Ranked: 21 Cheapest Items In Kris Jenner's Closet (Most Of Us Still Can't Afford)

Kris Jenner’s humongous closet makes the wardrobe in The Chronicles of Narnia look pretty dang small. Kris' closet is practically a fashion museum! But it makes sense that the momager would turn an entire room into a walk-in closet made for a reality TV queen.

The mogul mom has got about 170 items spanning designer brands like Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Balmain, Givenchy, and Stella McCartney. And that's fortunate for her since she shoots a TV show almost every day. After all, a busy gal like this one needs to have tons of options. Fortunately, she has plenty to choose from in this reservoir of designer handbags and clothes.

There are three walls dedicated solely to designer handbags and an entire wall full of clothes. There’s also a huge dresser about the size of a twin bed in the middle of the closet. But it’s still not entirely clear just how big her closet is.

We just know that that there are floor-to-ceiling mirrors leading to what appears to be one other room. Could it lead to more storage space? Who knows! But instead of focusing on the most expensive things in Kris Jenner’s closet, let’s focus on the least expensive items, which you probably couldn’t afford anyway... well, only some of them. Others, you might actually already own!

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21 $35: Kris Is Known For Her Expensive Taste, But She Loves A Little Black Dress From Fashion Nova


There’s no doubt about it: Kris Jenner is a fashion icon. She looks gorgeous in everything she wears, and she's not afraid of mixing it up. But this elegant momager doesn’t always buy designer brands.

 Sometimes she’ll go and buy a timeless little item like this black dress.

But believe it or not, this beauty called the "Left My Heart In Rome Mermaid Dress" from Fashion Nova is only $35. Now that’s the kind of budget we can totally get on board with. Who knew a dress this beautiful with great material could cost so little? Or that someone with a net worth of $60 million would be so price conscious?

20 $110: These Iconic Adidas Tracksuits Are The Go-To Look Of Our Favorite Reality TV Mom


Keeping a low profile is never easy when you are part of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. But Kris tries her best, like that time when she wore an Adidas tracksuit with a hoodie worth $45 and matching pants worth $65. Still, she wasn’t able to stay inconspicuous for long. The Paparazzi noticed her as soon as she left the Jewish deli Nate ‘n Al in Beverly Hills. But she looked really classy and comfy in her workout clothes, which is tough to do when you’re coming and going as much as she does. And now her casual look has become the go-to look for moms everywhere.

19 $125: The Busy Momager Keeps Super Chic And Chill With This Pair Of Hand-Crafted Sandals


Some celebs won’t leave the house unless they’re wearing the most expensive and eye-catching footwear. But Kris Jenner doesn’t need to wear a million bucks on her feet. $125 will do just fine!

The cost of these stunning sandals is just peanuts for someone as rich as Kris, but they're worth every penny. 

The fringe decor on top is handmade and topped with pearl detailing and they're so eye-catching, they would make any outfit stand out. The suede lining, leather upper, and leather footbed are so comfy that these shoes are a total investment. These super chic shoes suit Kris perfectly whether she’s filming her reality show or when she’s out and about in Beverly Hills.

18 $145: Kris Looks Like An Angel With Her Marc Jacobs 2017 Resort Dress


You can order this classy Marc Jacobs Resort 2017 Striped Dress straight out of Kris Jenner’s closet. But don’t worry. She may be a high-end fashion firecracker, but that doesn’t mean you need a million bucks to look this good. The dress is only $145 and comes in black and white stripes with a lace accent throughout, plus bow accents at the neckline and a crystal embellishment on the shoulders. Plus, the dark and white colors work well with her warm complexion, and Kris knows it. And even though the dress is a tad "basic" for the outrageous TV mom, she always finds a way to take it to the next level thanks to her impressive scarf collection (more on that later).

17 $159: Kris Keeps It Comfy With These Airport-Friendly Jeans From Good American


Kris never has to worry about fitting into anything because she’s totally fit. But these jeans are perfectly comfortable for when she’s on the go.

They may very well be the best jeans on the market and they only cost $159.

These must be Kris’s favorite jeans, hands down. They’re our favorite too because we love how they hug her curves and leave no gaps at her waist! Most of us might need to start saving up a little extra cash to buy a pair. But Kris can probably buy a lifetime supply of these jeans. We definitely would if we had her impressive bank account!

16 $173: The Only Thing “Distressed” In Her World Is This Pair Of Edgy Skinny White Jeans By Frame


If you asked Kris Jenner if there’s an age limit to wearing distressed jeans, she’d probably give you one of her magnificent laughs and say no! This pair is worth $173. All women need to do what the Momager does and embrace all sorts of fashion trends, including this one. Seriously, don't let age define your wardrobe! The distressed jean trend is something anyone can wear as long as they're comfortable with how ripped they want them to be. Of course, the look also works better when you pair it with a nice top, a pearl bracelet, and a designer brand handbag that costs more than what we have in our 401k.

