focusing on themselves so much. They want to show up in the world as a caring individual. Being amazing at seeing things from a variety of different perspectives, Libra women are always trying to consider other people's feelings when making decisions. So while Libra women can be self-indulgent, they are caring for themselves to help others instead of just focusing on themselves.

22 Cancer Men Are Incredibly Caring Individuals


Do you have your eye on a cute Cancer dude? Well, great news, he is one of the most down to earth people you will ever meet! Cancer men have a heart of gold. These caring souls are far from being conceited. Cancer men are known for wearing their heart on their sleeves. Cancer men often follow their hearts instead of their heads. This can get them into trouble, or worse, get them to be vulnerable and ultimately hurt in the end. However, once a Cancer man lands himself the right woman, he will surely know it. Cancer men treat their partners like they are queens. A Cancer man is definitely someone who turns into a beautiful boyfriend if you can handle his occasional mood swings.

21 While Cancer Women Are Extremely Emotional They Don't Put Their Emotions Over Anyone Else's


Cancer women may be severely emotional. But they would never think that their emotions are more important than anyone else's. In fact, Cancer women are very nurturing people. Cancer women are usually some of the most affectionate and loving people to be around. They care for their friends and family like no one else could. They want to make sure that everyone they love is cared for and happy. The typical mom stereotype is often associated with the Cancer woman. As a result, the Cancer woman is incredibly down to earth once you crack open her shell. Whenever a Cancer woman does something sweet for someone else, she'll never expect anything in return. She is just doing it out of the generosity of her heart and soul.

20 Aquarius Men Tend To Be The Voice Of Fairness And Reason


Aquarius men are the most unusual and funniest out of all the zodiac signs. Aquarius men beat entirely to their own drums. That just makes them more endearing. Living in a world all their won an Aquarius man is someone who can quite often be the calm voice of reason any partner would be lucky to have by her side. However, Aquarius men can also lack the ability to be in tune with other people. This can make them a little distant or hard to get to know. But, if you get into the heart and soul of an Aquarius man, there is some treasure to be found. They are some of the humblest gentlemen out there and make for exceptional boyfriends. Dating an Aquarius man is like being the decision-maker in the relationship since they always just go with the flow.

19 Aquarius Women Are Very Giving And Caring Individuals


Aquarius women are very caring and loving people. While they have a tendency to become a little self-absorbed, their hearts are always in the right place. For the most part, Aquarius women mean well whenever they give any sort of constructive criticism (which they tend to do quite often). Sometimes, they struggle to be able to deal with other people's emotions effectively. This can cause some trouble when it comes to friendships and romantic relationships. Aquarius women tend to be excellent listeners which is why their guys flock to them. In the end, having an Aquarius woman in your life just means that you have someone cheering you on while also pursuing her own creative endeavors as she so chooses. However, when an Aquarius woman gets a creative burst of energy, there is no stopping her, not even a man.

18 Pisces Men Are Notoriously Empathetic


Pisces men are some of the most sensitive guys out of the entire zodiac. Being so empathetic, allows Pisces men to come off as being incredibly down to earth. However, they tend to gravitate to partners who are the complete opposite of them. Being attracted to women who tend to be a little self-absorbed and conceited is something every Pisces man knows all too well. As a result, Pisces men struggle when it comes to romantic relationships. Usually falling for someone who just isn't right for them and letting go of the ones that are. Ultimately, every Pisces guy finds someone who understands them and accepts them for who they are. This is when their empathy comes out on a whole other level. They feel your feelings with and are unafraid of being vulnerable in front of their partners.

17 Pisces Women Tend To Be Too Selfless To Be Self-Centered

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A Pisces woman is not someone who people associate as being conceited or self-centered. In fact, a Pisces could actually benefit from being a little more self-centered. Being easily influenced and incredibly forgiving, a Pisces woman is someone who tends to always put others first before herself. This means that she rarely takes care of herself and instead will make sure that everyone around is taken care of. This can be a very daunting position to be in. Without self-care, there is no way that the Pisces woman can show up being her best self in the world. This means that she tends to stay single for longer than she'd probably like to be. In the end, a Pisces woman would never do anything to hurt anyone.

16 Capricorn Men Will Never Give Up On People


Capricorn men have incredibly high standards when it comes to their romantic relationships. Often, a Capricorn man adds pressure in a relationship without realizing it. It's just because they tend to fall for people who are really not that interested in them. You see, Capricorn men love the chase. But they also like people. As a result, they never allow themselves to give up on someone that they are interested in. It is both a positive and negative character trait, depending on your perspective. In the end, the Capricorn man likes to be the one who is in control. Making decisions is something that fuels a Capricorn man. Depending on what you want in a man, a Capricorn guy can make for a perfect boyfriend.

