Queer Eye Is Changing The Way Men Understand Beauty

Before Queer Eye For the Straight Guy landed on the pop culture landscape, beauty in the eyes of straight men most likely consisted of a 12-point buck in the crosshairs, a 10-car pile-up on the 120th lap of the Daytona 500, or Ah-nuld Schwarzeneggar blowing up baddies on the big screen.

Now, the fashion-conscious quintet is teaching the dudes a few things or two about how they should be looking at themselves. The reboot of Queer Eye (which first invaded living rooms in 2003 for four seasons on Bravo), now in its second season on streaming service Netflix, has got dude eyes taking notes on everything from self-grooming to interior decorating.

It's not hard for male viewers to relate to the eight subjects who surrender themselves to the talents of Bobby Berk, Karamo Brown, Tan France, Jonathan Van Ness, and Antoni Prowski. Anytime the makeover mavens adjust one part of the routine of the folks they're tasked with improving, they also adjust a part of their lives. A total makeover might even result in a revolutionary life-changing experience.


The Twittersphere is apparently loaded with reactions from men and wives who have marveled on the transformations and even the wisdom imparted on the show. One woman was excited to report that her husband now avoids sulfate shampoo on the advice given on one episode. Another tweet thanked the troupe for some weight loss tips, while yet another viewer posted about being encouraged to adopt a particular fashion style.

So, what's changed? Back in the Bravo days, the most profound lesson straight men probably learned was that there was no harm in interacting with their gay counterparts, a groundbreaking achievement in itself. Now, with the profile of the LGBTQ movement getting more clout and respect these days, guys are actually listening to what other human beings in that demographic are saying. Besides, the backgrounds of TV's newest Fab Five are worthy taking into account - they share extensive credentials in everything related to cooking, culture, design, fashion, and grooming.

And if it takes a few sets of queer eyes to get other eyes to focus on changes men make, isn't that advice worth checking out?

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