Raising Stormi: 20 OTT Things Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott Bought Their Daughter

Stormi Webster does not know it yet, but her mother Kylie Jenner, beauty mogul and social media queen, is the youngest self-made billionaire. The adorable Stormi is already living a life that some of us will forever dream of: a multi-million-dollar life, to be more precise. Stormi is quickly taking the world by storm as she always looks dashing in expensive items that only the elite could afford.

When you have a wealthy mother like Kylie Jenner and a father who is touring and bringing in more dough, there is no doubt you are going to live your best life from the day you are born, just like the tiny Stormi is. And, with social media, it has become completely evident that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott do not shy away from pampering their daughter with designer items and showing her off. Funnily enough, the little bundle of joy has no clue she has a designer onesie on her back and surely makes a mess of it, but who cares, right? Her parents could replace the designer item by merely snapping their fingers.

After checking out the list below of all the expensive items Stormi already owns, you'll surely be envious of the one-year-old baby ― and we can't blame you.

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20 Her Baby Carrier Is Certainly Gucci

via People

Stormi is quickly taking after her mother's taste, although that is no surprise since her mother and the entire Kardashian-Jenner clan are responsible for dressing her.

Stormi's life is already ridiculously extra, and that surely shows with her very own Gucci baby carrier. Because of Stormi, we are learning more and more about all the items fashion houses create. We had no clue that the Italian label designed baby carriers! Jenner is no ordinary mother, so she opted for a $620 Gucci carrier to keep her baby close ― and lavish. And Stormi went on to cause a storm because people went bonkers for the designer carrier and it sold out, according to Business Insider.

19 A Supremely Fancy Carry-On Luggage For A Baby

via People

If you are the daughter of Kylie Jenner and Astroworld rapper Travis Scott, an ordinary luggage won't do. Stormi has already travelled to more places than the average person has, and she no doubt has been boarding planes in style, specifically with her Supreme luggage ― and it is a tiny one, a carry-on to be more precise. She is living in the lap of luxury, so we are not surprised that Jenner and Scott purchased a hip and posh luggage for the little princess.

Ready to be even more surprised? Stormi's Supreme luggage retails for just under $2,000. It'll mesh well with her private jet, though.

18 Who Knew Fendi Made Baby Baseball Caps?

via Instagram

If you need style inspiration, just check out pictures of Stormi ― she is seriously slaying the game because her outfits are always on point. We gush over every photo we see of Stormi because we envy how awesome her wardrobe already is. Come on, look at her with her pricey Fendi baseball cap. Does it get any more stylish than that?

Now that Stormi wore a Fendi baseball cap, we will never be able to pull it off the way the cheeky cutie did. Stormi looks so sweet with her cap and floral dress, and we're pretty sure her cap cost more than her father's. We predict a Fendi sellout soon!

17 And Fendi Strollers, Too?

via Instagram

Followers of the self-made billionaire went bananas when they saw the post of Jenner walking her baby in nothing other than a (drum roll please) Fendi stroller ― might we mention, Jenner was also lavishly dressed in the Italian designer head-to-toe.

Does Stormi know the difference between a Fendi printed stroller and a regular fabric stroller? No, but obviously Jenner would buy her lovable daughter the most luxurious stroller on the market. If you're an expectant mother and have an extra $12,500 lying around to spare, let Fendi know you want the custom-made stroller. Stormi is so fancy in her stroller and if we were her, we'd probably want to be taken for walks all day.

16 Stormi Got A Burberry Jacket Before We Did

via Instagram

This toddler is so chic that she has no competition ― there is no way we would look just as endearing as her in a Burberry coat.

And nothing warms our hearts more than seeing the mother-daughter duo match because it is seriously #fashiongoals. While mama Jenner donned all-black leather, Stormi was stylish in leather bottoms and a plaid Burberry puffer coat. Stormi is already a trendsetter in her own respect. The designer coat is not one many would choose for their newborn, especially with a hefty price tag of $380 ― who would dish that out for a baby who's going to grow out of it in no time?

15 One Designer Stroller Wasn't Enough

via People

Stormi not only has a Fendi stroller, but just in case something was to happen, she also has a designer Jeremy Scott one. The one-year-old has a bunch of expensive rides, and her pink butterfly Jeremy Scott stroller cost mama Jenner and father Scott another $620 ― that is pennies to them, but that is besides the point. Why does Stormi need another luxurious stroller anyway? She cannot even tell the difference ― maybe one goes faster than the other, but who knows?

