Ranked: 8 Of The Most Attractive Actresses In Hollywood And 8 Of Their DUFFS

In fact, it is safe to say that society is quick to criticize the attractive and talented members of Hollywood.

When you think of the prototypical movie star or celebrity, you typically think of someone attractive. However, with social media and reality TV becoming huge, as well as movie actors and actresses becoming famous by doing more independent features, the looks of celebrities these days varies significantly from the past. Before, we think of gorgeous and handsome actors and actresses like Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and Dean Martin. Now, people like John Voight are highly regarded within the industry, but not particularly attractive.

The truth is, as a society we have evolved. In fact, it is safe to say that society is quick to criticize the attractive and talented members of Hollywood. In the past, it seemed as though only attractive people were portrayed on TV and in the movies. These days, there is a slew of different races, sizes, and genders represented in a variety of roles, which is fantastic. While there is always more Hollywood can do to make things equal, at least we have made a step towards the right direction by giving fantastic roles and opportunities to those who weren't blessed with the beautiful looks of Hollywood Megastars of a time long ago.

Here, we have ranked 8 of the more average looking actresses and 8 of the more physically attractive female celebrities who have made a name for themselves within the industry.

16 Sarah Jessica Parker Has Often Been Compared To A Horse


Who hasn't considered themselves a Carrie at least once in their lives? While on the show that made her famous, Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica Parker's character, Carrie was the main focal point, in real life, her story is a little less chic. In fact, has made a name for herself in the New York City scene, with a fashion line and a talented husband in Matthew Broderick, there is no need for our beloved SJP to be the prettiest girl on the block. As a result, while mean trolls on the internet will take time out of their dull lives to compare her face to that of a horse, we commend her for being so authentic and real about who she is, shopaholic and fashion lover galore!

15 Tori Spelling Was Really Only Cast In Beverly Hills 90210 Because Of Who Her Father Was

Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal

With a drama-filled show like Beverly Hills 90210, who would have thought that the drama wasn't just on-screen? Recently, Tori Spelling admitted that she slept with her co-star Jason Priestley and played a part in the firing of her former co-star Shannon Doherty. In fact, since her father was the creator and producer of the show, it should actually come a no surprise that she was only cast in the role because of who her dad was. As a result, the general consensus throughout Hollywood and the media is that Tori Spelling has the face of a best friend, not a leading lady. This is the same reason she has relegated herself to a life of reality TV instead of actual film or TV opportunities.

14 Tilda Swinton Is Considered A Great Actress With Sub-Par Looks


When you think of Tilda Swinton, does the word "hot" come to mind? Probably not. Tilda Swinton has always exuded a somewhat otherworldly aura. In fact, it could be the combination of her pale skin with her steely blue eyes that makes her unforgettable yet universally not considered hot in the eyes of males. As a result, she takes on roles that allow her to transform herself completely, virtually making her unrecognizable. This gift is something that allows Tilda to embody the character that she is portraying on-screen. Her versatility as an amazing artist is what allows her to be just impossible to classify. Therefore, while Tilda may not be on the cover of Maxim anytime soon, she continues to inspire us to commit to our craft and be the best that we can!

13 Uma Thurman Continues To Struggle With The Media Taking Jibes About Her Looks


Why does the media seem to be so aggressively mean to a beloved actress such as Uma Thurman? Uma Thurman admitted that someone once told her that she has an ugly smile which caused her to become insecure about her looks. In fact, a lot of the media today gets off on insulting her appearance anytime she steps out on the red carpet or other social events where there are a lot of cameras and visible paparazzi. Having denied undergoing any plastic surgery, Uma Thurman seems to be embracing her looks and age even more now. In fact, while it may look like Uma Thurman is the badass that she portrays on-screen, she has recently admitted to suffering from severely low self-esteem due to the brutal attacks on her appearance.

