RANKED: 15 Worst Celeb Outfit Choices Of 2017

2017 is coming to an end, which means it’s time for all the best of, worst of, and what-the-heck-were-they-thinking lists. We’re kicking things off with one list that we’ve been keeping our eyes on all year: the worst celebrity outfits of 2017.

These are truly the worst of the worst. Not only has there been some ridiculously over the top red carpet looks, there have also been one or two everyday outfits that absolutely need to be burned. Everyone from Girl Crush to Rita Ora has had their flops included on this list. No one is immune in the eyes of the fashion police, as you’re soon to find out.

Some celebrities have even mixed up red carpet events with famous movie openings… The mess goes on and on. As 2017 draws to a close, don’t be afraid to kick up your heels and gorge on 'worst of' lists and shortbread cookies. After all, you can consider it a learning experience. Now you know to never wear a ball pit for a dress and to avoid fabrics that look more like wet latex than luxurious satin! 2018 can’t get worse than this… Right? We sure hope so. Sit back, relax, and take a gander at our rankings of the worst celebrity outfits of 2017!

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15 This Weird Bald Cap Courtesy Of Cara Delevingne


We think Cara Delevingne is the type of woman who can pull off anything. She’s had a few flops on red carpets before, and taken out of context this is definitely one of them. Her hair is lovely, and really adds to the personality she brings to her red carpet outfits. That’s part of the reason we can’t get over this ugly bald cap that might be sprouting feathers onto her forehead. Not to mention all the bedazzling! It wasn’t enough to dunk your head in silver paint, Cara? You had to add some tasteful jewels to it too? While it was appropriate for the event she was going to, at the end of the day this is definitely not a look that she should repeat.

14 Ruth Negga's Dress Coloured On By An Angry 4 Year Old

Should we mention how her hair makes her look even more tired than normal? Or how about the boots that seem to be hinting at her being a transformer robot? Or should we just focus on the fact that this lovely lace throw over has been scribbled on by an angry toddler? No doubt it wasn’t actually coloured in by a child; we’re sure she spent a lot of money, and some designer is very proud of the work they’ve done on this piece. Unfortunately, all together it just doesn’t fly. There’s not enough light in the darkness to balance out those bold, gold blotches. And it’s definitely too busy for our liking. Those shoes aren’t helping either, and her hair doesn’t add anything at all. Overall, this outfit deserves two thumbs down on both the design side AND the wearability.

13 Cee-Lo Green Confusing The Grammy Awards For The New Star Wars Movie

We’re going to be totally honest with you; we have no idea what Cee-Lo Green could have been thinking when he decided to put this on. Not only did he have to slide on into this gold robe ensemble, he also had to coat his whole body in golden body paint. It’s possible he replaced the rinse setting on a car wash with liquid gold and walked through it. It’s also possible he forgot that this was the Grammys and not the opening for the newest Star Wars movie. Or, maybe he was going to a super secret screening of it and thought the outfit could work as both a day and a night look. Newsflash, Green: It does not. Please take off the gold mask before the death star comes for you.

12 Zoey Deutch Masquerading As A Poorly Stuffed Chesterfield

Zoey Deutch is a gorgeous individual. She’s got a hair colour that most of us spend hundreds of dollars trying to achieve at the hairdresser's, and a body that looks like it could have been carved by forest elves out of beautiful soft river stones. Maybe that’s a little much. But she sure is pretty! Just not in this dress. It looks like it was ripped straight off of her grandmother’s couch, or picked up off of the living room floor. The colours are a great match for her, but the pattern is just too much. While it’s a little more normal than Cee-Lo’s, it’s definitely not an improvement. We think that Zoey could have toned down the patterns a little, maybe wearing the top part with a nice, plain skirt.

11 Grace Hartzel Missing The Memo That Halloween Is OVER

There’s always at least one demonic doll on worst dressed lists. Grace Hartzel was counted as one of the worst of the worst on a few different resources we found. Not only was she bad in the realm of actual celebrity outfits, she was bad at the costume outfits too. While you might have thought that this was for a Halloween party, it was actually for the same red carpet that housed Cara Delevingne’s bedazzled bald cap. It was for an art show opening, and everyone was encouraged to dress on theme. Hartzel here missed the mark, and the worst part? The party didn’t even happen close to Halloween. She just looked spooky for her own enjoyment. Nothing wrong with it, but it does win her the “Excuse me please leave” award on our worst dressed list.

10 Girl Crush Is Absolutely NOT Our Girl Crush In This Outfit

Everyone loves ball pits! What’s not to enjoy about a bottomless chasm full of joyfully coloured plastic spheres? Well, outside of the germs and the children hiding inside of them, not much. That’s probably why Girl Crush decided to deconstruct a favourite childhood activity and put it on her body. She did indeed wear this to one red carpet or another, which leaves us shaking our heads. Why? Who in their right mind would want to show up wearing some candy-coloured plastic play things? The ball jokes probably got out of hand, knowing how red carpets go. She might have looked happy, at the start, but we’re sure she saw the error of her ways pretty quick. Hopefully she’ll stick to more traditional gowns in the future.

9 Grumpy Boyfriends Are Not A Good Accessory, Rose McGowan

Yes, we chose to focus on the moody boyfriend accessory in our title, but we’re pretty much disgusted by this whole outfit she’s got going on. What is it with sparkly bald caps this year?! If it’s a new trend, we hope it dies before 2018 comes around. Nobody looks good in these things. NOBODY, ROSE! Plus, what is up with that shirt? It looks like someone cut a garbage bag into strips and tried to mummy wrap her. The next time her designer tries to get her to squeeze into something like that, she needs to say no. Everything is dark and dire in this outfit, including the questionable boyfriend she’s got beside her. Try a nice, sparkly accent clutch next time, Rose. And maybe look at a matching set of shoes.