15 Capricorn Women Are Too Wise And Practical To Be Full Of Themselves


Got your eyes on a beautiful and magnetic Capricorn woman? Some of the least full of themselves people in the zodiac, Capricorn women are strong and fierce. But they also have a gentle nature and aura about them. Capricorn women really understand how the world works. In fact, they never think that their needs are more important than anyone else's. Unfortunately, this can lead to the Capricorn woman putting so much effort and energy into her work that she ends up forgetting to take care of herself. Although Capricorn women always want to make sure that they get everything done, they are genuinely some of the warmest people out there. As a result, Capricorn women make for incredible girlfriends. In the end, it is all about the greater good for a Capricorn woman.

14 Taurus Men Can Be Incredibly Enduring With People


Taurus men are difficult to pin down. They love playing the field. But, they also know how to show their emotions. This combination makes for a great boyfriend or husband. Taurus guys love their families and their careers. They are the kings of finding a fantastic work-life balance. Most men are envious of the way they can just switch from work to family mode in a split of a second. This ability is what makes them go-getters at work and endearing husbands and fathers at home. While it can be hard to figure out where you stand with a Taurus man, once he makes his love known, there is sure to be no doubt. In the end, Taurus men avoid dating just for fun. Instead, they are on the hunt for someone who can be wife material.

13 Taurus Women Don't Believe In Compromise But Will Eventually Ask About Your Feelings


While Taurus women hate compromise, they have a caring heart, deep down. Although Taurus women are always thinking they are in the right, it can be challenging to have an argument with a Taurus women. She will perpetually need to get the last word in. Unfortunately, Taurus women can sometimes be inconsiderate of the needs and feelings of others. They just are oblivious to emotions from other people. However, in the end, they do care about their family and close friends. If they care about you, you will know. That's because a Taurus woman will eventually inquire about your feelings when she becomes aware of some sort of emotional issue. Be patient with her. She means well. Taurus women really do care, it's just that anything having to do with feelings and emotions isn't a top priority for them.

12 Scorpio Men Tend To Be Extremely Strong-Headed


Scorpio men are seldom given the benefit of the doubt. However, the truth is, while they can be strong-headed they hearts are always in the right place. With eternal charm for days, Scorpio men are some of the most attractive guys in the entire zodiac. As soon as you win over the heart of a Scorpio guy, you have him in your grasp. Being some of the most loyal guys out there, Scorpio guys tend to love one person. They can handle complicated emotions and turbulence in a relationship. They know that as soon as things even out, the partnership will strengthen. It's why they are not very conceited guys. In fact, they can be incredibly down to earth. At the end of the day, a Scorpio man will do anything in his power to make his partner happy.

11 A Scorpio Women May Not Be Self-Centered, But She Will Cut You If You Betray Her Trust


As soon as you cause a Scorpio woman to lose her trust in you, be prepared for an entirely different side of her that you never even knew existed. Being notorious for holding a grudge forever and ever and ever, Scorpio women are not ones to be messed around with. Oftentimes, a Scorpio woman can become obsessed with having whoever hurt her pay. Scorpio women will go out of their way to make sure that the other person feels pain just like they did. It comes to a point where her friends need to help her out of the negative space that she finds herself in. But with some help and guidance, a Scorpio woman can make an exceptional friend and girlfriend, unless you betray her that is!

10 Virgo Men Have A Set Way Of Doing Things


Virgo men have a tendency for being jealous creatures. Without being able to control their temper, Virgo guys come off as being quite conceited. In fact, Vigo men are notorious for bringing things up from the past just to incite an argument with a significant other. This can result in numerous breakups with the same individual. Although a Virgo man is often the first to apologize, sometimes it might be a little too late. Some women are not so receptive to the temper of a Virgo man. At the end of the day, women need to evaluate whether a Virgo man is someone they can stand being with for the long-term. All that being said, they will go out of their way to help someone they care about.

9 Virgo Women Tend To Be Know-It-Alls And Perfectionists


It's hardly surprising that someone who is such a know-it-all and a perfectionist can be so conceited. But alas, the Virgo woman is such a creature. Virgo women always think they are eternally right. And Virgo women are not afraid to let you know it. Virgo women are notoriously known for being very critical people. Whether its self-criticism or criticizing others, Virgo women tend to have very high standards. However, this can make relationships very difficult for Virgo women. Most Virgo women are always settling for less than they deserve. This characteristic is not something found in most arrogant people. As a result, while they may appear like they have things all figured, the reality is that Virgo women are incredibly insecure and quite humble individuals.

8 An Aries Man Will Come Off As A Jerk Because He Is Brutally Honest


Have your eye on an Aries man? There are a few things you should know. Aries men may come off as being conceited because of their brutal honesty. But this couldn't be farther from the truth. Most Aries men are very nice people to be around. While they are unafraid to say things to your face that may be a little hurtful, they do this because they hate secrets. In fact, with an Aries guy, you know exactly where you stand. There aren't any games or lies. Conceited people tend to hide their true selves from everyone. But for Aries men, protecting parts of themselves don't serve them. That is why the Aries guy is someone who is entirely down to earth, once you can take his unabashed honesty.