12 No Matter What Kristen Stewart Does, She Will Always Be Boxed As Unattractive


While Kristen Stewart continues to open up about her past, she will go down in pop culture history as being most famous for her role as Bella in the Twilight franchise, she has stepped away from mega-blockbusters to take a try at more independent movies. And while she seems to have come out of nowhere, she has actually been living and working in Los Angelos since she was just a child. However, due to her lack-luster appearance, Kristen Stewart rarely got any of the leading lady roles, even those offered to kid actors. As a result, even though she finally got her leading role as Bella Swan, it is hard to mistake that Kristen Stewart is not someone that many guys would ever actually find attractive.

11 Penelope Cruz Is Considered "The Uglier Salma Hayek"


It's safe to say that we all have an ugly best friend. Some may label this person as their DUFF (designated ugly fat friend) or just a significantly less attractive version of themselves. And it just so happens that Penelope Cruz is Slama Hayek's designated ugly fat friend. While we are by no means saying that Penelope Cruz is fat or ugly, when compared to Salma Hayek, her looks become a little lackluster. In fact, since they are such close friends in real life, we can't help but assume that Penelope gets passed on movie roles because she simply isn't Salma Hayek. In all fairness, Penelope Cruz is her own individual person with her own unique beauty, whether or not other people consider her hot or not.

10 Some Think Jennifer Hudson Looked Better With Some Meat On Her Bones


When even your fiancé isn't thrilled about your weight loss, you may want to consider the fact that you looked a little better with some meat on your bones. In fact, when it comes to Jennifer Hudson, her fiancé allegedly thinks just that! In an interview, Jennifer Hudson's fiancé David Otunga revealed that he misses that big booty she once had before her drastic weight loss. As a result, every guy has their own preferences when it comes to what they find attractive in women. We can all stand to learn a few things from Jennifer Hudson's fiancé and embrace our bodies exactly as they are. Because in the end, there is someone out there who may just love us because of what we perceive to be our flaws.

9 Without Makeup, Cameron Diaz Has Been Labelled An Old Grandma


How many romantic comedies have we all seen with the beloved Cameron Diaz? It can often be difficult to just count on one hand. While we all have a little less dazzle and sparkle when we take off our makeup, some speculate that Cameron Diaz is somehow aging rapidly, especially when she removes her makeup. In fact, even though Cameron Diaz has long been famed as one of Hollywoods top blonde bombshells, she has not had that much luck with her looks as she ages. As a result, while it's hard to say that Cameron Diaz is anywhere near ugly, it's safe to say that without makeup her age may really show more than other women her age. Even still, sometimes an unflattering picture in the airport by rude paparazzi is all it takes for the media to speculate about an actress's appearance.

8 Amber Heard Might Just Be The Actress That Is About To Completely Blow Up On Screen


Who doesn't have a thing for a blonde goddess who has the face and body of a Victoria Secret model with the talent and skill of a true thespian? If you thought Allison Brie as Captain America was amazing, Amber Heard as Thor would blow your mind! A photoshopping wizard has re-imagined the Avengers as an all-female group. He has created a breathtaking image of Amber Heard as Thor and people are going bananas. In fact, Amber Heard continues to be one of the hottest blond bombshells in Hollywood these days. As a result, her career is surely going to flourish, especially now that she is no longer tied to her ex, Johnny Depp. Therefore, Amber Heard continues to stun audiences everywhere with her breathtaking beauty!

7 Even Though Margot Robbie Doesn't Think She's Attractive, We All Do


Margot Robbie continues to shock us. Whether it's the stellar performance, she gives on the big screen or the way she views herself when she looks in the mirror. She makes us all want to be her best friend. You may be surprised to hear that some of our favorite Hollywood bombshells are unaware of how stunning they really are. In fact, Margot Robbie doesn't think that she is attractive, like at all. While she dazzles us on screen, especially her epic performance in The Wolf of Wall Street, Margot Robbie just doesn't see what all the fuss is about when it comes to her looks. You may even be shocked to find out that besides finding herself not "particularly attractive" Margot Robbie claims that her girlfriends are significantly prettier than her. As a result, it is safe to say that Margot Robbie may just be the best girlfriend we have all been searching for!

