Queer Eye Lessons: 8 Things We Learned About Cooking From Antoni

At the time that this article was written, it has been five days since the release of the third season of the internationally beloved reboot to the classic hit series, Queer Eye. And the world has been changed for the better. There is just something so wonderfully uniting about the show, especially in such divisive times. Beliefs, political leanings, and which side of the spectrum one leans does not matter when we all come together and try to show the people of the world how to treat themselves and be their best selves. The wholesome purity and unbridled joy filled kindness simply radiates out of each moment of this show and cannot help but touch the hearts and inspire all those who watch it.

For those who were inspired to learn how to cook by Antoni’s kitchen advice and delectable meals, we present you with eight of the best cooking lessons Antoni gave throughout the shows three seasons.

8 Butter And Salt Are Good...In Moderation

It is no secret that butter and salt are two of the most delicious ingredients ever created. However, they are, without a doubt, some of the worst (healthwise) things that one can ingest on a regular basis. No matter how much we want to.


But Antoni continually tells the subjects of the show that these ingredients can be wonderful tools but should not be so heavily relied upon. They can add flavour and a mouth watering quality to a dish however one should not be ingesting butter/salt heavy meals routinely as that can lead to poor health.

7 Good Diets Lead to Good Feelings

Despite how good junk food feels in the moments immediately following eating them, they do nothing positive for your body nor mood in the long run. Antoni tends to steer the subjects away from quick fixes and unhealthy dishes as they can contribute to low feelings and feelings of lethargy and sluggishness. Good foods make you feel good and the quickest way to feel good about yourself is to make something that will make you proud. Take the extra minutes to put extra care and focus into what you are eating and you will be much happier with the results.

6 Food Brings People Together

Though most parties include a take away or ordered in food, Antoni often advises the subjects of the show to consider catering their own get togethers. Food is an item most commonly associated with celebrations, get togethers, and family. Antoni continually praises the power of sitting down together for a meal (both for families and friends) and encourages the subjects to show off their new skills by serving the people they love.


Cooking for loved ones is such an intimate and bonding experience that one will never consider ordering in for their next event again.

5 Healthy Foods Don't Need to Break the Bank

One of the most common misconceptions about healthy eating, that Antoni is doing his best to eliminate, is that doing so is expensive. Ready made meals and take aways are seen as the affordable option and many believe that healthy foods are simply out of budget. But the wonderful thing about Queer Eye is that the boys tailor their lessons to the budget of the subjects they are helping in order to create sustainable and long term habits. Antoni continually teaches both viewers and subjects cheap, simple, and delicious healthy meals that prove eating well doesn’t have to break the budget.

4 Anyone Can Cook

The most unfortunate mundane thing to happen in modern society is that certain things that humanity has been doing since the dawn of time (e.g. singing, dancing, painting, and cooking) have been labelled as “skill based activities” and anyone below the basic skill requirement is often teased and, consequently, discouraged from engaging in those purely human activities. But Antoni does not agree and is actively fighting to prove that anyone, old or young and at any skill level, can cook.


Cooking is a bonding activity that brings families together and is a basic requirement for keeping oneself alive. In order to prove that no crazy skills are needed to cook delicious and healthy meals, Antoni makes sure that all of his recipes are beginner friendly for the benefit of both the subject and the viewer.

3 Teach Children Healthy Habits Young

Children look to their parents for cues and lessons on how to behave. Whether they seek to emulate their parents or do whatever it takes to be the exact opposite type of people when they grow, they are watching and learning. In episodes that include subjects with families, Antoni always makes sure to emphasize how important it is to teach children to have healthy relationships with food. He encourages them to cook together as well as giving them healthy choices in order to help them establish a wide palate at a young age to prevent issues later in life.

2 Delicious Foods Don't Need to Be Complex

The most intimidating thing about being a beginner approaching the kitchen for the first time is the complexity of some recipes. Measurements, unfamiliar terms, and complex recipes including an intimidating amount of steps can easily scare off any tentative and unsure beginner. But the wonderful thing about Antoni’s recipes and advice is that they are all beginner friendly.


Whether you are a subject on the show or a viewer at home looking for a change in your own life, Antoni makes it very clear that delicious food does not require 30 steps and 100 ingredients; but, instead, can be very simple.

1 Avocados Are Versatile

Anyone who loved the first season of the show, knows that Antoni’s love for avocados quickly became a meme online. And though he was teased for it, he stands by his opinions. And it is true, fruits and vegetables are far more versatile than we have been taught they are. If you do not like a certain type of fruit and/or vegetable, you can substitute a similar more palatable one in its place. There are so many different ways to prepare and include them in recipes. Even the pickiest eater can find ways to include these necessary nutrients in their diets. And we should all be making sure that we are eating as healthy as possible without removing treats entirely from our vocabulary. As the show often preaches, moderation is the key to everything and taking care of yourself is easier than you think.


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