Ranked: 20 Most Expensive Gifts Celebs Were Given At Baby Showers

Everyone loves baby showers, right? The plethora of adorable themes to pick from, the coming together of friends and family, and the celebration of new life all deserve a celebration.

The support that a baby shower can give to an expecting mother is huge, as pregnancy can often be a challenging time. The stress, lack of control, and physical changes all mean that pregnancy is full of pitfalls and challenges that most people with wombs never anticipate, no matter how many incoming baby books they read.

This is why baby showers are important; they show support not only through the act of celebration, but also through providing lots of presents. Traditionally the presents are given to ease the financial burden of having a baby. Gifts of clothes, carriers, and high chairs all help the expecting mother along.

Sometimes the gifts aren’t as practical, though.

Celebrity baby showers might be fun and exciting, but they’re not necessarily the most practical. After all, what could those celebrity’s friends get them that they can’t afford themselves? Gucci carriers, thousand dollar bouquets, and gold plated treats are just some of the presents that appear on this list.

These are 20 celebrity baby shower gifts ranked from least expensive to most that prove there’s always room for another multi-thousand dollar stroller at a baby shower.

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20 Kourtney Kardashian’s Favorite Gift Kept On Giving


Starting at the cheapest end of our rankings is this gift that Kourtney Kardashian swears by. While it’s a little different from some of the other gifts we’re looking at on this list, we think it’s worth putting in.

One of Kourtney Kardashian’s favorite baby gifts was a Belly Bandit, which is basically like a post-baby waist trainer.

PopSugar reports that this is a gift that keeps on giving as well, as she ended up having a partnership with them and offering her name to their brand for a few special releases. Amazon prices her limited edition Belly Bandit at $65, which means this is a gift that’s actually ended up making her money.

19 Kris Jenner’s Custom Cake Could Cost A Couple Hundred Dollars

Credit: Kim Kardashian IG[/caption]

Kris Jenner certainly struck gold with this baby shower gift. With so many daughters and so many new babies to celebrate, it only makes sense that Kris keeps her contributions on the smaller side. That being said, this is still a decently expensive present. Wedding Wire divulges that “the average cost of a wedding cake in the U.S. is around $500.” While this isn’t a wedding cake, the level of detail on the customization makes it incredibly similar, we think. Kris Jenner certainly splurged with this baby shower cake, which Marie Claire reports was commissioned for Kim Kardashian West.

18 Gwyneth Paltrow Gifted A $500 Blender And A Cleanse Because Of Course


Kim Kardashian West has had a whole lot of babies at this point, which means there are lots of baby shower gifts to look through. Moving in the circles that she does, it’s only natural that she’s got a long list of expensive baby presents on the received list.

Famous friends often mean gifts that are lavish, luxurious, and totally extra.

According to Metro, Gwyneth Paltrow, however, decided that practical was the way to go. She gifted Kim a $500 Vitamix blender as well as all the materials for a 21 day cleanse. Was that some thoughtful practical gifting, or subtle shade? Only Paltrow knows for sure.

17 The Gucci Baby Carrier Is A Popular $800 Baby Shower Gift


Starting to up the ante a little is the Gucci baby carrier that was presented to a few different celebrity mothers. Most recently (and most notably, since if it wasn’t posted on social media then it definitely didn’t happen) was the Gucci baby carrier gifted to Kylie Jenner at Stormi’s baby shower, as reported by People. Not only does Kylie get to count herself lucky that she’s been given a baby carrier from such a quality brand, but Stormi gets to experience the world outfitted in style. We’ll say nothing of the fact that this is a brand whose baby carrier costs almost as much as a month of rent for us…

16 Victoria Beckham Was Gifted A $900 Stroller


Victoria Beckham is the epitome of posh, which is why it might be a little more difficult to gift her some sort of elaborate present. Many of these multi-thousand dollar gifts we’re going to see come across as far too extravagant for the sophistication of Victoria Beckham’s style.

However, the celebrity guests at her baby shower weren’t about to let Beckham’s baby ride without some style!

Marie Claire reports that her guests gifted her a variety of things, including a $900 stroller from the brand Orbit. Sure, $900 is a lot. But compared to some of these other gifts? It’s but a single drop in this baby shower bucket of collective wealth.

15 Oprah Gifted A Trunk Of Books And We Did The Math; The $1,500 Math


We seriously had to do the math on this one, since it seemed like such an Oprah gift for Blue Ivy, Beyonce and Jay Z’s little one. To be fair, this is arguably the most practical present out of all the baby shower gifts on this list. However, it’s not cheap. Huffington Post reported that Oprah gave the soon-to-be-born Blue Ivy a trunk full of kids’ books. Doesn’t sound too expensive, right? Wrong. We did the math. A toy trunk that’s about 20” wide and 33” long can hold approximately 144 kids books. Priced at about $10 each, that means it would cost almost $1400 to fill the trunk, the cost of which is usually around $100 (based on Indigo Chapters pricing).