6 Kate Hudson Is The Blonde Bombshell All The Guys Love

The Gif Garden

Known for her energetic nature, Kate Hudson claims to have to work out all the time to keep her body in tip-top shape. In fact, Kate Hudson is someone who is real when it comes to sharing how she keeps her body fit and in shape. As a result, we can't help but just love her even more. There is something so attractive about a woman who is unafraid to admit how hard she works for her body or how hard it is to keep a figure even after having numerous children. Kate Hudson reminds us all that it is okay not to be genetically gifted with a high metabolism, but that working hard can indeed pay off in the end. Therefore, when it comes to hot women, Kate Hudson definitely makes the top of our list, but even more, she makes the top of our list for celebrities we want to be best friends with!

5 Salma Hayek Is Just So Beautiful That It Hurts


Salma Hayek's beauty is just undeniable. Both women and men can appreciate how amazingly gorgeous she is. The actress has appeared on numerous magazine covers looking exceptionally stunning. In fact, it's not just her beauty that has men clamoring to get a piece of her, it's her brains too. She chooses parts and roles that allow her to be a great example for her daughter, that showcase women as leaders and aspirational figures in the world. As a result, Salama Hayek exudes a sense of confidence that is undeniably attractive. In the end, all she really wants in life is to be the best mother and wife that she can be so that her family doesn't just see her as someone who is beautiful but someone that has a big heart.

4 Brooklyn Decker May Not Be A Movie Star But She Sure Is Attractive


Brooklyn Decker isn't often on the forefront of people's minds when you ask them to think of a female celebrity that is attractive. However, whenever you see her, your interests are bound to peak! In fact, Brooklyn Decker was first introduced to the world of fashion and modeling at a young age. Although she had some horrible experiences within the industry, she met her husband, the ultimate in handsome, Andy Roddick, while modeling. And while first impressions are hard to eradicate, especially in the cutthroat world that is Hollywood, Brooklyn Decker seems to have found her niche in the world of acting. Appearing a slew of different movies and TV shows Brooklyn Decker is making her presence known. While the projects she chooses are not always a success, she continues to try, knowing that it's more than her looks that make her who she is.

3 Physically Stunning Heather Graham Chooses Unique Characters To Portray


Who isn't a huge fan of the beautiful Heather Graham? Heather Graham is just stunning. In fact, she is known to play some of the most charming characters on-screen. It's part of what makes her so attractive to both males and females alike. Just think back to her character in the Hangover movie franchise, a dancer with a heart of gold. With her girl next door appeal and stellar comedic chops, it's simply no wonder why both men and women can't help themselves but be mesmerized when Heather Graham shows up on the big screen. As a result, no matter what Heather Graham is doing, be it drama, horror or comedy, she is sure to light up the screen with her beauty!

2 Jamie Pressly Attracts Guys With Her Good Looks And Sense Of Humor


While most guys won't dare admit it all that often, but they really do want a woman with more than just looks. They are seeking someone who has a sense of humor. That is why a lot of guys find Jamie Pressly just so darn attractive. In fact, Jamie Pressly is irresistible because of how funny she is on and off the screen. Research has shown that people with a sense of humor are a lot more attractive than someone who lacks a sense of humor. It makes sense- when someone is funny, they are guaranteed to be smart. And anyone who is smart is highly attractive. As a result, being able to get a laugh is something Jamie Pressly knows how to do first-hand!

1 Halle Berry Claims To Have Had To Beg For Roles Because She Was Deemed Too Beautiful


What guy doesn't have a massive crush on the magnificent Halle Berry? What woman doesn't want to be Halle Berry, even just for a day? Hally Berry started off in beauty pageants before making her way onto the big screen. In fact, in a variety of interviews, she has mentioned how hard it was for her to break out into acting because directors and producers thought that she was just too beautiful for people to relate to. While Halle Berry may have had some stumbling blocks on her road to Hollywood stardom and incredible success, there is no denying that Halle Berry is indeed a gorgeous human specimen. Because she is over 50-years-old, we are now bowing down to the beauty of Halle Berry!

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Ranked: 8 Of The Most Attractive Actresses In Hollywood And 8 Of Their DUFFS