8 We Can't Tell If Tracee Ellis Ross Is Channelling A Fish Or A Bird

She would have looked good if it wasn’t for a few things here. Firstly, those sleeves. They’re too big for anyone to look good in, especially when paired with the belt. She should have stuck to something a little smaller as an accent for this outfit. Don’t even get us started on the sequins vs. feathers battle that’s happening here. It’s as if a giant ostrich battled godzilla, and the aftermath resulted in this strange dress. It looks a little scaly, but there’s also feathers all over the bottom. What were you going for, Tracee Ellis Ross? Normally she looks so lovely, but this one really didn’t hit that mark. Next time, leave the 80s movie monster dress for the nostalgia themed party. Not the red carpet!

7 Elle Fanning Tried To Resurrect PopArt (It Didn't Work)

PopArt was a popular art style that featured bright colours, reprints of the same image, and bold lines. It took the essential elements of a concept, shape, product, or person, and turned it into an art almost-brand. You’d probably be familiar with Andy Warhol, who was one of the inventors of PopArt. It’s a movement that definitely did change how we looked at art, but one that’s become novel and outdated now. PopArt is nowhere near as edgy as it was, making Elle Fanning’s dress less of an envelope-pusher and more of kid’s art project gone awry. The colours are too much and too all over, and the print pattern has no definition to it. We think she would have been better off making a statement some other way, rather than with bold colours and old lines.

6 And On The Opposite End Of The Spectrum: Zendaya

Zendaya has been killing it lately, but not in this outfit. The total opposite of the dress that’s above her, Zendaya’s outfit is a drab reimagining of a paper bag. It’s not that it looks bad on her, it’s just really dull! For someone who’s usually so outgoing and personality-driven, that’s a little weird. Maybe she was hoping her wild smile and funky sense of humour would pull it out of the plain jane territory and into the quirky zone. If that was her goal, we don’t believe she hit it. The bodysuit is just a little too normal for our liking, and definitely doesn’t belong on a red carpet. Running to pick up groceries? Totally. Accepting awards and feeling fabulous? We don’t believe that it can really do that.

5 We Expected So Much More From Cate Blanchett

We all want to feel like we’re draped in gold (see: Cee-Lo Green), but sometimes it’s not the best option for us. You’d think that Cate Blanchett would have been one of those people who could pull off gold draping no matter what, but it’s turned out to not be the case. The dress isn’t flattering at all, and the colour and shine is far too bright for her. It overpowers her face and her hair, as well as those shoes… Which, by the way, make no sense. While we appreciate the articles that say “black heels go with everything”, they’re not always right. Black heels apparently do NOT go with gold drapes artfully cinched over someone’s body. We would have gone with a nice green, or a peachy pump. Anything but this in-your-face look.

4 Debra Messing? More Like Debra Messing Up In This Dress

Debra Messing is gorgeous, and really quite lovely. We appreciate that she’s always trying to toe the line between being elegant and graceful while still retaining some of her quirky fun. Take, for example, this dress. The cut and fit is a classic, which flatters her hourglass figure incredibly well. Even the colour suits her, which is rare for that shade of purple. The thing we’re not loving? That texture. It looks wet. And slick. Almost like one of those oil spots on the road after it rains. We’d guess it’s a fabric somewhere between seaweed and latex, which doesn’t at all belong on a red carpet. We wish we could have seen her shoes, since we can’t help but wonder if she’s wearing heels… Or flippers.

3 This Weird Death Shroud/Plant Disguise From Grace Jones

Maybe… It was a theme? We sure hope she had a reason to be dressed as a grieving plant. There’s absolutely no other excuse for her to be dressed like this, unless it’s a publicity stunt. We just can’t think of a designer that she would call that would actively suggest strapping a lattice of black flowers to your back. Especially when her little black dress underneath it is so cute! Maybe this would have been a fun outfit, if only she wasn’t wearing those horrible black gloves. They don’t add anything to the outfit other than a feeling that she might be going to a funeral after this. If that laughter was crying, we might even be willing to believe that she was heading to a funeral after the show. It’s not like we hope something bad happened, we just can’t believe anyone would wear this!

2 Sometimes Less Is More, Camila Cabello

Where to start. How to end. Obviously these were the questions the designer of this outfit was asking as they sewed together a reject skirt and a startlingly 90s mom sweater. The matching hat kills us as well, as does that ill-fitting skirt. The icing on the cake is really the accessories though, which consist of a pair of heels that grandma might have worn in the 1920s, and sunglasses that might have been stolen from John Lennon. There’s just so much wrong with this outfit, and she’s wearing it out in public. She’s not even on a red carpet! It must have been a field day for the paparazzi, getting such a huge score as this embarrassing outfit. She looks happy though, so… Maybe it’s comfortable?

1 And The Worst... Rita Ora Didn't Even Get Dressed!

Finally, the worst outfit of 2017. While you might have thought some of these other outfits deserved the top spot, Rita Ora took the cake with her bold statement about wearing clothing. When she was hosting MTV’s EMAs she chose to stay comfy and cozy in her hotel bathrobe. Okay, maybe it wasn’t a regular old hotel bathrobe. It was probably specially made for her, especially considering the fact she switched to an identical shorter one for the hosting itself. On the red carpet though, this is a wacky statement that totally denounces the rest of the awards show goers. Who needs to buy a fancy dress when you look like Rita Ora? She knows that it’s ridiculous. That’s why she opted for comfort, and we all love her for it… Even if it is the worst outfit of 2017.

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