14 Meghan Edmonds’ Prada Diaper Bag Is Almost $2000


Meghan Edmonds, whom many of us know from one of The Real Housewives shows, is definitely not one of the only stars who’s received this diaper bag as a gift. “Just because she’s having a baby doesn’t mean she needs to give up Prada and Gucci,” Edmonds’ famous friends must have thought.

Apparently, Prada was on the same page, as they do indeed make diaper bags.

Those that are interested in picking up one of their own can, but there’s a reason that this is falling so close to the top of our list. Edmonds’ Prada bag gift cost someone almost $2000. Now that’s a famous baby shower present!

13 Chrissy Teigen Got A Several Thousand Dollar Bouquet As A Gift

refinery29.com / @chrissyteigen

Here’s an interesting present that again required a little bit of math. Luckily for us and our “failed out of Math 10” minds, Bustle did all the calculations this time. They report that there are “about 550 roses in the arrangement... Wholesale roses are priced at around $3.05 per stem.” Bustle goes on to say that this means “the flowers themselves cost around $1,677.50. With an additional fee for Leatham's time, energy, and design expertise, the arrangement most likely cost well over $2,000.” Is it any surprise that it came from the most lavish of ladies, Kim Kardashian West herself? Nope.

12 This Gift From The Minnesota Twins Was Definitely Fit For Beyonce


We don’t know much about custom jerseys, but we do know that the sports collectibles guy at the mall told us that a branded custom jersey can cost around $300, and sometimes up to $500!

While we’re sure that the Minnesota Twins have some connections to jersey printers, it’s still an expensive gift.

Yahoo Sports mentions that, while it’s unclear if The Carters are twins fans, it’s a pretty cute gift to celebrate the birth of their twins. Pricing each jersey at the maximum price means that we’re looking at a $2500 baby shower gift! And it’s not even one of the diamond-crusted ones!

11 Kim Might Have Received A $3,800 Swarovski Tub


Who else but our contemporary pop culture icons could pull off getting a diamond-encrusted baby bathtub as a shower gift! We can’t believe that this is even a thing, but it turns out it’s more popular than we might think. To be fair, it is a practical gift. Babies have to be washed, and it’s no surprise that Kim Kardashian West wants to bathe her babies in diamonds. After all, Beyonce has one! If Bey’s baby can rock a diamond bathtub Kim definitely wants in on it too. While we couldn’t find any reports on if she could cross this off her wishlist or not, we could confirm with Hello! that her favorite costs nearly $4000.

10 ... But Beyonce Definitely Got A $5,000 One!


Beyonce truly has everything now, including a diamond-encrusted baby bathing tub. The Boom Box lists this as being one of Beyonce’s most extravagant gifts, given by none other than Kelly Rowland! The Boom Box describes the present as being a bathtub for bathing babies in.

Practical, but also glamorous, as they go on to say that it’s coated in (or at least studded with) Swarovski crystals.

The price was even higher than the one Kim Kardashian had her eye on too, as these Swarovskis upped the final cost to $5,200. With a price like that we’re hoping she kept it for the twins to use too!

9 Chrissy Teigen’s Vending Machine Gift Is Over $6000, Not Including The Cost To Fill It


Sweet Chrissy Teigen is doing baby shower gifts all wrong. She’s the one who’s supposed to receive the presents, not gift them to other people! In honor of Chrissy Teigen’s upcoming baby, Kris Jenner decided it was only right to throw her a baby shower. Insider reports that Teigen, who’s always somehow polite and hilarious all at once, wanted to thank Kris Jenner for being a host with the most. That’s why she gifted Kris Jenner a bubbly vending machine, as well as the bubbly to fill it. No doubt Teigen is hoping to reap the benefits during the next Kardashian party, especially now that her little one is born!

8 Kylie Jenner’s Fendi Stroller Clocks A Cool $12,000


Stormi Webster might be the new coolest baby on the block, but it was never any surprise. After all, she has Kylie Jenner as a mother! What’s the perfect stroller for cool baby and cool mom to use?

None other than a Fendi stroller, which People reported was gifted to her along with a slew of other amazing gifts.

We love the fact that this is a practical gift, even if it is out of the average baby shower present price range. It also helps that whoever bought this for Kylie definitely knew her well, as she was pictured pushing the stroller while decked out in her matching Fendi bodycon dress. We hope Stormi was wearing Fendi as well!