15 $200: Even A Gym Session Is A Great Excuse To Glam Up By Rocking These APL Sneakers


Decisions, decisions, decisions! Kris Jenner makes a lot of them all day long. But sometimes, it starts with something as simple as picking out which color APL sneakers to wear before going to the gym. They’re worth $200 each.

And at such a great price, Kris couldn’t just have one pair.

We’re definitely loving the yellow in the center and the gray ones. Obviously, reality TV’s most popular matriarch will find any excuse to glam up. But she’s also smart enough to pick a shoe that will look stylish while giving her the comfort and traction she needs for when she’s on the treadmill.

14 $224: Her Agent Provocateur "Annoushka" Underwired Lace Bra Is Amazing

Getty Images

Now that Kris has found love again in the arms of hunky beau Corey Gamble, she likes to find new ways to rock his world while rocking ours in the process. She proves that age is nothing but a number with the Agent Provocateur Annoushka Underwired lace bra for $224. If you stumbled into her walk-in closet and saw this, you’d probably assume that you accidentally walked into one of her daughter’s closets. But you’d be so mistaken! The lace bra is perfect to wear under a dress that’s opened in the middle. Something this amazing should be a sin.

13 $269: This Hardworking Momager Knows How To Invest Her Money: The Brian Atwood Agata Leopard Print Flat!


When someone like Kris Jenner works this hard, you’d expect her to splurge thousands and thousands on herself once in a while. But these Brian Atwood Agata Leopard Print Flats are worth $269. So, they won’t be breaking her massive money bin.

Honestly, we don’t know how she decides what to wear every morning.

Picking between the black patent pumps and the leopard flats looks hard. Then on top of it, she's got a million jackets, little dresses, and bags you'd probably expect to find at a Vogue photoshoot. It's incredible! We wouldn't even know how to mix and match all these beauties!

12 $289: Her Fabulous Boss-Lady Silk Foulard Signature Scarf By Versace


Kris' fabulous silk Foulard signature scarf is only $289, but that’s pretty much all she needs to look like she owns every room she steps in (and she probably does). Kris swears by these, and she doesn’t need a professional stylist to look flawless. All she needs is this iconic scarf by Versace.

via: Versace

If you manage to get your hands on one of these gorgeous, intricately-patterned scarves, you’ll be able to accessorize like the queen of TV herself. It’s made of 100% silk and nothing screams "class act" like a gorgeous silk scarf. You can wear it around your neck like Kris, keep your expensive hairdo safe from the wind by wrapping the scarf over your head, or you could tie it around your handbag for some extra pizzazz.

11 $749: We Want To Max Out Our Credit Cards For This Classic Fendi Knit Monochrome Jumper


Kris loves to wow everyone from the moment she steps out of her house, and this classic Fendi knit monochrome jumper only set her back $749. Wow! Things are starting to escalate rather fast! But seriously, this Fendi jumper is not just an outfit, it's a "wow-fit!"

Who knew a monochromatic logo-frenzied jumper could look this glamorous?

By matching a pleated skirt with her logo knit jumper, Kris has proven time and time again that she is a true living and breathing icon. Honestly, we'd love to walk a mile in her glamorous shoes. But if you ask Kris about a particular designer outfit, she probably has a hard time keeping track and remembering what she wore and when she wore it, right?

10 $775: These Vintage Versace Barocco Printed Leggings Are Iconic

Getty Images Europe

If there’s one thing that Kris knows how to do, it's to make something vintage look hip and trendy again. These Wild Barocco FW’91 Print Leggings are a total collector's item and they retail for $775. She loves to glam up in Versace (is there any other way?), but none of her outfits were as iconic as the amazing yellow printed Barocco "wow-fit" she wore when she was out mingling with other celebs at the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monaco. Also at her side was her beau, Corey Gamble. But of course, all eyes were on her and that amazing pair of leggings that made Kris stand out even more!

9 $925: Kris Adds A Bit Of Pizzazz With This Dolce & Gabbana Sequin Sweet Box Clutch


Kris always finds the coolest items to accentuate her outfits, like this Sequin Sweet Box Clutch from Dolce & Gabbana. But if you want to own it, get ready to splurge some major bucks, as it retails for $925. Now the momager is known for her stylish feminine dresses.

But a gal this classy would never dream of leaving her house without a purse that looked as expensive as her hair. 

Black leather lining, red sequins, and clear plexiglass with silver-tone hardware are just some of the features this clutch bag has on the outside. It even comes with a compact mirror, cause you never know when you might need to check your makeup.

8 $1,100: Red Fur Gucci Loafers Aren't Easy To Pull Off, But Kris Can Make Anything Work!


