Raising Stormi: 10 Times We Questioned Kylie (And 10 She Was A Good Mom)

When Kylie announced that her baby daughter, Stormi Webster, was here, she wrote, “pregnancy has been the most beautiful, empowering, and life-changing experience I’ve had in my entire life and I’m actually going to miss it. I appreciate my friends and especially my family for helping me make this special moment as private as we could."

Although Kylie didn't share much about this journey, we were all eager for as many details as we could possibly get. Now that Stormi is here and Kylie is a mama, we love seeing photos and hearing about their life.

Of course, we don't always agree with everything that stars do when it comes to raising kids. Here are 10 times that we questioned Kylie when it comes to raising Stormi... and 10 times we actually admired her.

20 Questioned Her: She Just Had A Baby... But Travels As Much As Ever

via People

According to E Online, Kylie has traveled a lot after having Stormi. The publication mentions France, Turks and Caicos, and Houston and says "Kylie has returned to her regularly scheduled social media programming—and her jam-packed, sometimes peripatetic lifestyle."

This was definitely a time when we questioned Kylie. Many moms aren't traveling a lot after having a baby. They're tired, busy, and getting used to everything.

19 Admired Her: She Has Two Nannies But Feels Bad When She Can't Stay Home With Stormi

via Buzzfeed and Pinterest

We have to admire Kylie for two things: having nannies and admitting that it's good to have this assistance, and also admitting that she feels bad when she can't stay at home with her baby girl. As E Online quoted her as saying, "I'm like, 'I'll be right back, I'm so sorry, I have to leave!' and she doesn't even know what's going on."

Moms can relate to Kylie here as we would rather stick close to home at all times. But it's not always possible.

18 Questioned Her: Stormi's Stoller Is $12,500

via Teen Vogue

We know that celebrities buy really expensive designer goods. It's just a fact of life. But it's still pretty surprising to learn that Kylie uses a stroller that costs $12,500. (It's by Fendi.)

It's wild to think about having such a pricey stroller, especially since babies won't exactly need them forever. We can't help but question the star here.

17 Admired Her: She Admits It's Not Easy To Have A Baby

via Bustle

We also admired Kylie when she admitted that it's not easy to have a baby. This isn't exactly something that we would expect most famous people to say. They have the cash flow to have nannies and help, so why would they say that it's tough?

We love this quote from Kylie: Entertainment Tonight Online quoted her saying, "Of course, there’s hard times and stuff … even in the beginning, just not sleeping, the nights, like, baby blues … and all the ups and downs.”

16 Questioned Her: She Actually Purchased A Diamond Necklace For Stormi

via Daily Mail and People

Does a baby need a diamond necklace? What about a toddler... or even a teenager?

Most people would say no. That's why we have to question the fact that Kylie got Stormi a diamond necklace. As Cosmopolitan reported, this was for Stormi's first birthday in February 2019. To make things even crazier, this wasn't even the only gift that Kylie got her.

15 Admired Her: She Does Stormi's Hair And Loves Hanging Out With Her

via Daily Mail and Popsugar Australia

The Daily Mail wrote about Kylie doing Stormi's hair. The celeb captioned a video with, "I love doing her hair, I’m not the best but I love learning, some of my fav memories are of my mom doing my hair."

That's definitely really sweet... and it's one time when we just had to admire Kylie for the way that she's raising her baby girl. We can tell that she really loves hanging out with her.

14 Questioned Her: She Gives Stormi Sushi... And Moms Debate If Babies Should Eat Raw Fish

via E! News

Should babies eat raw fish? Most people would say no. Kylie gives Stormi sushi and according to the Huffington Post, she said “Stormi loves sushi."

Kylie does say that raw sushi isn't in the picture for her baby girl: "I don’t feed her anything raw or anything, but she just loves edamame.” We're glad to hear that because we're not so sure about a baby eating this stuff raw.

13 Admired Her: Stormi Is Allergic To Something And Kylie Recently Rushed Her To The Hospital

via us.hola.com

At the beginning of June 2019, Stormi had an allergy to something, and Kylie took her to the hospital. Of course we have to admire the star for taking such good care of her little one.

As Cosmopolitan says, Kylie didn't explain what happened, but she did say, "Spent the day in the hospital with my baby. She had an allergic reaction but is 100% okay now and we are home.”

12 Questioned Her: She Went To Coachella Two Months After Becoming A Mom

via All In The Blush and E Online

Two months after having a baby, most new moms are exhausted, in their new routine, or wondering if they can ever figure out a routine. They're not exactly hopping on a plane and going to a music festival.

