Queer Eye Lessons: 8 Grooming Tips We Learned From Jonathan Van Ness

Jonathan Van Ness quickly became one of the biggest and most wholesome celebrities after the premiere of the Netflix Reboot of the classic makeover show, Queer Eye, first came to the scene just last year (2018.) Fans quickly fell in love with his enthusiastic, caring, and over-the-top personality and took his tips and tricks seriously. Some dedicated fans even flooded his social media platforms, seeking advice on how to revolutionize and better care for their own appearances.

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Memes arose and quickly spread, though all positive and kind, as the world fell in love with Jonathan and wished that they could have a beauty Jesus for themselves. But one does not need to be a subject on the show in order to get the tips needed to take better care of oneself. Each and every tip given to the subjects can be gathered and applied to those viewing the show. Without further ado, here are eight things that Jonathan Van Ness taught us about self-care and beauty.

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8 Take Care of Your Skin

One of the most important aspects of self-care is skincare. And skin care is not only for those who have dealt with acne or similar issues in their lives. We all have skin and, thus, we all must take steps to take care of our skin.

Make sure to use a daily facial moisturizer with an SPF element, wash off any remaining makeup before bed, use masks and treatments when necessary, and don’t wait for problems to arise before taking care of oneself. Skincare does not need to be expensive either as many episodes show the Queer Eye guys treating guests to low-cost products from department and drug stores.

7 Sulfates Are Not Your Friend

This bears repeating. Sulfates are not friends and will do nothing but wreak havoc on your hair. Jonathan continually preaches the importance of protecting one’s hair and a big part of protecting one’s hair includes being aware of the contents of the products we use on our hair. Avoid strong drying or oil stripping ingredients as they leave the shaft open and vulnerable.

Make sure to use conditioning and moisturizing agents to seal the cuticle and styling products are not gender specific. All genders can use tools (with the proper protecting sprays,) gel/pomades, and treatments. Good hair (and all hair can be good hair if taken care of) can make or break a look, so start with healthy hair and work up from there.

6 Looking Good Feels Good

Though the way one looks on the outside is not everything, it is something. Looking good can improve the way that one perceives and feels about oneself; which, in turn, can lead to them feeling better about and taking better care of themselves. Confidence is a key and it unlocks so much of the world. And looking good does not mean fitting any beauty standard or expectation.


It does not mean being a certain size or having a certain hair texture or color. It simply means embracing and fully indulging in whatever one naturally has and tweaking it in ways that make one feel their best. Play with your looks, style, and hair until you find something that works/brings you joy and let the natural beauty within you shine.

5 Read The Ingredients List

Do not put a single product in your hair nor on your face unless you have read the ingredient list. Jonathan encourages all subjects and viewers to educate themselves on common ingredients found in beauty care products in order to figure out which ones to look for and which ones to look out for.


Though some ingredients are person specific (meaning that the same ingredients that one person should look for, other people should avoid,) many ingredients commonly used in lower cost products can actually be harmful to one’s skin/hair and should be avoided. Avoid sulfates, alcohols, excess salts, and other drying/harmful ingredients.

4 Use Products Properly

Follow the instructions and read the labels. The quickest way to send Jonathan running for the door is to consistently use the wrong products/use the products incorrectly. Body lotion and butters should never be applied to the face.

The skin on one’s face is quite delicate and easily clogged; therefore a heavy lotion or butter can lead to breakouts and excess oils on the face. One must also make sure to use a moisturizer with an SPF element on the face in order to protect the skin during day to day activities. Do not use foot cream on one’s hands nor skin oil for one’s hair.

3 Length is Not Always Best

Length is something that is often sought out when it comes to beauty and grooming. Both long hair and long beards are often held as goals by all genders; however, Jonathan often points out that length is not always best. Sometimes, longer styles simply do not suit the person sporting them and a shorter length may be far more flattering.


Sometimes their length is actually quite damaged and makes their hair/beard look scraggly/unhealthy and a well shaped (though shorter) style would be an improvement. Sometimes a change is needed to spark change within and a shorter style could do exactly that. Length can be wonderful when maintained, groomed properly (trims and shaping are key,) and taken care of.

2 There is No Such Thing As Ugly

This is the most important tip of all. There is no such thing as ugly. No one is ugly. There is no such thing as bad hair. Everyone has the right to be and feel beautiful and everyone can. It is just a matter of feeling good and taking care of oneself. One does not need to become someone that they are not, make themselves uncomfortable, nor change everything about themselves in order to be beautiful.

We all have the tools inside of us needed to be our best selves. Beauty comes from self-care, confidence, and doing the little things that make one feel good. Skin care, regular trims, flattering colors, and confidence is all you need. No one is beyond help and there is no such thing as ugly.

1 Some Things Should Be Left to the Professionals

One of the main reasons that people shy away from self-care (other than self-esteem issues or feelings of unworthiness) is that they feel like they cannot afford such things. And one of the biggest expenses related to grooming is salon trips. And though it can seem like a good idea to cut corners and do big hair changes at home, Jonathan does advise to leave some things (especially bleaching) to the professionals.

But, in order to be sensitive to the subject and viewers income/budget, he does provide guests with the tools they need to maintain such things at home, styles that can go a bit longer between visits, and the knowledge that it is okay to treat oneself once in a while.


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