What we do know is that Stormi rides in style. The Jeremy Scott stroller has gold wings and gold wheels, and the pattern has dollar signs, so we think it is perfect for her.

14 Custom Nike High Tops, Just Because

via Instagram

To all the sneakerheads out there, have you caught a glimpse of Stormi's collection? If not, this picture of her red, black and white Nike high tops gives you an easy way to comprehend how fancy and fresh she is.

Nike boasts Stormi's father, Travis Scott, as a collaborator, so it is no surprise that Stormi is already sporting the hot label on her feet. Seriously, no matter how hard anyone tries, no one will pull off Air Jordan 1s the way Stormi has. Just look at her chilling in her sweatpants with her perfect top bun. Great style is certainly in her genes, and her parents do not mind dishing all that moolah on shoes.

13 A Birthday Bash In Turks And Caicos

via Instagram

So, who has already jetted off to the paradise that is Turks and Caicos? Put your hands up if you have ― if you have not, do not feel alone.

Imagine bounding onto a plane to spend your birthday in the turquoise waters of Turks and Caicos. Sounds so dreamy, right? Well, Stormi beat us to it. Just last week, the beauty mogul took her adorable one-year-old fashionista to Turks and Caicos, along with her bestie Jordyn Woods so they could get a head start on Stormi’s fabulous and posh birthday bash. It was a birthday in the sun for the baby, who was spoiled with a villa at $13,700 a night, as People reports. Say what? And that was not the first time Jenner took her baby girl to the island.

12 Stormi's Lush Butterfly-Themed Nursery

via Snapchat

When we were children, our nurseries were simple rooms, with pink walls, cribs and children's toys ― there was surely nothing luxurious about them.

When it comes to Stormi, her rich parents opted for a completely decked-out nursery that reflected all the dough they have to spend, because why would they go for simplicity?

Her nursery is fit for a princess, with a large heart-shaped wall that is covered in butterflies and a fluffy white rug. Stormi is certainly rolling around in luxury. Also, according to The Daily Mail, the nursery cost a grand $5 million.

11 Stormi Sleeps In The Most Comfortable Bed

via Instagram

Anything that Jenner does for her daughter will certainly stand out. After all, the Kardashians and Jenners love being flashy.

And, Jenner does not stop at her daughter's clothing and sneakers. She goes above and beyond when it comes to giving her daughter the best of the best. What else did the celebrity splurge on? A posh mattress that none of us had the luxury of having as toddlers.

Besides having a gorgeous nursery, Stormi gets to sleep on clouds with her $400 mattress. We are confident that the billionaire would do anything for her daughter, like spend a ridiculous amount on an organic crib mattress.

10 A Burberry Dress Is Surely Her Go-To Item

via Instagram

We only wish we had a wardrobe with clothing stacked from the likes of Burberry, and it seems that Burberry is Jenner's go-to designer when it comes to dolling up her daughter. With rows of designer outfits in little Stormi's closet, mama Jenner loves seeing her daughter rock the staple Burberry plaid print, and we do not blame her. The one-year-old looks incredibly chic and fancy.

In this pic, the tiny tot is clad in a Burberry outfit that's much more expensive than any outfit the average normie will ever buy, but she rocks it like a star. The photo of Stormi in her Burberry kit with mama got three million likes on IG in just an hour, as Independent reports.

9 Stormi Drives A Mini Louis Vuitton Lamborghini

via Cosmopolitan

One day, when Stormi gets older and starts getting behind the wheel, she is going to roll up at her friends' homes in a Lamborghini. While we are thinking about the next lipstick we are going to go out and purchase, Stormi is rolling around her house in her own set of wheels. Stormi already has expensive taste in cars, and Jenner and Scott are to blame since they spoiled her with a remote-controlled Lamborghini. And that is not all.

Not only is Stormi's toy car a Lamborghini, but a custom-made Louis Vuitton one. Does it get more extra than that?

8 Stormi Has Her Own Makeup Line

via seventeen.com

Thanks to Kylie Cosmetics, Stormi has been born into a family that earns an income of more than a billion dollars. Though Jenner started off as a reality TV star, it is her Kylie Cosmetics brand that made her into the billionaire that she is.

We are sure that Jenner is anticipating her daughter's growth because she will certainly be as interested in makeup as her mother is. Designer strollers aside, Jenner has spent an excessive amount of money on making sure her daughter is already setup in the future when it comes to her career choice, thanks to her having her very own makeup line.

The Storm collection was inspired by none other than Stormi, as Allure reports, and we are quite envious that the little girl already has her own name stamped on eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks.