Two months after having Stormi, Kylie went to Coachella, and according to Parents.com, some people weren't so sure about that.

11 Admired Her: Kylie And Travis Do Normal Family Stuff Like Going To See Pumpkins

via E Online

According to Cosmopolitan, in October 2018, Kylie and Travis went to see pumpkins with Stormi. It's really cool that they do normal family stuff like this, and we have to admire the famous family for this.

The photos are really sweet (and make us wish that it was fall so we could bring our kids to see pumpkins this weekend).

10 Questioned Her: Some People Don't Like That She Got Stormi's Ears Pierced

via Hollywood Life

We also had to question Kylie when she got Stormi's ears pierced because some people aren't cool with this. As Today.com says, a lot of people tweeted their opinions on the subject.

It's a personal decision that every mom has to make. Some see nothing wrong with getting their baby's ears pierced and they themselves had their ears pierced at the same age. Other moms would wait until the child is older.

9 Admired Her: She Doesn't Want Stormi To Want Hours Upon Hours Of TV

via E! Online

It's admirable that Kylie doesn't want Stormi to watch a lot of TV. According to Insider.com, Travis Scott was interviewed by Rolling Stone and said, "Today kids are on iPads. There's so much technology, they don't play outside anymore. That's why, with Stormi — no TV."

What mom wouldn't like the sound of that?!

8 Questioned Her: We Know Celebs Pick Unique Names... But We Wonder Why Stormi

via W Magazine

Gwyneth Paltrow named her daughter Apple and Busy Philipps chose Cricket for one of her kids. We're used to celebs picking strange names for their kids. But we do have to wonder why the name Stormi?!

According to Motherly.com, Kylie was going to name Stormi "Rose" but then, of course, went with Stormi.

7 Admired Her: She Definitely Loves Motherhood

via Hollywood Life

Even if we wonder about the money that Kylie spends or some of the ways that she is raising Stormi, we do have to admire her for how much she loves motherhood.

We can see the love that she has for Stormi in every picture of the two of them. People quoted Kris Jenner saying, "she’s such a good mom. She’s so dedicated to her baby.”

6 Questioned Her: She Spent $70,000 On Stormi's Clothes

via Popsugar and Cosmopolitan

According to Mirror.co.uk, Kylie spent $70,000 on clothes for Stormi. They are made by designers.

We do have to question this because, well, Stormi is a baby. We're pretty sure that we haven't even spent that much money on our own clothing. There is the fact that we don't have the kind of money that Kylie has, but still. This is pretty wild.

5 Admired Her: Kylie Ensured Her House Was Okay For Stormi

via Popsugar

According to She Knows, Kylie was fixing up a house with an interior designer, and then ensured that the house was okay for Stormi when she was starting her family. We have to give her a lot of credit here because this was definitely a good thing to do.

Kylie's designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard said to People that it was "kid-friendly" and has a playroom and nursery.

4 Questioned Her: People Say Having A Baby At 20 Is Young

both images are via Seventeen Magazine

So many people have been saying that Kylie is too young to have a baby since she's only 21 years old. It's hard not to question whether people are right. After all, when you're in your early 20s, you're learning what kind of person you are and in many cases, going to college.

We know that Kylie doesn't live that kind of normal life, but it still seems like a young age to have a baby.

3 Admired Her: She's Super Careful About Posting Pictures Of Her Daughter Online

via Pinterest

Fans basically expect their favorite celebrities to post tons of photos of their kids online. Although we all fall into the trap of wanting to see these cute pictures, we can understand wanting to keep that stuff away from social media.

Fatherly says that Kylie is "a social media rule model" because she's careful about posting photos of Stormi, and we agree that we admire her for this. When Stormi was four months, Kylie said she would keep her off social media.

2 Questioned Her: Why Did Stormi Have A Walker?!

via Cosmopolitan

Cafe Mom wrote about a photo of Stormi using a walker, and it's something that we have to question because we're not sure why she had one.

The website says that the Academy of Pediatrics "doesn't recommend using a walker because it can be dangerous if a baby is using one and falls down stairs or ends up running into furniture, and it also can cause a delay in babies walking on their own."

1 Admired Her: Kylie Aspires To Give Stormi A Regular Childhood

via Life & Style

According to Cosmopolitan, Kylie and Travis aspire to give Stormi a regular childhood.

We do have to admire the famous couple for wanting to give her this... although, of course, we can see that Stormi does have designer threads and a pretty amazing lifestyle. Most babies don't have $70,000 worth of clothing or a $12,500 stroller...

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