7 While Kim Kardashian West’s High Chair Present Would Have Cost Her Over $15,000


The Kardashians seem to be all set in terms of lavish baby accessories, but that didn’t stop Beyonce and Jay Z from gifting this jewel-encrusted gift as well. Metro revealed that the goddess of pop and the social media mogul’s friendship was proved as solid as a diamond when Kim Kardashian West received a diamond-encrusted high chair that’s worth over $15,000. Is it ridiculous? Oh yes. But it’s also the most Kim K thing we’ve ever heard of. There’s certainly some brownie points for Beyonce in that! Whether or not the high chair was actually used is another question.

6 Jay Z Spent $20,000 On This Essential Gift


Is it tacky to buy your own baby shower gift? Definitely not, especially when it came to the much-anticipated arrival of Blue Ivy Carter.

Hollywood Life reports that Jay Z spent $20,000 on a solid wood crib for their first born, crafted by none other than Posh Tots.

It’s a fitting name for this posh kid, who has definitely stolen our hearts over the last couple of years. Honestly, we think it’s really sweet that daddy Z wanted to gift his wife and soon-to-be-daughter with a baby shower present, even though he was part of the proceedings themselves. Expensive, but high quality. We can’t think of anything better for this essential furniture item.

5 Kim Kardashian West’s Beyonce Bracelet Clocks in at $26,000


One of the more recent presents to have made headlines was this piece of jewelry for Kim Kardashian West’s semi-recently born third baby. Harper’s Bazaar reports that Beyonce and Jay Z gifted Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s third child with a Lorraine Schwartz bracelet. The gift, like some of the other presents Kim Kardashian West has received for different baby showers, is diamond encrusted. It rings up at $26,000, making it one of the more expensive gifts we’ve come across. In fact, it’s potentially the most expensive bracelet we’ve heard mention of over the last few years. It’s only fitting that it’s gifted to an incoming Kardashian.

4 Khloe Kardashian’s Registry Was Around $90,000


It might sound silly, but what the Kardashian sisters want, the Kardashian sisters get.

Whether it’s through their economic means or the fact that they have more influence than probably anyone else in the world, any Kardashian woman can snap her fingers and achieve what she wants to achieve.

Daily Mail reports that this extended to Khloe’s baby shower beliefs as well. They report that she was looking for “presents at the luxury boutiques in [West Hollywood], including Couture Kids, where she reportedly racked up a wish list totalling over $90,000.” Did she get everything on her list? Probably. While it’s not a definite present, the extravagant wish list itself is worth a spot.

3 Beyonce Got a $150,000 KKW Contour Kit


Can we talk about shade for just a minute? In the world of celebrity scandals, it seems like there’s always someone who’s arguing with someone else. Kim Kardashian West and Beyonce are sometimes one of those celebrity friendships, as we’ve heard more rumors about their wavering attitudes towards each other than we have about their loyal friendship. This present adds to that, which Heat Magazine reports was sent to Beyonce. Heat Magazine mentioned that Kim’s big gift to Beyonce was a KKW Beauty contouring kit in a solid gold box. We’re not sure if it’s entirely practical, which is why we definitely forgive Beyonce for re-gifting it (box and all).

2 Shakira’s Collective World Shower Gifts Totaled Over $172,000


This incredibly baby shower gift was a collective effort of Shakira’s family, friends, and fans. Hello! reports that throughout the course of her pregnancy Shakira regularly promoted her “World Baby Shower” campaign.

Social media posts and parties made it possible for her to eventually garner donations that totaled (according to Hello!) approximately $172,000.

What an amazing contribution to UNICEF by Shakira and her firstborn baby, Milan! This is a gift that will truly keep on giving. While it’s a little unconventional compared to some of the diamond covered presents, it’s definitely one with the highest monetary value attached.

1 Khloe Kardashian’s Whole Shower Was A Gift From This Company, Landing It Our Top Spot


The biggest and pinkest position on this list is rewarded to none other than Khloe Kardashian. The Sun reports that Khloe Kardashian’s incredible baby shower was sponsored by Amazon. From what we can tell, they paid for everything; the floor-to-ceiling pink flower displays, the balloons, the custom neon sign for the photo wall, as well as huge elephant sculptures that took up space in the dining hall (which may or may not have been separate from the ballroom). We can’t even begin to guess how much this all cost, but taking into consideration the labor, materials, food, and sheer volume of flowers… There’s no way that this was anything less than an arm and a leg.

Sources: Huffington Post, The Sun, Parents, Marie Claire, People

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