7 Watch Out, Stormi Also Has A Mini Ferrari

via Instagram

Like mother, like daughter! It seems like Stormi will certainly follow in her mother's footsteps, and that won't be too difficult.

By any chance, as children, did you have a remote-controlled designer car or a powerhouse Ferrari? Probably not, but Stormi does. If you religiously follow Jenner, you'll know that she has a fond love for sports cars and owns a Ferrari. Since Christmas, Stormi has been behind the wheel of one, too.

It seems that one mini sports car was not enough for the smiley one-year-old, as Jenner shared a photo of both the Ferrari and Lamborghini "parked" side-by-side.

6 Stormi Is The Youngest Girl To Own An LV

via Harper's Bazaarer Collection

If you're part of the Kardashian-Jenner family, it is viewed as normal to be gifted with a Louis Vuitton purse on any regular day ― no holidays or special occasions required. If you ever dreamed of owning a Louis Vuitton Speedy Handbag, it might hurt to know that Stormi already has one, even though she has no clue what it is!

Jenner shared a video on social media of the little trendsetter receiving her first ever LV, ad her reaction was priceless yet totally worth the money. Stormi took that gorgeous multi-coloured Speedy and threw it over her shoulder like it was nobody's business. They start young, and she is a natural fashionista.

5 Baby Stormi Already Owns A Hermès Purse

via People

If Kylie Jenner was your mother, you would be in heaven every day by just standing in her purse closet. Rows and rows of the finest designer handbags ― a girl could dream, right?

When Stormi starts uttering her wants and needs, and shares with her mother that she wants to hold a purse, Jenner is ready.

If you thought the other items on this list were OTT, this one throws them all out of the ballpark. Any fan of Hermès knows how pricey a Hermès Birkin purse is, and Jenner revealed that she has one waiting for her daughter. Does she have a tiny one for us as well?

4 Stormi Is A Baby With A Rocking Selection Of Kicks

via eonline.com

Baby Stormi wearing Nike on her feet is definitely unsurprising. It's all about big brand names for this baby.

The tiny Nikes on her feet are way too adorable, so we don't blame Jenner and Scott for splurging on a bunch of Nike sneakers for their baby girl. Sneakerheads out there have got some competition on their hands.

Jenner shared a photo on IG of her little princess looking like a fashionista with her black leather leggings and tiny black and yellow Air Jordan 1 sneakers. Is that what Stormi got as a present when she turned eight months? Whatever the case may be, the tiny sneakers are too cute to handle.

3 Stormi Matches Her Sparkly Mama

via Instagram

After going over this list of OTT and lavish items that Stormi already has, you'll know that Jenner could put together an outfit-of-the-day gallery for her baby in no time, and this glittery outfit would be the most amazing of the lot. The festive holidays were not too long ago, and if you follow the star with the most followers, you'll remember what little Stormi was wearing for a family Christmas party because she looked more dashing than all of us.

Pictured here in a sparkly ensemble onesie, again playing the match game with her mother, Stormi was brighter than any Christmas tree. Her glamorous and glittery outfit is one we can never imagine our parents having put us in, and to top it all off, her rad and posh look was completed with a pair of white Nike Air Force 1 sneakers.

2 Not Just Any Chair Will Do

via Harper's Bazaarer Collection

Just when you thought we were done naming the extravagant and luxurious items Stormi has to her a name, a stuffed animal chair came along. A chair with a bunch of stuffed animals stuck to it, how much could that possibly cost? Way more than your wildest dreams.

We first saw Stormi looking adorable on her black stuffed-animal chair, and then Jenner gifted us with a post of herself on the chair that was given to Stormi and nonchalantly dropped off by her rapper father. Made by brothers Humberto and Fernando Campana, Cosmopolitan reports that Stormi sits on a $25,000 designer chair. Wow!

1 Stripes Over Checks For Stormi

via nz.news.yahoo.com

Athleisure has been trending for quite some time now in the fashion world, and the Kardashians are currently its greatest fashion followers, so evidently Stormi has her athleisure style game on lockdown.

Besides already having the most epic sneaker collection a child could ever dream of, Stormi also has a cluster of her very own sportswear outfits. She might not be ready to run or play sports just yet, but she has a dizzying closet full of outfit combinations with the three Adidas stripes solely for her. If any baby in this world could rock athleisure, it's Kylie Jenner's baby. And with mountains of tracksuits at $50 each in her closet, imagine how much money her parents have spent to kit her out in such cute outfits?

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