7 It Can Be Very Difficult For An Aries Woman To Take Someone Else Into Consideration


Are you a self-obsessed Aries woman? Aries women are not terribly conceited, it's just that they struggle to take other people into consideration when making any type of decision. While an Aries woman may come off as insensitive, she really struggles merely with coping with a variety of emotions and feelings. But it's not all that bad. When asked directly for help, an Aries woman is right there! While you may have to spell it out for them, Aries women are always there to lend a helping hand or be your shoulder to cry on. While they might come off as a little conceited, their hearts really are in the right place. You merely have to get to know them before you judge them.

6 Gemini Guys Love To Take The Lead In Everything


Being in a romantic relationship with a Gemini guy can be incredibly rewarding. From their generosity to their compassionate nature, Gemini guys are lovely men to be with. Gemini men have absolutely no problem accepting people for exactly who they are. Being authentic is something you don't have to be afraid to show when you are with a Gemini guy. Giving second chances to anyone and everyone like candy. Gemini men are humble and remarkably down-to-earth. If you need money, a Gemini guy is there in a heartbeat. He shares his time with those that he loves. This makes the Gemini guy quite the catch when it comes to being an incredible boyfriend or husband. Therefore, if you happen to be in a relationship with a Gemini guy, don't take his kindness for granted.

5 Gemini Women Are Quite Selfish And Self-Centered


Being friends with the Gemini woman can be hard. Containing both equal parts selfishness and self-centeredness, Gemini women have a knack for being a little conceited. But the truth is, it's all just an act. Deep down, a Gemini woman is always there for a friend in need or a partner who needs some encouragement. The great thing about a Gemini woman is that they have some of the best senses of humor out of everyone in the entire zodiac. Therefore, when Gemini women are being a little too self-indulgent, they have the innate ability to laugh at themselves and not take things so seriously. This serves them tremendously well in all of their relationships from romantic to platonic, Gemini women are someone to call on when you need a pick-me-up.

4 Leo Men Have The Innocence Of A Child And Think Everyone Should Cater To Them


Being kind and sincere, Leo men are known for being conceited! Leo men think that they are the best at virtually everything they try. From their career to their looks, Leo men believe that they can do no wrong. However, when it comes to falling in love, they go all in. There is no question when a Leo man is in love with you. Because when a Leo guy loves, he loves hard. Relationships are complicated. They have their ups and downs. And that is no different when you find yourself in love with a Leo man. The only thing you might need to do is get him a mirror for himself so he can bask in his own reflection whenever he chooses (which is a lot more than you, trust)!

3 Leo Women Are Full Of Themselves Because They Honestly Think They Are The Best


Leo women are some of the more arrogant people of the entire zodiac. Sure Leo women tend to be self-absorbed, full of themselves, and terribly selfish, it usually is justified. If Leo women weren't as charismatic as they are, there might be some issue. But the truth is, Leo women tend to be extremely friendly and social. This not only makes them fabulous friends but incredible lovers. Leo women tend to have grandiose egos. This characteristic often serves them well as they make a name for themselves in their respective careers. Being more stubborn than most, Leo women have a difficult time changing their minds because they always think that they are correct. They hate to admit they are wrong which is what makes it easy to get into an argument with a Leo woman. Just don't expect ever to win that battle.

2 Sagittarius Men Live In The Moment And Focus On Themselves All The Time


Sagittarius men are known to make the best out of what they have. They never ask for any more or any less in their lives. While they tend to feed on positivity, they can manage to focus all their attention on themselves. This can make them conceited when it comes to being in any type of romantic relationship. Even during a dark time in a romantic relationship, a Sagittarius guy may see some hope. But he never actually finds a compromise with his partner. Sagittarius men refuse to take other people into consideration when making decisions. This can be difficult for a partner of a Sagittarius man. While initially, it can be easy to fall in love with a Sagittarius man, maintaining a healthy romantic relationship proves to be challenging for someone unwilling to love the self-centered nature of the Sagittarius guy.

1 A Sagittarius Women Is Someone Who Thinks The World Revolves Around Her


Sagittarius women are entirely convinced that the world revolves around them. They have absolutely no qualms thinking that everyone should immediately stop what they are doing and cater to their needs only. Sagittarius women are known for being incredibly charming which can sometimes make it hard to see their conceited nature. Whenever someone deviates from paying extra-special attention to the Sagittarius woman, she is known to flip out and not understand why someone would do this to her. It is a huge turn-off for a Sagittarius women to be with someone who pretends to not be that into her. In the end, the Sagittarius woman needs a man who can dote on her every need so that she feels emotionally satisfied with her relationship.

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RANKED: Here's The Most Down To Earth Zodiacs To The Most Conceited