Kim might be a fashion icon, but she’s got nothing on her mom. And all you have to do is look inside Kris' multi-room closet to figure that out. She’s got a ton of classics, statement pieces, bags, shoes, and accessories. She'd probably get a headache if she ever had to list every item she owns! But the red fur Gucci loafers for $1,100 are in a whole category of their own. Not only are they super pricey, but let's be honest, red loafers aren't something that everyone can pull off, and yet Kris manages to do it as easily as slipping on a pair of... well, you know. The loafers look very chic on the outside. But with all that fur on the inside, we imagine that it must feel like slipping your feet into heaven.

7 $1,500: A Comfy & Stylish Staple: Gucci Jogging Pants Are The Perfect Way To Finish Off The Day


Kris has a style for everything, even when she’s ready to wind down and finish off the day. To that end, we present to you these Gucci jogging pants for $1,500 that came straight from her closet.

The camel GG print pattern in technical jersey is a nod to the oh-so-popular '80s style.

And the elastic waistband with drawstring and elastic leg opening makes them the ideal pants to lounge and chill after a long day's work. But it better be for that price! Let's be real; you could pay rent on a totally dope apartment with 1,500 bucks!

6 $2,195: This Balmain Virgin Wool Black Blazer Is Giving Us Life


The Balmain Virgin Wool Double-Breasted Black Blazer from Kris’s closet gave us total wardrobe goals. You can never go wrong with a little Balmain, particularly an all-time classic like this black blazer that literally goes with everything. Then we realized that this would set us back $2,195 and all our hopes and dreams were crushed... well, sort of! You can always go to Zara or Forever 21 and get a blazer that's somewhat similar. Plus, we don’t mind living vicariously through this reality goddess. Padded shoulders and a tapered waist make this neatly tailored piece something worth owning. If you have to take out a second mortgage on the house to buy one of these, then go for it. We won’t judge.

5 $2,890: She Knows How To Let Her Hair Down With This Satin Ruffle Cape Dress By Valentino

Judith Leiber Couture

Kris may be in her 60s, but she’s not afraid to let loose and wear something bold like this satin ruffle cape dress by Valentino for $2,890. The mini-length isn’t an issue for Kris because she’s got a pair of killer legs and tons of confidence.

But the jewel neckline and cap sleeves preserve a degree of modesty as well.

And the ruffled trim on each side simply scream stylish! So, if Kris ever calls you up and invites you to pick something out of her closet, make sure it’s this dress. It's likely the only chance you'll get to snag one!

4 $3,995: Kris Takes Her Love For Shopping Sprees To A Whole New Level With This Judith Leiber Bag

Judith Leiber Couture

Kris has been collecting Judith Leiber brand bags since the '80s. Even her friends know what she likes. So, in 1985, she was gifted a bag for her 30th birthday. But the one that really touches her heart is the one with the word “Lovey” on it. As it turns out, “Lovey” is the nickname that her grandchildren call her. We’re guessing she prefers this over being called granny! But the cost of a bag like this one can range about $3,995. Then again, you really can put a price on the sentimental value a purse like this one has.

3 $7,453: Kris Can Spice Up A Casual Dinner Like Nobody's Business With This Gucci Printed Tiger Face Blouse


Kris wouldn’t risk being shown wearing anything that didn’t look expensive. So, in season 15 Episode 9, she wore this Gucci Printed Tiger Face Blouse worth $7,453 for dinner. But among her circle of family and friends, this is just casual wear. Besides, if there’s one thing you can say about Kris it’s that she’s edgy as heck.

You won't be seeing this Lovey in granny dresses and hand-knit sweaters anytime soon!

But she’s also pretty fierce when it comes to being a mom and a momager. So, the printed tiger face blouse just seems appropriate for her all-around edgy and bold self.

2 $9,995: Kris' Palmiero 18K Diamond & Multicolor Sapphire Poppy Pendant Necklace Is Divine


We’re not saying that a new purse or a new pair of shoes isn't nice. But when it comes to accessories, jewelry is every gal's best friend, and no one knows this better than Kris. Her 18K diamond and multicolored sapphire poppy pendant is worth $9,995. Yup, let that sink in! We started off this list with a few items worth $35 and $45, and look at how fast things escalated! But hey, if anyone can afford it, it's Kris! As far as jewelry goes, this intricate piece is both stunning and a major power piece. All she needs is a neutral-toned dress or a V-neck blouse and voila! All eyes would be focused on her beautiful neck. So, if you’re thinking of upgrading your jewelry collection, you might want to try this inspiring piece from Kris Jenner’s closet... that is, if you've got $10k lying around the house!

1 $16,000: Kris May Be A Birkin Bag Hoarder… But Who Wouldn’t Be!


Even someone with a big bank account like Kris would gawk at how much this Hermes Birkin Togo Bag is worth. Would you pay $16,000 for one? Probably not.

But if you knew how much work goes into these, you might understand the price!

It takes 24 hours for one artisan to create a Hermes bag by hand, and they use only the most luxurious materials and high-quality leather. No wonder it’s one of the most popular handbags on the planet. And if this selfie of Kris with her Birkin bag on the table doesn’t make us want to buy one, we don’t know what will. Oh, right! Our savings account!

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